Pregnancy Risk Cuckolding/Swinging

Discussion in 'Controversial Issues' started by ThePostman, Nov 4, 2008.

  1. Philly_Bull

    Philly_Bull New Member

    Very interesting post. As a bull, it's been a fantasy of mine to impregnate a hot wife, but never something I've tried for real. The couple I'm with now has this fantasy, but we only roleplay. Wife will beg me for me sperm, and I always cum deep in her, but she is on birth control.

    It's definitely a turn-on, but a serious thing to attempt. I've had people online - people I don't know - ask me to "do it tonight!" If I ever do pregnancy-risk for real I want to have a serious, non-fetish conversation with a smart, trust-worthy couple, and make sure that we know exactly what we're getting into - def don't want someone changing their mind once you go down that road.
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  2. banzai

    banzai Member

    My wife has had her tubes tied, so we don't have to worry one bit about the danger of pregnancy. This has led to her total and complete enjoyment of bareback sex with her bulls. Every once in a while she'll try a new partner and she really gets off on the thought that, once he's balls deep in her pussy, that he'll let go with all of his sperm deep inside her and actually risking it. The 'play' is very alluring due to the taboo of it, but the 'reality' should be very different and not to be trifled with.
  3. clifford45

    clifford45 New Member

    My wife never uses protection and is unable to get pregnant anyway. But that dont stop her from saying things like she wished her boyfriend would make her pregnant to excite me.
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  4. gatorrdw

    gatorrdw Well-Known Member

    My wife became pregnant 3 times over the years. The first time was to her boss where she was working at the time-she was 23 at the time, the 2nd time was to a black man that she was with on a regular basis when she was 28 and the 3rd time was my "freak of nature" hung like a horse boss when she was 33. She hated condoms and basically wanted to feel her men fill her pussy with cum. Unfortunately she miscarried all three times before she reached 3 months. The interesting thing was that all three of the men were very disappointed that she wasn't able to carry to full term.
    We had talked about her becoming pregnant a lot of time over the years and neither she or I cared if she got pregnant, we had decided that we would raise them just like our son. GTR
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  5. hwhub

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    My wife got pregnant when she was 44. She's 47 now and we have a little one running around in our house. At the time she was fucking me and her sister's husband. I wasn't the lucky guy who planted the seed.

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  6. denvercouple71

    denvercouple71 Active Member

    My wife loves bareback. I also love to see her lovers fucking her bareback. Being insiminate by other men really turns us (my wife and I) on. Howerver, we both believe we couldn't handle a children from other man, mainly because of the kid and possible impacts in his/her life (we both are blond but her lovers are only BBCs). Because of that, she always takes her pills. No condoms but pills.
  7. spmartini

    spmartini New Member

    When I was in my early twenties I was asked by a couple that I was intimate with to be a "sperm donor". I had met them a year earlier through a friend and they were heavily into the lifestyle. Both were in their early 30's and he was basically impotent and was rather submissive. She wanted a kid and broached the subject to me and at first i thought it was just a fantasy but as she spoke it became apparent she was serious about it.

    We had been having sex for months prior to their asking me and we discussed it in detail. I was very up front with the fact that i was not interested in children and they made it clear that I would have no responsibility and that the child would never know. The reason I was chosen was the fact that i possessed similar features and looks of the husband including hair and eye color. She told me to not have sex or even jack off for a week in an effort to build up a good count.

    I went to thier home on a Saturday afternoon and proceeded to fuck her two times in a three hour period. I screwed that woman on their living room couch in every position, the whole time with him watching while he was enjoying a scotch. After about an hour of fucking and foreplay I put my first load inside her and I thought my balls turned inside out. I can remember looking down at her hairy pussy and it was just glistening. We took a break and had a smoke and a drink and then got back to it with me putting a second load inside her in the missionary position with her husband sitting behind us so he sould watch my balls slap her ass. They told me two weeks later she was pregnant and now 21 years later thier son has never found out and they have never uttered a word. I have met him and he is non the wiser that I was the father.

