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    I have been trying to post in this forum, but I can't because there are too many rules about posting. Post length..content etc....

    I have always loved this forum and I have read and reread some of the stories here. Maybe I am banned from posting long stories. But I don't like reading short stories...
    Anyway I wrote a story recently and posted it in my blog. If you are interested, please read through and comment so that I can become a better writer.

    here is the link and the password is 6559. Its protected for obvious reasons. you are given permission to repost the story in here.

    I might delete the story after a while. The blog is my personal blog and you will hardly find anything sexual in it except for this piece

    Happy thoughts and happy reading
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    Billy Hargis was a pastor at a small town church. He had gotten married late to girl named Sarah, who was half his age. Every one though that Billy was very benevolent because his wife was a teen mom. At the time Billy met her (he was 35), she was 22 but she was the mother of two girls, Rebecca and Rachel. She had Rebecca when she was 13 and Rachel when she was 14. They were both at ages nine and eight respectively. The father of the children remained a mystery. Although the general consensus was that she was raped both the times, she had failed to identify the perpetrator of the crime. Most people assumed that she was too scared and probably scarred for life. She was an orphan, so Billy was idolized by many as a selfless and caring human being with a large heart.

    The truth of the matter was that Billy never had any luck with girls. He was always awkward around women. He didn’t have the right words and he was always nervous around them. Perhaps this had to do with his short and frail stature. His father was unusually harsh on him and he never developed the confidence needed to confront people. When he decided to become a pastor, one of his uncles commented that the job suited him, because he was not going to be good at anything else. So it was a big surprise for billy when Sarah agreed to marry him. Even though she had two girls, she had was extremely beautiful. To billy she looked like an Angel, he could not imagine marrying her even in his wildest dreams. It was no surprise that she got raped, no man in his right senses could sit idly in her presence. He often wondered who in their right senses would manhandle such a tender creature. But that was the difference between billy and her captor. He was the most decent human being she had ever met in her life.

    Billy had always been looked upon as a kind and gentle human being, but he knew that he was anything but that. The thoughts that boiled through his mind could shame even a murderer on death row. For his mind vacillated between shameful admissions of guilt and depravity to that of a saint. For the most part he has been able to control his thoughts, but ever so often it would bubble over. On those days he would find himself looking at pornography. He would lock himself in his room pretending to be in prayer, while he would browse at pornography hour after hour. The thing that shamed him the most was that he was not just looking at regular pornography, but it was of the worst kind.

    He found himself looking for pornography that involved his family, specifically his wife. How could he do such a thing? He often wondered, but such was the state of his mind. He yearned the humiliation and the depravity of it all. As a pastor, it meant something even more. It was pure evil. He knew that the relationship between a husband and wife is the exact same picture that is painted to that of the relationship between the church and GOD. You see the church was considered to be the bride for Christ.

    Having your wife sleep with another man was equivalent to the church turning its back on Christ and fornicating with Satan. This was the reality that he had to deal with. He knew that it was wrong, yet he craved for it.

    He was a good moral leader to the family. He taught them to pray, attend lend, his daughters sang with the choir. Such a perfect family, it was a God send. Yet, there were instances when he would have given it all up in a split second. He and his wife were a happy couple by world’s standards. Although they had been trying to have a child on their own, it never materialized. For the last eight years they had been trying again and again, but for some reason, it got aborted every time. He was not hitting 43, while his wife was now thirty. They were both concerned and sad that they couldn’t have one on their own.

    It was during these years that he first chanced upon the thought of having a surrogate baby. He didn’t want to go down as a man who couldn’t procreate. He couldn’t deal with what people would think about him. That was when it struck him, that he could use a sperm bank to father a child. No one needed to know their tryst. For all intends and purposes, he would be the father of the child, in the worlds eyes.

    But alas, that was not to be, because his wife could not agree with him. She wanted her lovechild with him. It was during this journey that he chanced upon a cuckold story. It just hit all his nerves. The fact that he could not father a child, compounded with his insecurities as a child and as a man just turned him over. It was the antithesis of everything he believed in. It would upset the natural order and yet it was like a drug to him. A drug that he couldn’t stop taking.

    His thoughts increasingly drifted towards the thought of being a cuckold. Not just a acquiesced cuckold, but someone who has been forced to wear the horn. He suddenly craved to be the butt end of every joke. He knew how much pain and humiliation it would cause him, but he was ready to carry that cross, however shameful it could be.

