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    From an innocent cuckold, when my wife fucked my father, now i am regular cuckold. She always sleeps one lover, and only after she breaks her relationship, she takes a new lover. Until she started her affair with the present bull, i was always asked to be away. But now the present lover, who is only in his teens, likes me to be there and wife who is almost twice his age, goes with whatever her lover wants, also enjoys fucking without any protection, and making me eat his creampie after their love session

    As she had hoped, and as expected, he is knocked her and is pregnent with his child, He is a muslim boy and wants her converted to islam and marry him and has found a kazi who is ready to do that and give their marriage legal, but will be kept secret.
    I know that Islam allows more than one wife to a man, what i am not sure is can a woman have more than one husband as per islam, because wife does not want to divorce me
    If somebody has any knowledge about this, i request them to provide answers
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    I am not an expert on this subject, but I think you will find that Islam will not accept her having more than one husband. And I may be wrong about it, but I suspect that her lover may not be prepared for her to have two husbands either.

    Good luck, xoxoxo,

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    Hey man... I have many muslim friends and we have talked about the marriage think. NO she can't marry more than one guy. Guys can marry till 4 wifes but wifes only one...
  4. jaggu008

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    What i have been told is that once she concerts herself into Islam and becomes a Muslim, her earlier marriage to a non muslim will automatically annuled. Even though, her earlier marriage is valid in eyes of our civil law
    I dont have any confirmation on this.
    As fot as her lover is concerned, he doesnot mind we living together and providing I support, take care of his children as long as she remains faithful to him and habe bo sex with me
  5. jaggu008

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    how it started

    Re: Your Post
    I am from chennai, south India, actually is the son of previous lover. Parents are divorced and mother has got the custody, with the condition that he will stay with father during the holidays. Mother and son stay in a town which is about 650 Kms away. As he was growing up his willing ness to visit his father started to diminish. Father brought him to our house and requested my wife befriend him so that he will develop a bond and have one more reason to visit him, As she had a long running fantasy od sleeping with a young virgin boy, she readily jumped at it. But she imposed a condition that as long as the boy is in town, father will not be her lover and yje son will be her exclusive lover. Thar was last year. It has worked out well fot all the three of them and son is showing enthusiasm to visit his father at every opartunity and to spend as much time as possible in this town.
    I have already been cuckolded and the lover boy takes pleasure in taunting me about my size, while my wife looks on with an indulgent smile at him .
    It is really hot to see that young quite well developed bull fucking my wife, and i enjoy eating the creampie. Young thick creamy fresh cum tastes great
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    First, let's get clear on something. There's a difference between the law of whatever jurisdiction is involved, and the religious issues. They are not particularly related.

    Islam probably does not acknowledge your marriage to her in the first place, since they didn't perform the wedding.

    Your religious background probably would not accept her Islamic ceremony either. So in one religion's eyes, you're still married to her. In the other religion's eyes, he would be her first husband.

    Don't confuse ANY of that with issues like who signs the tax returns.

    However, you may want to be careful about having a wedding take place between the two of them that a government is asked to recognize. That would be committing bigamy on her part, and it's against the law just about everywhere.

    I'm not talking "The government won't like it." I mean, "Against the law, a crime, and she could go to jail for it."

    Frankly, I think the whole thing is a bad idea.


  7. jaggu008

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    Islam probably does not acknowledge your marriage to her in the first place, since they didn't perform the wedding
    As i understand from Her lover, She is going to be converted to Islam and She will be married with him in a islamic religious wedding. and this will be recognised by Islam. She would have taken a new name like Nilofer, when she gets converted to Islam. Nilofer will be a wedded wife of Jawahar(both names are assumedby me ,and wont be real names), in the Register keep in the Masjid, and I guess a copy of which will be sent to the registrar of marriages.
    It will only say that a wedding cermony was conducted by Kazi XXXXXX...where in Jawahar and Nilofer have agreed to be Husband and Wife in the presences of witnesses YYYY and ZZZZ
    Officially she will be having Her present name and She will be filing her Income tax returns, and the driving licience will remain as it is today. and She wont be seeking any new recognition from the government.
    ("I'm not talking "The government won't like it." I mean, "Against the law, a crime, and she could go to jail for it.")
    To the best of my knowledge, Bigamy is not reconised also not a cognisable offence in India. They can only be prosecuted, if anybody files a case with all the evedince
    All this information is from Her Lover Boy and i dont have any other Muslim friends to verify,. She wants to go through with this to please her lover, and i really dont understand why he is insisting on it
  8. christinebitg