    I have to say that i have no remorse at all as the kid has had a good life and was raised properly. As I matured and my wife and I started in the lifestyle I watched several people (friends) cum inside here however she was always on the pill as kids did not fit into our plan. My point is if you are going to go down this road you have to have a good plan and a good understanding by all parties involved as to what the final outcome will be.
  8. takeoff

    takeoff Well-Known Member

    My wife hates condoms. She takes the pill so she can enjoy bareback sex with her bull.
  9. Rob Y

    Rob Y Guest

    Very true. Having a good plan and an understanding by all as to the final outcome will make things a whole lot easier. My wife conceived and gave birth twice by different lovers over the course of our marriage. The first time happened when we were young and hadn’t been married long at all. She was seeing an old boyfriend and it was more or less an accident. We weren’t really ready for a child, but we plunged into preparing for parenthood. It all came a lot more naturally than I thought it would.

    The second time was about a decade later. She got really hung up on a long term boyfriend. I noticed she’d stopped taking her birth control pills and hadn’t refilled the prescription. I confronted her, and she said straight out that she was determined to have his baby. She said this was something nobody was going to talk her out of. I decided to get on board with it. I was already afraid of losing her to this guy, but I felt sure I’d lose her if I tried to put a stop to something she wanted this much.

    Neither of the bio fathers wanted any part of our sons’ lives. The second lover’s attitude especially bothered my wife. She knew he was married and never expected anything from him, but not long after she started showing, he and his wife left the area. He said nothing to my wife, just took off. He never answered her calls or emails, and she’s never heard from him since. She was so pissed I was afraid she might miscarry. I was ambivalent myself. On the one hand, I was secretly glad he was no longer a threat to my marriage, but on the other hand, I wanted to beat his head in for hurting my wife like that.

    The way things turned out, I’m glad we're able to raise the kids by ourselves. I liked not having to worry about possible custody issues or sharing their affection with another father or “uncle.†I think I’ve been a pretty good father and my wife has been a loving mother. At the same time, I wonder how it would have been if we could have had a mature relationship with the fathers. I think I would have been ok with it, as long as we all agreed to and understood the boundaries.
  10. murph's

    murph's Member

    My wife only has bareback sex. Once in a while with a new partner she will use a condom but within a week or even that night he has let go of his cum deep inside my wife's womb. She was on the pill for most of her life but as soon as she would have a serious relationship with a bull she would find a reason to go off. Her last serious relationship lasted about 5 years. She was on the pill for 2 year. Went on anti-biotics for a month, which decreases the affect of birth control and then decided to go off all together for a while. I found out later that she was sleeping with him about 5 times a week, and during that time I would pull out because I liked the thought of only his cum in her - not realizing she went off the pill for a bit. Nothing ever happened but knowing about the risk then gives me a raging boner now.

    We even used to play with it that every time she was the most fertile- even with the pill - she would deny my cum and get filled by her boyfriend.

    She has had her tubes tied now so she fucks anyone she knows is safe bareback. They don't know she cant get pregnant and love dumping their semen into her thinking they are claiming her pussy and womb........

    love the bareback risk!
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  11. rfresco

    rfresco Active Member

    Hi, Excellent Topic!
    We think that everyone engaged in either swinging or sharing has thought about this issue at one time or another. Consider that everything is being done; the wife is allowing another man to mount, and most times, inseminate her. Take the barrier or chemical protection away from the act and you have one thing; breeding.
    Some folks want to carry it to reality, but we believe that they are in the distinct minority. We believe that most folks are like us, a major role-play factor – something to spice up an already exciting activity.
    While I shoot blanks (never produced enough sperm, not through vasectomy) my wife is on the pill – specifically due to this lifestyle. Nonetheless, until she really gets to know her playmate very, very well, she insists upon condoms. The decision to allow him to have her bare rests solely with her.
    However, when she does decide to allow him to have her bare, she will frequently say something to the effect of “I’m going to allow myself to be bred tonight” We both know it can’t happen (due to her being on the pill) but it does make it extra special for the both of us.
    That being said, we would never, ever consider allowing her to go off the pill, then subsequently allow another male to have her. Wouldn’t be fair to the child, even (in our opinion) if he/she was kept in the dark as to who the true biological father was. Everyone should know who they are, and this includes knowing your genetics.
    If people disagree with this position, that’s their opinion and decision. While we embrace ‘the game’ we would never actually engage in reality.
    Again, excellent topic!
    R n T
  12. @hwhub
    I'm curious, how do you know for sure?
    Did you get a paternity test or is it obvious for racial reasons?
    Just wondering.
  13. The vast majority of the sex I've had is bareback, no protection, no birth control, and I've actually conceived a few times. Never kept them, though. I hate condoms, always have and always will.
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  14. mslacouple4fun2

