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Discussion in 'Stories Archive' started by Ankit78, Jun 4, 2020.

  1. Ankit78

    Ankit78 New Member

    What is your favorite story about wife gangbang impregnation .. ?
  2. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    No gangbangs. After two children with my ex-wife I had a vasectomy. After marrying Audrey, we wanted a child together. Despite our efforts trying to reverse the snip and IVF with extracted sperm from me, nothing came of it. So she got pregnant by the guy in the couple who have been her long time lovers. (Audrey lived with them for two years during which time they got married.) We now have a beautiful daughter and she's our child. We're all good with it, Audrey and sometimes I still regularly play with them. It's no more unusual than using a sperm donor or adopting. It wasn't a humiliation thing at all, they were flattered and have been cool with it all since.
  3. Ankit78

    Ankit78 New Member

    Nice to hear that .... Good luck and stay safe ....
    BTW what I ment is story that you read in any site

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