    One evening as he was sleeping with his wife, he decided to broach the subject of having a baby. Sarah told him that maybe he should be contented with the children that they already have.

    “… But I have to have a baby of my own”

    “Honey, we have gone over this before. I don’t want a baby unless it’s from you!!!”

    “It’s just that I don’t want people to think I am a eunuch. At least this way, I can keep up with the appearances”

    “So you want a baby, just to prove to others that you are not sterile? Can’t you see how asinine that sounds?”

    “Don’t speak that way…”

    He could see that Sarah was becoming quite animated as she said it, this was a sure sign that she was losing her temper. Sarah was not a hard women to reason with, but she just couldn’t stomach his casual approach. It was not that she was against having a baby, it had more to do with the reason he gave to have a baby.

    Seeing that she was not having his way, he decided to change the subject and try a different approach. He leaned over and gave her a kiss on the cheek and he whispered to her that he was sorry. She said it was OK and that she forgave him.

    Out of the blue, he decided to ask her something he had always wanted to but was afraid to ask.

    “Honey, can I ask you something personal and can you be honest about it?”

    “Yeah, sure, but it depends on what the question is?”

    “I just… just wanted to know, if I satisfy you sexually?” She smiled and kissed him on the cheek and returned “Of course you do? What made you ask that?”

    “It’s just that I am not that big… so I have always wondered”

    “Honey, it does not bother me. I mean haven’t you heard that it’s not what you have, but how you use it?”

    “But I don’t last that long…Do I?”

    “Not always…. But sometimes you do honey….”

    “Sometimes I last longer or sometimes I please you…? Which one is it?” he asked with a little frustration in his voice.

    “Honey, this is making you all flustered, why don’t we just change the subject?”

    When he insisted, she bit her lip with a naughty smile playing on her face. She could see that he was getting nervous, so she decided to toy with him, just to get a reaction out of him.

    “Honey, I meant sometimes, you last longer…”
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    He was contented with the answer for a moment but quickly got back to her. “So I don’t please you that often?”

    She studied his face for a moment and she casually noticed from the corner of her eye that he was spotting a hard nub.

    “You always do honey….you always please me baby”… The smile still playing on her lips.

    He smiled back, a bit happier now… He reached out to kiss her on her lips, something they rarely did, unless on special occasions. She always told him that, she didn’t like to be kissed on the lips, because it was too gross.

    As he kissed her, she grabbed him by his crotch and noticed that he was as hard as he could be.

    “Someone is in a good mood” She quipped

    “I sure am” he replied back. As he said that, he felt like he was losing his erection. Little did she know that he was aroused by the possibilities that lay ahead of him, what if she were not pleased by him?

    As the night wore off, he played it out multiple times in his head of how he could let her know that he had a new fetish.

    On another night, a few days later, as they were spooning, he asked her to her about her captor.

    “I know this is very difficult for you, but tell me what happened?”

    “I just can’t talk about it… It’s too personal”

    “But we have been together for so long, surely you can trust me enough to tell me everything!!”

    She looked at him hard. She wasn’t sure, if he was ready for it… “I can’t… If I tell it to you.. You will look at me differently, besides, I don’t want to revisit my past”

    “Honey….Look… I am your husband… We are in this together and I am willing to share everything with you. You have to learn to trust me. I know how difficult it must have been for you?”

    “It wasn’t…” and she let it hang there, so that it could sink in…

    “Weren’t you raped? I know it must have been difficult for you? I can imagine the shame”

    “I wasn’t RAPED honey” She stressed on the word raped


    “It’s not what you think….nobody knows what really happened”

    “So then…” She cut him off

    “I was in a relationship with someone else who had just turned 18. So I couldn’t tell his name because he would wind up in jail”

    “So you were in love with him?”

    “So to speak….. YES. He loved me in a way that was different from all the other men I knew”

    “You make it sound like, you slept with quite a few…” He smiled at her knowing that she had hardly ever slept with anyone.

    “Actually I have, but most of them raped me. He was the only one who didn’t rape me”

    “OK…” He muttered, not knowing what else to say. Realizing that not saying anything else would come off as rude, he asked the lamest question left to ask

    “So, this friend of yours… have you kept in touch with him?”

    “Of and on, but not recently”

    “Why didn’t you just marry him, then?”