    mslacouple4fun2 New Member

    MY ex and I decided that our second child would be by one of her bulls instead of me. She love the idea of having pregnancy risk sex with them all the time. So she was very fertile and would take her bulls sperm as much as possible.she had two bulls at the time and they had full access to her anytime. She made sure they always came deep inside her and would not let me clean her until there sperm had been inside her for a while.we both we're very excited for her to be impregnated but someone else other than me. Both bulls had very good medical history and were very potent. She let me still cum in her ass but the couple of times she let me in her pussy I had to wear a condom. she wanted to make sure I had no chance of getting her didn't take long and we're not sure which one actually impregnated her but she continued offering herself to them and a few others all the way up until she gave birth. She even let one of them be the first one inside her after she was healed and let him fill her well she was still very fertile and off birth control she made me wait 3 months after giving birth before she let me in her. We were both very happy with our decision and I love both kids equally and I would do it all over again.she was actively trying to have their baby and even was getting seeded in our bed very often well I was at work or I would come home to find them and hear them going at it. Or I would have to watch while they tried to make a baby. they would even be trying to make a baby well I was trying to sleep in the same bed. And she loved to be very vocal about wanting their baby and begging them to impregnate her and give her a bull baby. And she loved reminding me of that all the time and still does was absolutely amazing to be part of that and witness her and her two bulls mating with her and wanting to plant their seed in her womband she made sure they did every time and would even make me provide her with an extra orgasm afterward to ensure that her womb soaked up all their potent was truly a gratifying experience and I would love to find another woman I could do that with. Even though my ex and I didn't last it wasn't because of that.I would definitely recommend that you are into it a hundred and fifty percent but if you decide to it is absolutely amazing and I feel no different about either kid. They are both min
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  15. Kansascuck

    Kansascuck New Member

    hi all,
    I can relate to this topic as my wife has recently told me that she wants to carry her co-workers baby. And has told me she thinks it best I either jackoff or use a condom until after his baby starts growing in her.... I luv her so much she is SO fucking Hott!
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  16. Dantheman

    Dantheman Active Member

    Kansas: How old is your wife? Is her co-worker white or black?

    BRAVEHRT Member

    My wife Wendy has declared she wants a friend of mine to come inside her (bareback). This is based on two things:
    1. She wanked Steve off in his car and can't forget how powerfully he came, and the volume of cum "flooding her hand"
    2. Steve's wife has described to Wendy how wonderful it feels to have Steve's very long dick inside her, reaching the end of her, and feeling his cum pulse inside her, "filling her up".

    Wendy is not on birth control - it makes her ill - so we always use protection.

    I'm not sure how she thinks this is going to work - neither of us want another baby. But she is sure she wants to experience what Elaine described - "the sheer pleasure of feeling Steve's cum shoot inside her, pressuring the end of her and filling her up". She seems quite besotted by the idea.

    I guess I need to talk some sense into her and get her to start thinking with her head.
  18. Kansascuck

    Kansascuck New Member

    She is 43 so we know the odds are against us but she has always been very fertile, he is white also.
  19. mrsmr

    mrsmr Member

    Sounds like she'll be thinking with his head :)
  20. Kansascuck

    Kansascuck New Member

    Tonight my wife plans on having sex with her co-worker, she has stated her intent is to get pregnant by him and intends to keep having sex with him until that happens. This is the first time she will have new cock in almost 20 years... I hope he is everything I can't be. I feel so lucky she said she may allow me to take care of myself with her panties on nights she has been with him!
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