Real Cuckold Couple w Petite Latina wife needs a Bull

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    Hi guys!

    We are a real Cuck couple, playing occasionally on and off for 6 years now. Shes had 7 lovers, but they just thought I liked to know she was getting fucked. She and I have never had her with a Bull who understands the lifestyle and knows what a Cuckold marriage is. We are in our young 40's but in shape and good looking, tattoos, professional and down to earth.Shes 5'2" 110 lbs very sexy and loves belittling me about her lovers and how they satisfy her. Here's what we are looking for:

    - You must be good looking, preferably over 35, and in shape.
    - You must be hung, at least 7.5 and yes we want a ruler to prove it.
    - You must be intelligent, warm, considerate, and willing to take your time to seduce her via phone and Skype FIRST. We are no longer into quickies, we want something longterm.
    -We need to see face pics of you, and cock pics. Then if she likes you, we will send her pics.
    - She wants to start w a slow, trusting encounter, you need to be willing to wait and not pressure her, like you were dating. (believe me, once you're in, shes a tomcat)
    -No lies! If you lie, or you're married, it's over.
    -You need a sense of humor and kind eyes.
    - We are looking to develop a friendship/relationship w a guy who will eventually be her lover for when the mood strikes, via phone Skype or meeting somehow. We live in the southwest but could travel....but if not, phone and Skype works great too

    If you think this might fit what you are looking for too, e mail me at with a facepic first and we will take it from there!


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