    “He was young and he needed to complete school”

    “Is that the reason you married me?” He asked exasperated

    She looked away from him dejectedly “Yes, initially I didn’t feel like I had a better choice”

    “Better choice…..” he choked on the words

    “You asked me to tell the truth…. And now you hate me…” she screamed at him with tears running down her cheeks

    He quickly turned over and put his arm around her and hugged her. He kissed her and told her, he was sorry, that he didn’t mean anything by it… just a little surprised.

    She looked so pretty when she got emotional, her cheeks were rosy and flushed. He kissed her again on her temple and reassured her his love.

    Just to lighten the mood, he joked – “I am sure you have no regrets marrying me. I mean look at me, it’s everything you didn’t want” She looked at him quizzically, he could not be farther from the truth. Sure Billy was never great in the sack, but he took care of her and the kids.

    “So, if you had the chance to change things over, would you have married me?”

    She looked at him wryly with a sweet smile… and shook her head

    “What if I didn’t?”

    As soon as she said this, he moved his hand involuntarily to his crotch. She noticed

    “You mean I wouldn’t even stand a chance” He was teasing

    “No way, absolutely not” She teased him back

    “C’mon, I am not that bad. All this time must have meant something”

    “Yeah, you were… you were a good father”

    “That’s it… nothing more?” he smiled at her in anticipation. Billy moved his hand to caress her breast.

    “Why you want there to be more?” She placed her hand on his chest and looked deep into his eyes with a come hither look.

    “You said I pleased you… so…” he waited expectantly for her to finish his sentence

    “You did honey…you did…but…” now she moved her hand to grope his member. She looked at him knowingly while she massaged him.

    “But what? Was I not good enough?” She continued to look at him without blinking her eyes. “You are a good and gentle person billy… you are good that way” Then she looked away slyly, but never taking her hand away from his member

    billy had been leaving bread crumbs on his computer purposely for Sarah. He was hoping that she would find out about it and question him, and then he would take the opportunity to confess his predicaments.

    Then she turned her attention back to him, almost lost in thought at first

    “Do you have any secrets billy? Any secrets that I should know of?” Willy knew his game was up… this was what he was trying to get her to ask.. At first he feigned innocence…

    She gave him a hard squeeze on his willy…

    “maybe lil’ billy wants to say something huh?” She noticed the result immediately as his penis pulsed to her question

    Without waiting for any perfunctory statements, Sarah cut to the chase and told him “I’ve been reading your stories….they are nasty…how long has this been going on?”

    She saw him tense and shrink…. So she added “It’s ok, it will be our lil secret…” She put a quote around the words “lil” as she spoke to him.

    Then she whispered to him “Don’t you want to know, why you are not good enough? Huh?”

    ”but you already know that, don’t you?” She whispered
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    By this time billy was at full mast, the best erection he had had in a very long time. So she removed the blanket that was draped over his member to expose it.

    “Wow, you are so big baby!!! I can’t believe this!!! Is this all for me?” To emphasize, she held his head with her thumb and index finger and jerked it a few times. She could see precum flowing out of its tip. She wiped the droplet with her index finger and fed it into his mouth.

    “like it” she asked. He nodded in agreement

    She noticed the effect she had on him. She turned to him and offered her breast to him…

    “Play with my breast baby…I am so much in the mood for you” As he sucked on her breast, she held his head close to her body….

    Then she held his head with both her hands and raised him to look at him. “This is all a fantasy, right baby… you don’t want any of this to be real? I mean you are the pastor of a church and I am your wife. ”

    Now he felt comfortable to open up to her. So he told her it was just a fantasy and nothing more. He confessed to her how he felt so inadequate because of his size and because he came so fast. He didn’t understand it but in his fantasy, he enjoyed feeling humiliated and being belittled.

    “Billy, I am so sorry that you have such a small wee-billy….” She pouted and then smiled. He smiled back knowing that she was joking.

    True to her form, she continued the act….

    “But how are we going to fix this baby…, maybe you can do what all the other small people do huh?” As she said it, she touched his lips and then touched her crotch and pouted again.

