Seducing a BULL for my Wife

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    In reading through many of the threads on the site here I thought some may enjoy our story of my seducing a BULL for my wife. It was early on in our involvement of MFM playing and my wife was still very timid in approaching another guy. After much discussion she decided that it would be best for her to tell me who she was desiring and then to have me contact him and set up the encounter.

    My wife had just turned 43 and was not sure that younger men would still be attracted to her. There was a young guy in our neighborhood who she had seen around and always thought was hot. His parent were in the same age group as us and the guy seldom paid any attention to either one of us as far as we knew at the time.

    Tyler was the same age as our oldest son who had recently moved away after graduating college. He and Tyler had been friends but not close. At 23 Tyler was still living at home and working as little as possible. He was an avid gym goer and always dreamed of playing football but after high school without going to college never made it any further.

    One night in bed my wife brought up an upcoming trip we planned for her belated birthday and said "wouldn't it be hot if you could get Tyler to come along with us for the weekend?" I was not sure how to respond but eventually at her pleading told her I would try to make it happen for her. At the time I had no earthly idea how to do this and despite many google searches came up empty.

    The day of our trip I lucked out, I had run out to the store and found Tyler asking for a ride home since he did not own a car. I told him to jump in and tried to casually tell him about our trip . He said it sounded like fun and trying not to be obvious I remarked he should go along with us if he wanted and it would be fun. I pulled into the street in front of his house and he asked if I was serious about going along and I told him yes. he told me he did not have any money and I told him that was fine, we had everything covered. Next, the told me how he had always looked at my wife and often thought about her. He asked if I had any pictures of her and impulsively I told him yes. I had the original iPhone which had just been released in June and brought up images of my wife. He asked if I had any naked pictures of her and I just scrolled to them letting him see her fully naked body. I was hard as steel watching him look at them intently.

    That afternoon as we left home I turned not heading out of the subdivision and my wife asked "where are you going? Isn't this the wrong way?" I just smiled at her and told her we needed to pick up Tyler.
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    Very interesting please continue...
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    I will, had to go to bed last night so I could get up and to work this morning. Time for coffee and then a shower and back to the grind for the day. I will follow-up after I return.
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    OUTSTANDING Job hubby. She I'm Sure was not only Surprised, but VERY Grateful to you for a long while after that trip. Great Story.

    I too was the one that would Pitch the idea of my wife being Willingly Available for their Pleasure if they were interested, whenever she told me to do it. Other times she just seduced them herself.
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    This was a very hot weekend for me, it was one of the early experiences that formed my love for hooking up and having another man. I will tell him to wrote more about it.
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    Thank You and Him in advance.
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    Wow, that was so exciting. Can’t wait to hear more
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    A poor, fun-loving, hot spunk-filled 23 year-old gym-goer who confesses to having secretly lusted over your 43 year-old cock-hungry cougar wife and asks you to show him pics of her naked?-----and you straight-up oblige with the sole aim of seducing him for her??!!

    FUUUUUUUUCK!!!! This has all the elements of a beautifully wankworthy upcoming cuckolding of you.

    Hotly looking forward to the next instalment.
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    gulp!!!!!!!!!!! yes
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    Boy talk about a cliff hanger
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    I am not sure why he has not updated this or continued the story. It ended up being a very hot and one of the more memorable weekends of our lifestyle adventures.

    He has been traveling a lot for work after the holidays and he and I actually made a three day trip to our RV this past weekend since we had not been able to see each other much with his schedule. We don't have internet there but I will remind him to update this when I talk with him.
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    very very hot!!
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    Sorry for the long delay in continuing this encounter. After the holiday break I became super busy with some urgent business travel and have not been online since I did not bring my laptop and cannot access sites like this from my work issued laptop for obvious reasons. I was outside the country and was visiting as a "tourist" since I did not have time to get a visa and having two laptops raises too many questions lol.

    I will continue since my wife reminded me about this thread that I forgot all about.

