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    Yes very true. I actually quite like the idea that at least some of it is actually her dream / plan. She seems like a total hotwife at the moment, and the time it is taking (which is still very small, just a few months), is mostly because she is making sure it is all ok with me it seems.
    Its hard to figure out whose idea is what, as ideas and conversations build and grow from one another. As you say, who cares! It is going great right now.
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    I hope that when you get the breast enhancement it is in keeping with her body shape. Nothing turns me off faster than big boobs that look fake!
  3. CuckPride

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    I'm glad you both had an awesome first experience! Please keep us updated on any new adventures.
  4. upsidedownfun

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    Well it is time for the next update.

    We both went to a swingers night at the weekend, where only couples and single women were allowed. I was a bit nervous because I didnt really want to be with another couple as I don't want to be with another woman. However, it was highly recommended by others as a very good night of play, so it seemed worth a go.

    We got there early and had a couple of glasses of wine, and many other couples had done the same. It was very strange as no one seemed to talk to each other and sat around in their couples. We did talk to a few couples and they were very friendly.

    As the evening went on, the tension rose, and both my partner and I are quite sensitive to the vibes in a room, and my girlfriend started to get nervous too. We went into a private room and locked the door and just had a big cuddle.

    Afterwards we decided to see what we could start instead of being apart of the tension. (Her idea).

    We went upstairs to the open play room, and got undressed and started getting off with each other. After about 20 mins, one of the couples that we had met earlier actually came looking for us, and invited us into a room which was pretty much an orgy.

    We went in, and there were three couples all shagging each other, kissing each other, in pretty much every combination.

    One of the guys took my girlfriend by the hand and led her over to the huge triple bed, and started getting off with her. She was so passionate, she literally snogged his face, and I was sort of standing there looking at them for a few minutes. I had a massive hard on.

    I was naked and she had on a small bra top and nothing else.

    One of the other women saw me standing there as a spare part and took my hand and started to suck me. I don’t normally get hard with sucking, I don’t know why, it just doesn’t work very well with me. I had to keep looking at my girlfriend to get hard, so she got a bit bored and went back to the others.

    By this time, the guy she was with had laid her on the bed and was licking her pussy with a couple of fingers inside and she was kissing another woman.

    I slowly wanked my cock which was now as hard as ever and so the other woman got interested again, and shift for me to shag her. I did enter her and as long as I kept looking at my girl, who was just about to take this guys cock into her.

    He pushed in with his cock, which was about the same size as mine, and he then start to fuck her slowly. I had to concentrate hard on fucking the woman I was with otherwise I would get soft, so I kept looking at my GF to keep hard.

    I didn’t cum, and the other girl had had enough fairly shortly, and so went off somewhere else.

    My girl was now sucking this extremely well built black guy with a cock at least 2cm thinker and 3cm longer than mine.

    It wasn’t long before the guy came in her cunt, and the black guy took his turn. She knelt on the bed and snogged him so deeply and fully, my stomach turned in a tiny bit of delicious jealousy that I so crave.

    He was fingering her and she was wanking him hard. She whispered something in his ear and wondered what it was.

    He turned her around grabbed her hair and shoved her into the bed and shoved his very large cock into her from behind. He pushed down on her back and I thought he was hurting her, so I told him to stop.

    She looked up and said it was fine and he said to me she asked me to treat her roughly.

    I apologized and stood back and watch him dominate her and fuck her really hard.

    There were lots of people playing all over the bed and in the room. I was the only one without a partner or group. I loved that. I didn’t want to join in with anyone else. I just wanted to watch her being so strongly and completely penetrated by this guy with a very fit body.

    I passed the lube to her a few times and to some others over the next hour, and he just kept fucking her in different positions, including up against the wall. Her eyes rolled back in her head at one point.

    Near the end of the night, another couple came in.

