Pregnancy Risk Cuckolding/Swinging

Discussion in 'Controversial Issues' started by ThePostman, Nov 4, 2008.

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    Has she considered taking a hormone supplement ? (clomiphene citrate) has one of the best pregnancy success rates. Good luck
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    We have not looked into hormone supplements yet, but thanks for the info we will look into it if it doesn't happen after she tries for awhile.
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    Audrey and I have a daughter whose bio dad is the husband of a couple living nearby, with whom she lived as a third for two years during which time they got married. I had a vasectomy 15 years ago that proved irreversible. The sex wasn't sex, it was something where all four of us were there almost everytime, me kissing Audry as she came and he was pumping cum in her, his wife putting a pillow under her hips afterwards. His wife and I having sex for our satisfaction so he could conserve his sperm and I wouldn't disturb what was deposited.
    It hasn't been a big deal; plenty of guys are adoptive parents where the child isn't related to either of them, and using a sperm donor is not uncommon. Both of those alternatives are a lot more trouble, expense and paperwork. And despite the downsides, most women want to bear a child.
    We chose this couple because they are the most level-headed and genuinely love Audrey. Both the husband and wife were flattered we asked them. (They have two children of their own.) In reality, this discussion doesn't belong here because the creation of our daughter wasn't cuckolding, hotwifing or swinging, it was a celebration of life.
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    Would you mind sharing that video? Would love to see!
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    did they make a baby?

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