    “You want this don’t you? You want to make me happy, please me….like all the big guys huh? Oooh I am so sorry, but you are not big are you? Come on baby, little guys like you are sooo good at one thing… and one thing only… now lick me”

    She opened her legs for him to move in, but seeing his hesitation, she closed it back up… “Sorry baby, maybe next time”

    She guided him to lay back on the bed facing each other. As they gazed into each other she spoke

    “You know I love you dearly, right baby?” He nodded “…. and you love me too right” he nodded again and followed it up with “with all my heart sweetie”

    “Did you like me teasing you? I just wanted to make you happy… that’s all”

    “That was amazing… I still can’t believe that you could talk that way” he quipped

    “Honey, you just don’t know me that well, do you? Then she smiled mischievously and said “I can be a very, very bad girl”

    “But promise me one thing…. That you are not going to spend all your time praying” As she said praying she had her hand gesturing a hand job. She smiled at her double entendre. “

    “From now on, when you feel like praying in tongues, teach yourself to say LALALALA…..” She finished the sentence by flicking her tongue lewdly. This time she smirked and patted her crotch “Any time you are ready, you may worship it!!!”

    Her words were not lost at him, he was immediately on fire… She was turning him inside out…He wondered how she got this crafty with her words.


    Sarah had not lied when she said that she got raped. At thirteen, she looked more like a 16 year old and she had filled out most of her body. She was raped by none other than her older step brother and her step parents knew full well what was happening in their house, yet they were willing to overlook it. The first couple of times, it hurt like hell, but then she started easing into it. Her stepbrother was eighteen at the time and he was not your average neighborhood teen. He was extremely handsome and well built, but all that would be put to shame by guns he was carrying below his belt.

    He was an Adonis with a nine inch cock that was almost half as thick as a can of coke. He was very proud of it and he took advantage of every girl he met. But the one he liked the most was Sarah. She looked like an angel. The more he got to know her, the more he realized that she was the freakiest girl alive. He could never get enough of her, the girl was built for sex. She was an eager participant in all of their trysts. They couldn’t keep their hands from each other. Even after having two babies, she could not say no to him. The first time, the parents were able to explain away to the social workers that she had been raped, but the second time around, they knew that they were cutting it short. Both of the kids looked just like their father. That was when they decided to abandon her. They put her up for adoption, but that never worked out. Eventually she got caught up in the social welfare system. Because she still loved her stepbrother she never gave out his name.

    Life was extremely difficult for her and that was when the pastor showed up at her footstep like a knight in shining armor. Life with the pastor was simple. He had simple needs and she felt that she was fortunate enough to have found him. The one thing she really missed was the sex. After the first couple of years, she hardly ever thought about it. Making love was almost a ritual that just needed to be done, so that they felt that they were in a loving relationship.

    That was then, but now things were changing or so she hoped. Seeing all the stories and images of larger cocks brought back old memories. Memories that she had swept away into the lost files. She was conflicted to say the least, but the more she read upon his obsession, the more she was enthused.

    Maybe it was meant to be, or maybe not, but that was the time when she noticed Reggie, a handsome African American who seemed to be a new member of the church. Reggie was a lawyer who just shifted his practice to their suburb. He made it a point to hang around the pastor, and he always had his eyes on Sarah. His looks were not lost on Sarah, because she couldn’t help but notice his 6’3” frame.

    What recently transpired between them was a revelation that stirred her loins. She felt like she had wandering eyes… that was no longer fixated on her husband anymore. She felt like a ship that was no longer anchored but was tossed about in the waves of forbidden lust and Reggie had played a part in it.

    One time when there was an extended bible study, Sarah had to leave so that she could pick up the kids. Normally they would get a ride home from their friends, but not this time. But when she tried to start her car, it wouldn’t start up. Reggie was quick to offer his services by saying that he knew a thing or two about cars and that he can try and fix it. As he walked over to the car, he asked her to pop the hood. They were both standing near the front of the car, when Reggie quickly grabbed her face and planted a hard kiss on her lips. She tried to break free, but he was too strong for her. When he broke the kiss, he didn’t release her face instead he got close to her ear and breathed out “I know all about you. You and me, we got a date and we are going to sweat this out real slow like old times”

    She didn’t know what to say. He was practically a stranger to her. How could he know so much?, she though.

    “Alex has told me a lot about you….You haven’t forgot about him have you? He still says that you are the best he has had… I had a choice to move to Alpharetta or El-Paso, but the moment I heard that you were here, my mind was made up. I had to have what he had. ”

    Then he reached behind her and grabbed her pony tail and forced her to look up

    “You like it rough, don’t you little princess? The rougher, the better huh? ”

    His tongue slid out of his mouth like a snake and he held it in front of her lips like an invitation to bite.