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    First, while she can almost certainly keep whatever name she currently has, that doesn't mean that a government won't TRY to recognize it. ESPECIALLY if her boyfriend decides to go on a goofy tangent and see about making it official himself. You've already said you don't understand why he's insisting on it. I suspect he has ulterior motives -- things in mind that he hasn't told either or your wife about.

    Secondly, while I have no idea what you mean by a "cognizable offence," if anyone, and I do mean ANYONE, takes offense to the arrangement, she is in big trouble. It is illegal in India for Hindus. While it is legal for Muslims, it is not at all prevalent (5.7% according to Wikipedia). And if some of his relatives (OR HERS) decide that they want to make trouble, all you need is for one of them to claim that she has not legally converted (even if she HAS) to start raising a stink about it.

    You don't need one of them to file "all the evidence." All you need is for one of them to file a credible complaint. Trust me, the authorities will take it seriously, especially if they have an issue with a Hindu converting to Islam. You don't think that's a issue there? I do. Particularly in light of her keeping her previous name for legal purposes.

    As for not having any Muslim friends to verify it with, do you have an internet connection? Seriously, do your own research.

    But wait, it gets worse. We're not talking a Muslim man having two wives. We're talking about a woman having more than one husband. If you want to see religion at its worst, look at THAT issue. I would be very surprised if Islam is willing to accept that.

    I seriously think it's a bad idea.


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  9. jaggu008

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    Thanks christine
    REgarding his motives, i dont think it is anything bas. Actually since his mother had migrated and taken american citizebship and later he gas also been made an American citizen. and he holding american passpirt and not an Indaian
    As for otherthings you mentioned, i will do some checking, but not vecause i anticipate ant problems but just for mt knowledge
  10. jaggu008

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    Hi christin AS you suggested i did some searching on net, and the information i got is polyandry is forbidden in Islam. I did mention that to Her LoverBoy, He said IT is correct, but She is not practicing polyandry at all by marrying Him after Her conversion. His reasoning is, when she gives up Her religion, She is not only giving up her religion, everything connected with it, i,e. the Hindu name, and Her Hindu husband,since that marriages is not recognised by Islam. If necessary and if the Moulvi she can obtain a divorce as per Islamic practice through the Moulvi and filing for a civil divorce is not necessary, As she wont be having sex with me any more, she is not commiting adultry which is "Haram or sin".
    Anyway Wife has not agreed yet and has told him, She will consider it, Frankly, I have very little say in this matter, i can only suggest but the decision will be taken by them
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    I know that Islam allows more than one wife to a man, what i am not sure is can a woman have more than one husband as per islam, because wife does not want to divorce me
    If somebody has any knowledge about this, i request them to provide answers
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    Hello no Islam do no permit a woman to have multiple husband, that I'm 100% sure but as others post says since you wedding is not religious Islam consider it as void, so in Islam you are not married...
  13. jaggu008

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    Yes you are correct. After she gets converted, her earlier wedding is held void. But Umama said since she might have slept with sombody else, even though she is not married, she gas to wait for 4 monts and one day to be eligible to get married. This is authentic information from a Muslom Scholar. After getting this information, The boy has asked my wife to satay from me and has forbidden any body contact, let alone sexual contact, and He has instructed he to go on pills,since he is going to continue fucking her. and He doesnot want to greed her before marriage
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    Hi jaggu, I know I'm too late to jump aboard this thread, but I'd really like to know what happened with you guys finally? Did your wife marry him afterall or not?

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