    After I told my wife we had to pick up Tyler she replied "your not serious are you?" I don't think she believed me until I stopped in front of his parents house and Tyler was standing outside at the curb. He jumped into the backseat and I pulled away. He did not have a bag and my wife was sure I was just taking him someplace to drop him off. It was not until we were on the Interstate headed toward our destination for 30 minutes before she began to realize Tyler was coming with us. The conversation remained very casual for the entire trip. We stopped on the way for lunch and when Tyler went to use the restroom my wife asked if I was for real and where he was staying. I told her with us and I think she still was in disbelief.

    I checked in and went back out to park and took our suitcases and we all went up to our room at a Marriott Hotel. Walking into our room there was one king bed only and my wife gave me a strange look. She went into the bathroom and put on her makeup and got ready to go out for the evening. It was just after 9PM and we got a cab and headed into the downtown to eat. After a meal we walked to several clubs and drank. She danced with Tyler and he became a huge flirt which she enjoyed and flirted right back with him. When things began to close down for the night we got a cab back to our hotel and went back up to our room. I got out a bottle of Bourbon I had picked up earlier and we all had a glass.

    Tyler was not making any move at all on my wife even despite my subtle suggestions as my wife sat on the edge of the bed and Tyler sat on a bedside chair still both fully dressed. We had previously had two MFM encounters but both were set up on a swinger site and the guy went right for it in both encounters. After almost 30 minutes of drinking and awkward conversation I sat next to my wife and took her glass. I sat both glassed on the small night stand and then moved behind my wife on the mattress and slowly began to pull up her winter sweater. She let me continue without saying a word and as the sweater came up over her bra she raised her arms letting me pull it off over her head. It had static and her long blonde hair was left a little out of place. With Tyler watching and making remarks about how sexy she was I reached around her and gently played with her tits over her bra. I could tell her nipples were rock hard underneath her padded bra and I reached and began to unclasp the front center clip pulling both cups to her side and letting the bra rest on her shoulders by the straps. Her nipples could have cut glass and still Tyler sat and watched showing his satisfaction with what he was watching.

    My wife and Tyler both made very general small talk like nothing was happening and I fumbled with the button on my wife's jeans from behind her. I got it unfastened and pushed the short zipper down pulling the opening wide to allow Tyler to see my wife's panties. I think this was as new for him as it was us. I lay my wife back onto the mattress and removed her shoes and socks and then pulled the jeans off over her hips and down her smooth legs pulling them off her inside out. Not knowing she was going to be seen by anyone other than her husband she had been married to for 24 years she was left in a pair of her white "mom" panties. She did not have her tattoo or belly ring yet and her pussy had a covering of thick curly black pubic hair that was untrimmed for the event as it had been on the two previous encounters. As I grabbed the waistband of the panties on both sides of her hips she raised her hips off the bed allowing me to easily pull the panties off of her leaving my wife completely naked on the bed. I reached down between her legs and her pussy was super wet.
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    Tyler was still sitting almost staring. Tyler was 6'1" and loved going to the gym. Despite that he also loved drinking beer and eating anything he wanted and although he had a muscular build he also had a beer belly. I could tell he was not sure what to do so I told him to stand up and I just reached and pulled his shirt up and over his gut and he helped pull it off over his head. He had a belt on and I reached down and unfastened the buckle thinking he would start to undress himself but he just stood looking at my wife and telling her how hot she was. My wife lay on the bed gazing up at him so I continued hoping he would not get scared off. I unfastened his jeans and then grabbed the waistband on either side of his hips and pulled his jeans and boxers down to his knees. I was surprised at the size of his cock as it sprang out fully hard. he was probably 8 or 9 inches in length and big around. he had sparse pubic hair and chest hair and his ass did not have any hair visible. I stood beside the bed so my wife could get a full view of Tyler still wearing his boots and his pants around his calves and she reached out and began to undo my jeans as I quickly pulled my shoes and shirt off. My wife got out of bed and kissed Tyler and then got on her knees between us and began to alternate between sucking our cocks. Tyler leaned forward moaning and hugged me as my wife sucked him. I heard Tyler begin to moan and he quickly blew a huge load inside my wife's mouth. With her mouth and face full of Tyler cum my wife got up and joined our hug kissing me deeply as I tasted cum for the first time. She kissed us both passionately for several minutes and then moved back to the bed as Tyler spread her legs open and leaned in kissing and licking her pussy much to her enjoyment. Tyler was over the top of my wife with his still hard cock dangling in her face and she took my cock and began to suck me. I knelt on the bed with my body in contact with Tyler's raised ass as my wife sucked me like she never had before. At some point Tyler had moved and I looked down to see Tyler's face near my wife's and he began to suck my balls while my shaft was in my wife's mouth. I began to cum hard and both my wife and Tyler continued sucking me until I was completely drained and went limp. Again my wife kissed me with my cum in her mouth and covering her face. Tyler also had a face full of cum and got up downing another shot of whisky. I had never tasted my own cum but the smell and taste was incredible.