    “ I haven’t got all day princess, I know you can’t resist me or the itch that is in between your legs, kiss me back and I will let you know what you had been missing all these years or you can go back to your boring husband and serve the church”

    She paused for a minute and she cursed herself for even thinking that she had to consider her options. She took a few steps undecidedly thinking about her husband and the life that they had built together. Reggie grabbed her by the shoulder and turned her around, he placed both of his hands behind her ass and lifted her up. Like in a trance, she wrapped her legs around him and they kissed furiously. Their tongues danced and wrestled with each other, both trying to outmaneuver the other. After about three minutes of kissing he placed her back on her feet.

    With one hand he reached under her blouse and grabbed her tits and, the other hand he slipped under her skirt to lower her panties.

    “Right here” She gasped

    “You betcha” he said “Lets christen you right here”

    “But the others” She said without thinking

    “Let them” he said hurriedly.. After discarding her panties, he placed her on the bonnet of the car and he pushed himself into her

    “Oh my god, you are so big” She heard herself say

    “Oh yes princess…. I know you like them big… it’s a good thing your small husband is inside preaching his guts out while we get to do things that he is warning everyone about ”

    As he said that she felt so bad…. But in a good way.. Something evil was brewing inside her. Like it was always there but it was waiting to find its ways out.

    “We are gonna fuck some more, aren’t we princess?”

    “Yes… Yes…. More” she moaned

    “You need more of my big cock.. Don’t you princess? We are going to fix that itch of yours…real good… hmmmm…. God such a tight pussy… you have been saving yourself for me huh..”


    Hearing this, He started fucking her hard. Sarah cried like a baby moaning and screaming, all of her lust was in full display… she didn’t care if anyone heard her.

    After about 10 minutes of frenzied fucking, their lust was satiated. He pulled out and squirted his cum on her blouse, right between her breasts.

    “It’s a little present for billy. Make sure he gets it, OK princess”

    She smiled at him and winked, like it was their thing.
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    “Don’t worry about the car, nothing wrong with it, I just disconnected your battery, so that I could have some time with you.” He promptly fixed the wires and they walked back to meet billy.

    It was later that night, that Sarah decided to test the waters and see how far along billy was with his fantasy.

    The next day as billy was preparing for his Thursday morning men’s breakfast study, she stuck her head in his study and said

    “Don’t forget to practice praying in tongues”

    Then she walked up behind him and said “I know you are going to be tempted to look at porn, its ok, I forgive you. But think hard about what you are wishing for yourself, don’t let it become a self-fulfilling prophesy. ” She started rubbing him and continued “you really don’t want that right? To think that your innocent wife would be unfaithful to you, Oh my, what a strange choice of words. Can you imagine that honey, your sweet innocent Sarah batting eyes at strangers?

    He was instantly hard as he heard these words.

    “Its only a fantasy right honey….don’t worry, your secret is safe in my hands… just remember…. Now look here”

    She cupped her crotch and said

    “Little sarah here, needs some relief tonight and I hope that little billy can provide that relief. But don’t worry, that little pink flesh in your mouth might just give me the relief I need. Now why don’t you get back to your bible study, while I run some errands for you?”

    She drove to Reggie’s place. They kissed and made mad passionate love. Well love is too mild of a word for what they did. They were like animals at each other’s throat. They used each other to fulfill their lust. But the thing about lust is that it can never be satiated. It just keeps getting bigger and bigger and it needs to find a perversion bigger than itself to feed itself.

    As they talked in the afterglow, she revealed to Reggie about the pastor’s obsession. Reggie thought it was a perfect setup to trap the pastor.

    “Looks like he is a glutton for punishment” he snaked his hands into her wet pussy… and started rubbing her clitoris gently….

    “I want you to be a bad girl, Will you let me make you into one?” she nodded

    “Good, we are going to turn that pastor husband of your into a nice little toy, you still with me honey?”

    “Anything you want lover!!! As long as I get to have you”

    “I want you to make him lick your pussy, make sure you don’t clean it up for him…that would be a nice start….make sure you belittle him as much as you can. I know these types…this is the only medicine that works on them”

    As he was saying this she was getting wetter.

