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Removes the Condom, Hesitant But...

Discussion in 'Hotwifing, Swinging and Swapping' started by Bekchris78, Jan 21, 2016.

  1. Bekchris78

    Bekchris78 New Member

    Some info and maybe need some advice?
    My wife and I have invited a couple of guys into the bedroom (for her fun) and I'm equally involved with her when this happens. More or less a back and forth thing or both him and I play with her. My wife and I don't use condoms because I'm v-safe and because they don't feel as good. The first time we invited her male friend over I put on a condom so we were on equal playing fields.
    We played for a long time but my wife took my condom off soon after we started. My wife and her 'friend' had some fun but he started to lose his erection at some point during that. To help him out of his 'situation', she took his condom off and it didn't take her long to get him fully engaged again. She's not on the pill and this 'friend' admitted on a previous date that he has an impregnation fetish. My wife loves to please so she decided to tease him while I took video. Her and I both knew that she wasn't fertile when this happened (we track her cycle every month) but he didn't know that. Just to blow his mind my wife was making out with him but she wouldn't actually let him have sex with her. She was on top of him and she had his cock sliding all over her soaking wet pussy but she wouldn't go all the way. I felt like she was hesitating because she knew I was watching so I reached down and got her going with my fingers while she was on her knees on top of him. She took the opportunity and she put him inside of her. It was seriously hot to watch because not only was he worked up, but she was just loving the unprotected sex. He flipped her onto her back and was showing her an amazing time and luckily he had enough self control to hold himself together. The night eventually had to come to and end and between me and him, my wife had so many orgasms that she was physically exhausted. We knew it was our turn to get off but he caught me off guard when he said out loud "where do you want me to cum?". My wife didn't say a word because she was in a sex coma and I just blurted out "on her stomach" without thinking. He immediately did that and I took over from there. She was spent so I didn't waste anytime getting off.
    That was visit #1 from her friend and visit #2 was similar in terms of condom and unprotected sex. He obviously wants to play again and texts her randomly to see if he can make plans to come over again. About a month ago he texted late at night "when are you going to let me cum inside of you?".
    My wife and I have an amazing sex life without anyone else in the bedroom and I never pull out when I'm done. She absolutely loves the feeling and admitted that she kinda wants to facetime me from his apartment one day because it would feel 'naughty'. The idea sounds hot BUT... I think a visit like that would only end one way and I'm not sure I'm ready to have her leave there full of his cum.

    I'm not sure what to do. Even if he just comes by again I think he will cum inside of her sooner than later.

    Thanks for reading I typed way more than expected! I attached a picture taken during this story. Yes its real and is my wife with her 'friend'

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  2. saturn

    saturn Super Moderator Staff Member

    First, make sure he's 100% clean (tests). Second, birth control for her asap and make sure you wait until it is effective before going through with her fantasy. No direct need to tell her friend that she's on it if it helps the fantasy. Unless he asks. Honesty is always important.

    I'm sure you'll love it.
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  3. Mbgdallas

    Mbgdallas Member Founding Member

    Wouldn't let it happen period if your not comfortable with it. Second, would absolutely make sure wife is not a pregnancy risk by whatever method you choose. Third, he would have to prove he is clean, how clean he is, and then be absolutely monogamous with wife.

    Anything else would be a no go. Personally, wouldn't ever do it no matter what.
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  4. waynerobertson

    waynerobertson Well-Known Member

    As a bull my experiences ranges from condoms to bareback. ONLY go bareback with women I KNOW are safe as I am. You 2 or 3 or playing with fire. WEAR the condoms or face the consequences.
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  5. Bekchris78

    Bekchris78 New Member

    Thanks for the advice

  6. bareback sex is really hot!! My wife and love it... She has been having bareback sex for almost 7 years. We select those men we believe they are safe but you need to have a clear understanding about the risks. We had good and bad experiences... There is nothing better than watching the wife being fucked by guy with no condom and then cum inside her. That's the good part... The bad one, I had to tell you my wife got SDT 3 times. We always try to minimize the risks (ask for tests, choose married guys and exclusive lovers, etc...) but sometimes it doesn't work. Fortunately the STDs were mild (7 days of antibiotics was enough) but it could be much more serious than that... So, my advices are: it's really hot, enjoy it but have in mind there is always a risk and be careful!!
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  7. softree

    softree Guest

    My wife got to know her bull very well and he was tested clean. She never takes birth control but at her most fertile time of month she allowed him to ejaculate in her. I was very emotional for me as I was powerless to stop this guy and I was allowed to watch his dick pulsate when he came in her. I couldn't sleep for days until she came on when I was so relieved. I still have to wear a condom to make love to her but she allows him to go natural. She now wants a variety of men to have sex with so at some point she will become pregnant.
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  8. DeannaHouston

    DeannaHouston Well-Known Member

    I very rarely give myself the pleasure of receiving men's cum. Most often condom, then pull out and come on my stomach or breast. I have gotten an STD in 2003 but Jeff and I both got a zpac and like a prior poster it was gone in 7 days. I often think the fear of std's is another way we try to control women and their sexuality. And I am still scared. Getting one, one time, and it being easy to cure didn't resolve the issue for me. And their are still times I want bareback. Jeff(my husband) would want it almost every time. It sounds like you don't. Respect yourself and what you feel comfortable with. You and your wife are a team. You both do this together.
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  9. michael1987

    michael1987 Well-Known Member

    Because my wife's lover is, apart from me, the only lover she has and lives with us and reserves himself sexually exclusively to her, our situation is different from the ones described above. Sex between him and my wife has always been bareback and invariably finishes with him ejaculating in her vagina and never, by her strong preference, into her mouth or onto her body, which ways of the man finishing she finds unnatural and distasteful.

    All three of us are regularly STI-tested and have never once tested positive.

    Major observable advantages to my wife of her lover not using condoms include her enjoyment of the feeling of him freely ejaculating in her, followed by the long-lasting feel-good effect on her mind and emotions which is mediated by the prostaglandins in his semen.

    My professional activities include counselling and advising couples and singles on contraception and STI-prevention. With people involved in any sort of three-way relationship I stress the desirability, on psychological and emotional as much as safety grounds, of limiting the number of extra sexual partners to one. For introductory sex with a new partner who is brought into an established two-some I strongly advise the use of extra-strength condoms in any sort of penetrative sex pending obtaining the results of an initial then monthly testing for STIs for all three participants for at least six months while the relationship ground-rules are laid and properly observed and trust is developed.
  10. michael1987

    michael1987 Well-Known Member

    When it is decided that condom use can safely be given up, in cases where the woman's new lover is not vasectomised I advise her to have an IUD inserted rather than use oral or injectable chemical contraception.

    NB: I am not an online medical advisor. The above two posts of mine are not intended as advice to follow or to influence any choice any forum member or visitor may make concerning their sexual pursuits, but are only intended to express my personal preferences and outline my professional practice.
  11. R156

    R156 Active Member

    In terms of the OP story I agree that you should use some other form of birth control to maintain the kink whilst staying safe with each other.

    In terms of my own relationship Becky and her partners have used condoms for the first two meets before he could prove he was clean. He also has had a vasectomy so there is no risk there plus Becky is on birth control for sex with me
  12. verkitwme

    verkitwme Active Member

    My bull gave us his medical tests to prove he's clean, as I hate condoms.
    Cum is an important part of our sexual fun, I LOVE it, whether in my pussy, on my tits/stomach or in my mouth....of course hubby cleans it all up like a good cuck

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