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Discussion in 'Real Life Experiences' started by Parker23, May 11, 2017.

  1. Parker23

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    wife and I have been doing some role playing recently which has really spiced things up. I am playing the role of a massage therapist but also playing the role of her husband setting up appointments for my wife. He has visited the house twice now where he has given her private sessions in our spare room. She has filled me in on the details of the appointments but has also left out some important details.My wife seems really into playing this game....
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  2. DeannaHouston

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    I also love that role play. And I want to try it again in real life. My husband once made a small mistake...and surprised me with a naughty nude massage therapist. The guy was a dick and didn't understand NO. He ended up really ticking me off and I also was really hurt that Jeff set me up to deal with that, when I was thinking I was getting a relaxing massage.

    But now I am wanting to try it.
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  3. legshowcuck

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    fantastic scenario...

    my Wife loves that too...

    especially the scene that i pay for his services after he is done...
  4. Parker23

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    It has certainly worked for us. I have set up a seperate email address that we use that she talks with "him" behind my back. During the massages I remain respectful only uncovering the parts of her body that im massaging. Always leaving her chest and ass just barely covered and never touching the area but always coming dangerously close. This drives her crazy as she begs for me to take it further as I whisper in her ear " we need to remain in control your husband sent me here for a massage and nothing more"
  5. Parker23

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    Our role play went to another level this week. We decided to Introduce my wife to BBC. I set up a massage for her and requested a masseuse that was black and that had a big cock. My wife was all for it and boy did it turn out well. She had no trouble taking all 9 inches of him and only took 2-3 thrusts before he was balls deep in her. Inwas even allowed to participate in this one. She did a great job of entertaining both of us.
  6. Parker23

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    The role playing has been going well here is a pic of her pussy after her BBC massage the thereapist made a visit
  7. Parker23

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    Sorry picture will not post
  8. Parker23

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    I have tried numerous times to get the pic to post and can not get it to work. It's to bad cause it's a good one showing how he really used her.
  9. Parker23

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