    “You are my girl, aren’t you? Tell me now… I need to hear it”

    He mounted her, her legs pulled back pointing to the ceiling. He pushed in and out of her with a slow rhythm, while maintaining eye contact.

    “Yes baby, I am yours… your girl…”

    “We are going to turn that pastor husband of yours into a wimp… just like he wants to be and we are going to be fucking each other to our hearts content… you want that right”

    “YESSSSSSS” she hissed

    “Cum in my pussy baby…Fuck your girl’s pussy baby…own it….. make it yours…Fuck a baby into my pussy lover….oooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhh soooooo gooood baby…..I uuuuunngg uuuuunnnnggggg i am cummiiing so hard baby”

    “Aaaaah that’s it, show your true colors now… I am going to dump my cum in your nasty pussy baby…take it and feed it to your husband…. Yeah let him have it for supper…. Fuck baby I am cumming”

    They exchanged a wet kiss before disengaging.

    “Now be a good little girl and go back to your loving husband” he swatted her on her ass. “But before you go, I have something for you sugar tits. These are some blue pills that I happened to come by, it makes the person who eats it very suggestible. I want you to give this to your husband…this will help in his training”

    She took a small bottle of the pills with her.

    By the time she reached home, it was past afternoon. She took a pill out and mixed it with her husband’s coffee.

    He was still in his study, so she made her way in with a cup of hot coffee.

    “Here you go, this should help you stay refreshed”

    “You are so thoughtful, thank you so much honey”

    “Oh you are welcome billy, anything for you right?”

    She then made her way to the bed room to change her clothes. She remembered what Reggie had told her. So she washed up, but made sure that all of the sticky cum was still inside her. At the moment she didn’t have to worry about getting pregnant because she was on the pill.

    In the evening when they were in bed, she reached out and touched her husband.

    “Have you been a good boy today?”

    He paused and then said yes…

    “Are you sure that I won’t find anything on the computer?”

    He again paused for a moment before coming clean. “just this one time, I did glance over something”

    “Tell me sweetie, what was it? Was it some of that good stuff?”

    “It was just a story, I guess…”

    “And in this story there is a wife and a husband? Yes?”

    “Yeah” he coughed trying to muffle his words.

    “Does the wife cheat on the husband, because he is small?”

    “Yipee… we have a winner. It’s Ok sweetie….stuff like that happens in real life too…. You know that right? It’s not just in the stories…”

    “Yeah I guess so… I mean people cheat all the time”

    “But that’s not what your story was all about? Was it? Your story was different…. She wasn’t cheating on her husband… It’s only cheating, if you do it behind your husband’s back!! ”

    “He allowed it… but it’s still just a story”

    “Is it? Is it just a story for you? You are small billy…. Really small… don’t you think that a women like that in your story should get some extra benefits without having to cheat on her husband? Imagine that sweetie, Sarah your wife has an eye for the big ones. You think that is possible?”

    She took his arm and placed it on her crotch…

    She dropped to her little girl voice

    “Feel how warm little sarah feels baby…Feel it baby, see how wet she is, she needs some company baby…she needs a play mate, aren’t you going to provide her one baby?”

    She gripped his penis and started rubbing it hard…..he was already leaking precum…she shook it for effect and said

    “ but this won’t do… Little billy was just not made for her…I know we both told her that she can’t have any other, but billy she is a naughty girl… She told me that she wants to play with the big snake instead. So I told her that we should at least billy a chance to prove himself”

    “How about that billy? Now why don’t you give her a big bear hug?”

    At that she slowly pushed Billie’s head down to her crotch.

    As billy put his tongue to work, she coaxed him even more

    “That’s it baby, your tongue is so much better than your penis…. Keep licking me all the way from the top to the bottom… can’t you see how wet you have made me? Little sarah appreciates you… baby… she says she likes it….But I still don’t know how long I can keep that wicked snake from luring her. You need to work hard to keep her satisfied baby…. That tongue of yours needs to be working on overdrive…Can you feel that baby, can you feel my juices flowing? You like that don’t you baby?”

    By this time sarah was getting really worked up. She pushed him off her on to his back.

    “That was good baby, but I need you to eat me now…eat my pussy baby and drink my juices” Sarah climbed on top of billy and placed her pussy on his nose and started riding his nose.