    My wife lay back on the bed and begged Tyler to fuck her and he climbed between her legs and pushed inside her. I think she climaxed from the fullness of his big cock,. it was the largest she had ever had and she kept telling him how good he felt inside her and how big he was. The sight and sounds of Tyler's huge dick impaling my wife was the hottest thing I had ever seen. The smell that permeated the room was a mix of hot bodies, cum, sweat and testosterone with ass. Tyler's body was glistening with sweat on every inch of him and from watching from behind with my wife's legs open and up over her chest I could see his dick covered in her juices and his large set of balls slapping against her ass and anus. Tyler's anus was also visible as he went fully inside her, it was the first time I had ever seen a man's anus up close, he didn't have any hair on his cheeks but the area between his balls and his anal opening was covered in black curly pubic hair as well as having a ring of hair around his hole. I could see the sweat running down his crack and down his balls. I slowly put my hand between his legs and attempted to stick my finger into my wife's ass but was instead met with a handful of Tyler's balls making him moan and verbalize his enjoyment of the feeling. I used my hand to cup his balls and message them as he fucked my wife and he began to cum deep inside her pussy pressing himself as deep inside as he could. He told me to squeeze all the cum out and I continued fondling and milking his balls.

    I was rock hard by then and as soon as Tyler pulled his slimy cock out he told me to lay back on my back. I looked at my wife covered in sweat and panting with her legs spread and bent at the knees. Her pussy was gaping open and a stream of thick white cum ran down between her crack onto the bed. I lay back and the sheets were wet with sweat and body fluids as Tyler grasped my shaft and began stroking me as he told my wife to get on top of me. She climbed up and straddled me as cum leaked onto my chest and belly and Tyler guided my shaft into her warm wet pussy and for the first time I realized we had not thought about condoms and my wife just got the first load of cum from a man other than me. That thought was gone almost as quick as I it crossed my mind. My wife was riding my cock and Tyler was now massaging my balls and used the river of cum that ran from my wife's pussy and over my balls down my ass to insert a finger deep inside my ass. It was the first time another man had touched me like this and the first time anyone had put anything inside my ass. The feeling was immense. Anytime we had a second round of sex, which was rare the past ten years I rarely was able to cum the second time. This time I lasted about five minutes and came hard again.