    The guy was very dominant. Like no one I had ever seen before. He told his woman to get on her knees on the floor and start kissing my girlfriend who was on her back once again on the bed. He held her head and made her kiss my girlfriend whilst he stuck his fingers up my girlfriends arse. He didn’t even ask, but somehow his command just mad it so no one questioned.

    After awhile he pulled her head of and pulled her over and whispered in her ear and she seemed to say no. He pulled her round in mock force and got her to suck my cock.

    I was so hard by his display of dominance that I did actually stay hard.

    He moved her head back and forwards and then commanded me to wank and cum on her face. I did what he asked and a huge stream of cum covered her face, he held her mouth open and told be to scoop it in. I did so, and he told her to swallow.

    By this time my girlfriend was back up against the wall watching the whole thing.

    The other couple went and it was getting near the end of the night. My girl and her man were about finished now, so I collected all of our stuff and got in in a pile and thanked her lover. I gave him my number.

    As we were going out another couple came in and the guy told my girlfriend her loved her blow job (I had missed that one), and that he wanted to play with her. He gave us his number so we could arrange a play date for them.

    We left the club and walked back hand in hand. We talked about the whole night and we felt we needed to reclaim each other. She was jealous about me cumming on the woman, and made it clear she didn’t really want me playing with other woman. This was fine by me and it made my stomach do that lovely twist again.

    We got home and she so sore, she did not want to have sex, but we had sex anyway as I really needed to claim her back. I came as quickly as possible so that she would not be sore.

    We went to sleep in the most loving embrace that I have ever had. I have never been so much in love as I am now. She is amazing, and I know she feels the same about me.
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  5. CuckPride

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    She's the one!
  6. UCUM666

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    Great story. I remember going to a party like that years ago with my wife at the time. It certainly can be a bit awkward at first, especially if you don't find others like yourself or that attractive. Once the alchohol starts to have its effect, usually people loosen up. But then again, alchohol can kill it....especially for guys. Limp members are not too exciting. It is exciting though going to a party like that though because there's so many unknowns. It's really adventurous. You got a great gal there if she likes venturing into the unknown! Continue to keep us in the loop!
  7. upsidedownfun

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    Just had a phone call with the guy she was shagging all night. He really wants to see her again.

    I need to figure out what to do next.
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  8. CuckPride

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    I don't blame him. You both have a lot to discuss.
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    Super hot
  10. Pulley

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    Wow! Living the dream. Thank you for sharing!
  11. upsidedownfun

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    Its been awhile since I last wrote. Not much has happened since we went out. Been caught up with work and stuff.

    However, during sex, my fantasies and expression have been more on her being with someone else than ever before, and I have really trying not to be needy about it.

    She has been much more dominant recently which is both liberatingly sexy and a bit scary too. Two nights ago she talked to me about her tits which we are going to get enhanced, and that if I wanted to feel them, then she would want something in return. She asked for various items and also to have sex with someone once a week.

    It was just fantasy but the fact she was blackmailing me to feel her future tits (which I am paying for) with her being able to shag someone else is probably the most sexy thing I have felt for a long time. I came very hard to that.

    Now she is getting ready upstairs as we are going back to the club tonight, that we went to last time and she has said that she wants to meet and get the number of the dominant guy I wrote about if he is there. As he has been on her (and my) mind ever since.

    She said today she didn’t really care who dominates her but she does want that, and as it is not me she wants to find someone else. In addition, she says this is totally perfect because I also want to be dominated and so we can all be happy.

    I am so nervous that my dream is about to become reality and also a bit jealous and excited, and deeply turned on by the whole thing, I am not sure what to do with myself. I’ve got so much adrenaline running through my system that I am pretty useless to help her get ready.

    All day I have been playing and getting used to the idea of real jealousy and shame at the thought of being the second man. Now she is taking this very seriously and wanting it to happen I am a little scared of entering into the land of no return, but also knowing that is exactly where I want to be.

    Anyway, I will write here whatever happens tonight.

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