    “That’s it baby lick it hard, drink my cum baby… drink all of it….you are going to learn to love doing this baby… keep her happy billy, its for your own good”

    After she came, billy was still hard because he never got a release. She climbed off of him and now lay next to him while she continued to stroke his penis.

    “You love me billy, don’t you? Tell me you love me”

    “yes, I do… you know that I love you”

    “Then you care about my happiness and my wellbeing”

    “Of course I do honey”

    “Then you will understand if I choose to sleep with another man. Not just any man billy, a well-endowed man”

    “I don’t know sweetie”
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  6. meco101

    meco101 Guest

    “billy you are small, you have never made me cum…I don’t hate you for that, but I have needs too you know? I need some sexual satisfaction too. Surely you can understand that”

    “I do understand, but we can work this out baby”

    “no you can’t billy, you are small, there is nothing you can do about it, but as a husband you have a duty to help me find happiness”

    “I agree but, this is coming out all wrong baby”

    “I agree baby, It is all wrong. My dear pastor husband is going to let me sample other men. Men with cocks that can satisfy a women. Not like yours….because you can’t even satisfy a bug…I am not going to make love to them baby, I am just going to fuck them, just to satisfy my lust. I guess I have never told you this before, but the fact is your little sarah with that so called angelic face that you love to refer to is a slut. My two children are the product of unadulterated lust. By the way, did I forgot to mention that I love to fuck?”

    Billy was so hard after hearing all of these. He never imagined that Sarah was even capable of using such bad words.

    “Look at my face billy, Can you imagine the pleasure that will wash over your wife’s body when she copulates with a stud? Do you know that she is insatiable…cum for me baby… I want to see you cum…think about what I said…. Your wife is not an angel.. She will betray you the first instance she can. Now cum while you think about that….”

    Billy came like he had never cum before. She quickly wiped the cum and scooped it into her mouth. She then proceeded to give him a cummy kiss.

    “Did you like that fantasy baby?”

    “yes very much baby…. I loved it”

    “Which part? Was it the part where I said, I love to fuck, or was it the part where I said that I love big cocks?”
    “Both… I loved them both… all of it…”

    “Ummm…..look at you, you are hard again… what has gotten into you? Little sarah loves it too you know….you haven’t seen her in action have you? She won’t let go of a cock once it enters her sanctum. She will slather it up with her juices. Oh honey ones it gets her going, she is like a greedy pig, she will ride it for all she is worth. Hmmm looks like you like to hear that… it’s making you hot?”

    “Yes, I like you little sarah”

    “She says she likes you too baby. Now cum for mee baby… cum in my mouth this time. Sarah wants to share a spicy kiss with you.”

    Billy couldn’t believe that he was going to cum again. Hearing all those vulgar words from his innocent wife just send him over the top.

    “Cum in my mouth baby…I want to taste your cum… spurt your precious drops here baby”

    Billy came hard. It wasn’t much…. Just a few drops of cum. She mixed it with her saliva and extended her tongue out for him to lick. When he hesitated, she pulled him close and forced her tongue into his mouth.

    “You have to learn to kiss me properly billy, now open your mouth wide, I got one last thing for you.”

    As he opened his mouth, she gathered the remaining spittle in her mouth and spat into his mouth slowly. She wanted him to know that she was in charge

    “Remember honey, this is all for you…. It’s just an act, but then again, maybe it’s not…maybe little Sarah is pulling the strings now” She smiled at him, but he couldn’t tell if it was her or whether it was little Sarah.

    The next day was as Billy was getting ready for work, she made him a cup of coffee and she made sure that she crushed the pills and slipped it into his coffee. As he was drinking his coffee with a toasted bagel and an egg, sunny side up

    “Honey, I want you to pick up the kids today, because I might be a little busy today. I have some friends coming over…OK”

    “Is it anyone I know” He wanted to know

    “Not really…just catching up… you know” she smiled mischievously. She waited for him to say something. Then she added

    “Little sarah invited him… you don’t mind do you? It would be nice if you called, so she might be able to say a proper goodbye, besides I don’t think it would be appropriate for him to be here when the kids are here…Who knows what they might think honey?”

    She looked at billy for a reaction…

    “I like your teasing honey… that was a nice touch… I can’t wait to get back home!!!”

    “Oh hurry back home lover… I can’t wait to fill you up…” She laughed at her own joke.