    Tyler pulled his finger out of my ass and lay beside me as we both lay panting and breathing hard. we were sideways across the mattress and my wife climbed off my cock and said she needed water. She climbed up over the top of me and leaked a trail of cum up my chest and on my face. She always complained if I came in her hair and the next day I understood why. She drank a full bottle of water in almost one sip and then lay beside Tyler and we all remarked about how hot the night had been.
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    My wife was laying on her side and was rubbing Tyler's semi erect dick asking if he could get hard again. I turned to my side and reached over and began to stroke him with my wife and he quickly had a full hard on again. This time he got my wife up on her knees and pushed inside her from behind and began pounding her holding her hips. I lay on my side totally spent but I used my hand to gently rub Tyler's ass cheeks as he fucked my wife. He went to at least twenty minutes this time and I began to once again rub his balls and then pressed my finger inside his ass all the way to my knuckle and tried to repeated his action on me by finger fucking him while he fucked my wife. Finally he came again and they both lay back down and I fell to sleep.

    I woke up twice with my wife and Tyler still fucking. In the morning I got up and my wife was laying on her side facing Tyler. It was almost 10 AM and I had morning wood so I lay up close to my wife and started poking at her and Tyler reached over still awake and guided my cock inside her easily. I was pumping her and reached around to rub her clit and realized I was not in her pussy but was fucking her ass deep and hard. I went for almost 15 minutes and emptied my load as deep as I could press into her. It was the first time I had ever been inside her ass. I had tried before but always was met with a firm "no" and it usually stopped anything that was happening.

    That next day my wife slept the entire day. Tyler and I went out and ate and brought her back some food and finally around 10 PM she got up and showered and ate a small amount. The sheets were a mess and covered in body fluids. Tyler told me that after I was asleep my wife was on her belly and he was on top of her and that she had her legs held tightly together to put pressure on his cock. He had slipped out and when he pressed back in she seemed much tighter but after a few strokes she told him he was inside her ass. He pulled out but she told him it felt good and to go slow. He came inside her ass and when he pulled out apparently she had an accident and they had used the top sheet to clean up and had thrown the sheet into a trash can on another floor. I got fresh sheets at the front desk and we made the bed fresh while she showered.

    That night we did not go out again as planned but my wife and Tyler had sex several times and I fucked my wife once. That morning I got up and my wife said she was too sore to do anything and just lay there dozing on and off. As I lay with my morning wood Tyler reached over and jacked me off again with a finger up my butt. The orgasm was amazing.

    We got a late check out and made the six hour drive home with my wife sleeping the entire trip in the back seat. Tyler and I stopped and ate and she never moved. Once at home she called off work Monday and slept most the time until going to work Tuesday. That week she could not stop talking about the weekend. My wife said the first night that Tyler had cum at least 6 or 7 times and was always hard and ready to go again. She told me about the anal and said she always thought it was dirty and wrong but that once she had felt Tyler's cock in her ass she realized how much she enjoyed it.

    Tyler became a regular at our house after that and was there most weekends that we were home. He and I never had any intercourse and I never sucked his cock but our MFM threesomes always included all three of us with both he and I doing whatever we could to get the other two off. He joined the army about 10 months after this encounter and after boot-camp leave we never saw him again. He got married in the army and moved to the upper east coast when he got out.
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    I did not take any pictures the night of our trip with Tyler, I was too engrossed in the action to get my phone or even think about it. But to show what my wife's body looked like at the time here are some images taken with a Kodak 35 mm camera and scanned.

    These were taken about four months earlier when we had a guy over that we connected with on a swinger site chat room. He and my wife played and after he left she and I had sex. It was not a MFM and he came over, we talked about 10 minutes and then went to our bedroom. He got her undressed and after he got off he got dressed and left. She did not climax with him and he used a rubber.

    He got her naked and then lightly caressed her, almost tickling her


    He turned her over and pulled his condom and pushed inside her from behind


    She told him she liked doggy style. He asked to fuck her ass and she said no


    She sucked his dick and played with his cock


    After he was finished he admired her used pussy showing me what he had done.
    He left his cum filled condom in the bed. He was married but said they played alone


    Many of the guys we met online would cum pretty quickly before she did and most of them got dressed pretty fast and left. She always hated this and we seldom meet online and rarely hook up on the first meeting because of this.
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    I haven't seen those for years, those were taken in August 2006 way back
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