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    Hello everyone-

    I posted my intro a long time ago. At the time, though I was intrigued by the idea of being a hotwife, and of course my husband is the instigator of this idea, I just didn't have the nerves to even try. I feel I am opening up to the idea. I don't feel turned-off and disgusted as I used to, instead, I feel very turned-on but still unsure. However, while traveling we met a slightly older guy in a Vancouver bar who performed fantastic oral sex on me and even made me squirt a few times. We did not have intercourse, but he masturbated and ejaculated on my nipples. My husband just watched and when I passed out from almost three hours of oral and finger sex, he let the man out. In the morning, Oz fucked me three times and came in me each time before our 11am check-out time. It was exhilarating.

    By the way, since my intro post, with the help of a personal trainer/dietician and my husband Oz' support, I have gone from 170-pounds to 135-pounds in weight and 33-percent body fat down to 24-percent. Oz insists I go to the spa/salon every Saturday and spend some time on myself. Plus, with the sudden discovery and acquisition of all the clothes and accessories that compliment my body, my self-confidence has increased significantly. Basically, I feel sexy now.
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    Welcome to the forum, Malena.

    I see you are 58. That's an excellent age to extend the exploration of your plainly creative eroticism with your husband in the cuckolding scenario.

    I suggest you take well-built and athletic younger, preferably full-time, lover like my wife did, perhaps a personal trainer you find personally and physically very attractive and who will be willing to show you a recent STD-clear certificate so he can bareback you so you can enjoy him to the Full.

    Going by the urging and encouragement your husband has given you, it sounds to me as though he will love it too. Including going sloppy seconds after you have enjoyed your young lover to his hilt without any fear of him impregnating you---yet another advantage of your maturity Malena.
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  3. Malena

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    Thank you, Michael. I appreciate your suggestion. In mine and in my husband's collective mind the aim is for more passion than lust. At least at this point. In addition, sex within our marriage is still fantastic.
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    I understand that perfectly, Malena. Passion is the essence of real eroticism. It's the same with my wife and her young lover who she fell deeply in love with while not abandoning me in her sexually beautifully loving mind---except of course in the very act.

    I hope the same or something similar happens for you. That said, there's nothing at all wrong with privately or openly lusting after a stripped-off beautiful young man in front of your husband. As I read him, he would love you to.

    Life is too short to be small, Malena. So live it to the full.
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  5. Malena

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    Of course, Michael. I lust for that. Perhaps you misunderstood; passion is what Oz and I are seeking in our relationship.
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    I believe the introduction of a young lover for you into your marriage may very well kindle some of the extra passion you and your husband are seeking. It certainly worked and continues to work in my marriage, all the more powerfully because of my being bisexual, as my beautiful young buddy is too. For the past 4 years he has incidentally and deliberately catalysed the passion between my wife and me beyond our wildest dreams.

    My wife's better understanding of my voyeuristic and homosexual natures that has resulted from her seeing them fulfilled in our threesomes with my buddy has also, somewhat paradoxically, greatly enhanced our sexual and romantic bond which my buddy has always vicariously enjoyed to his very hilt in our threesomes as well as in his private love-making with my wife.
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  7. Malena

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    Mind telling the ages of your wife and her lover? And, does she have just this one lover?
  8. michael1987

    michael1987 Well-Known Member

    Sure. My wife is 28, her lover is 24 and I'm 30. And Yes, he is her only lover, as well as her much-preferred one these days as I have written about extensively in some of my many of posts about him and her on this forum.
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    That's a lovely arrangement. In my thirties, a friend of my husband (also in his thirties then) stayed with us for about half a year before moving into an apartment fairly close to our house. I had on and off sex with Tom over a four-years-long period. It started out as a threesome with my hubby Oz and him. During our threesomes, I insisted Tom wore a condom. But when Oz wasn't around, I wanted bare. Aside, I was on birth control protection and I love having man's cum in my pussy. I hate condoms!

    Also back then, Oz was still in the Air Force and he made two tours in the Middle East. During those two years, Tom and I acted a lot like a couple; sometimes he just stayed a weekend or I'd drop my kids off with my parents and go away to Catalina or Vegas for a day or two. The kids were little and they really didn't know better. My husband says now that he suspected that Tom and I were fucking behind him back then, which made him extremely jealous and turned-on.

    By the way, my Oz and I were virgins when we met and Tom is the only man I've fucked other than Oz.
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    I am gratified by your post, Malena. GOOD FOR YOU.

    Like your husband, I was first cuckolded in Vancouver too....of course, I live in Vancouver. :p

    Do you come up here often?
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  11. Malena

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    Thanks for your comment. Yes, we come up a couple of times a year. Love the city and its night scene.

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