    As she finished her sentence, the kids were getting ready to leave for school. She whispered to her husband

    “Promise me sweetie that you will protect them from evil little sarah… You know how innocent they are… you don’t want little sarah to be running her mouth about little billy do you?”

    Sarah could see billy cowering at her words…

    “Don’t worry, I got you covered for now…. Now off to church little one…”

    Bills predicament was bitter sweet… he loved the way Sarah teased him these days, but he was also fearful that things maybe going a little out of hand.

    As Billy and the kids left, she was on the phone texting Reggie..

    “Come on over lover.. fast….”

    As she waited for Reggie to showup, she freshened up and got herself ready for him. As soon as she heard him pull up she was at the door…She welcomed Reggie by kissing him hard on the mouth. Reggie swept her of her feet, literally holding her up by cupping her ass cheeks.

    They kissed fervently, before long she was on top of him pumping hard on his cock. They were both excited that they were fucking in her house.

    “Oh god, you are such a sexy bitch Sarah…this is so exciting!!!” he moaned

    “Yes lover… FUCK me in my living room. You like that baby…Just a few hours back, my whole family was here” she panted

    “ummmm yeah, you perverted slut…you like that don’t you… do they know that mommy is such cock hound?”

    “Not yet….OOOH FUCK…. You bring out the worst in me…gawd… what a fucking cock you have… I wish I never met you…I don’t know what I would do without your cock”

    “Good…. Cause I don’t plan on giving up your cunt…”

    They both started fucking each other like crazy…. Both drilling into each other… moaning and groaning

    When they were spent, they spent a few minutes resting… they both helped each other out and settled on the sofa, her cunt oozing his sexy sperm and their combined fuck juices.

    They looked at each other studying the others face. The attraction hadn’t waned, in spite of their coupling. They lightly touched and caroused each other.

    His cock was semi hard, but still pulsating lightly. As she touched it, she felt like he would be springing back to life.

    “You are a bad girl, aren’t you” he said

    “Yes I am” She smiled

    He started lightly rubbing her clit…

    “You like me calling you bad names?”

    “Yes… a lot… I want to be your slut…”

    “Good cause, I plan to turn you into a debauched evil little bitch”

    She smiled and said “I am all ears”

    “You know I like to play head games…I already have you, but I want more…I want your husband… did you make him eat my cum like I told you to”

    “Way ahead of you lover… I made him eat me out yesterday…. All of your cum”

    “You know, if you are game I can make this a lot more interesting…Would you like to become an insatiable cunt? I can make your pussy go on fire all the time…I can help you release your innermost and most depraved fantasies. How would you like it if you were able to have a lot more intense orgasms that just kept on cumming and cumming?”

    “God I want to cum all the time baby…. I love cumming…”

    “Oh you are such a bad girl and a pastor’s wife at that!!! How are you going to explain yourself to your preacher husband and children?” He laughed wickedly

    He spread her thighs and started stroking her clit her urgently…

    “You are a nasty fucking slut…but you look so innocent…what are you going to do, when they find out?”

    She started humping back on his finger

    “I don’t know baby…I am not sure if it’s a good idea”

    “Shhhh…. But you need cock don’t you… you need to be filled up….how can you give up cock you Jezebel”

    “No I cant give up a big cock” she moaned

    “No you can’t and you can’t stop your pussy from having fun….”

    He fished out a small vial containing a clear liquid…He motioned for her to open her mouth and squeezed few drops of the liquid inside the vial.

    She tasted it and felt like it was burning down her throat.

    “Now get me a scotch, bitch” he ordered

    She quickly went over to the credenza and pulled out a bottle of scotch that her husband had reserved for extra special occasions.

    He opened the bottle and ordered her to take a swig. It had been a long time since she had a drink, but it felt good drinking with Reggie; she was not exactly feeling virtuous at the moment and it felt like she was adding another one to her list of sins.

    Next he took out a pack a Marlboros and lit one cigarette up. He took a puff and handed her the ciggy. She had smoked cigarettes when she was a teenager, but it was a little difficult at first.
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  7. michael1987

    michael1987 Well-Known Member

    Hot hot HOT!!!!

    Young Reggie is a beautiful well-endowed stud and true spunk in every way......and plainly a very savvy and skillful seducer of sexually chronically unsatisfied and fervently baby-wanting religious childless women like Sarah.

    Just like my young buddy :p

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