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  1. ThePostman

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    I am interested in hearing about the experiences of others who have "Crossed that line" and engaged bareback sex without the use of artificial birth control in the context of a Cuckolding/ Swinging relationship.

    I have done this knowingly on one occaision with a Married Couple where the wife was in her late thirties, not in the "fertile period" of her cycle and the three of us being fully aware and willing. The foreplay was very hot with her husband and I going down on her and she was extremely responsive. When it was time for the "main event" she pulled me up to her face and kissed me, then reached down and positioned me at the mouth of her womanhood upon which I just slid into her until balls deep as she and her husband both sighed. We went at it for about fifteen or twenty minutes and she came repeatedly. I was very excited and was biting my lip holding back for her pleasure and the fear of getting her pregnant. She could tell I was apprehensive about this. She was panting in excitment and could tell I was getting close to cumming, then finally she grabbed my ass and lower back and pulled me into her while lifting her legs upward and screamed "Cum in me!" and "Do it!" With that I lost it, held her tight, kissed her and came in her feeling my cum jet into her for six or seven spurts. We were as one, locked in each others arms, our loins joined as if glued together and remained joined together for atleast ten to fifteen minutes afterward until my cock shrank from her.

    Pulling away it was readily apparent we had sex as our love juices were copiously flowing from her pussy. Her husband sighed heavily upon the sight of Lorraines pussy flowing with our love juices as she looked upon us her eyes twinkling with satisfaction. She grabbed his hand and pulled him down toward her. They kissed and she moaned repeatedly as he enjoyed her creampie.

    We did it once more that evening and the second time I was less apprehensive. While Lorraine had forgot her diaphram that night I have to say it was the hottest. most erotic, most enjoyable nights of my life.

    While I was a little nervous for the next three weeks I was relieved when Lorraine and Tom called to say that Aunt Flo was visiting her once again.

    Did you find that the sex was hotter? What were the circumstances involved or did things just happen spontaneously? Did anyone end up creating "family ties" as a result?:rolleyes:
  2. bjnme

    bjnme New Member

    Hi Postman, wow, your story really excited me! Yeah the sex is DEFINITELY hotter when the "other man" is fucking her bareback and she is potentially fertile because of the pregnancy risk. We try not to use condoms for anything but anal sex, and when he cums in her we ALL really peak in a different way at that point. I would really like to find men who would be willing to impregnate her, anonymously, so they don't have to worry about paternity.... it's an amazing feeling. I have no problem raising kids no matter who's they are... already raised a few step kids and now step grandkids, I love 'em fine!

    Now I will tell you and let you off the hook, my wife has had her tubes tied for a bunch of years already, and there is no pregnancy risk.... but I really want to roleplay it, she too... she would love nothing better than to get pregnant again and have another baby, and wouldn't it be great if she could select a 'superior genetic specimen' for breeding! No worries about the raising, I'm a real good dad!
  3. lakescouple

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    Pregnancy Wish

    My wife is 20 years younger than me and was approaching her 40th birthday. Her biological clock was ticking and she never fell pregnant throughout the five years we were married. We both assumed the problem was mine and discussed allowing her lover to try to get her pregnant. After some frank and open discussions with him he agreed.

    Let me tell you, its pretty exciting having a wife who openly has a lover but when you know she is actually trying to get pregnant with him, that blew my mind. In the end she unfortunately didn't fall pregnant despite his best efforts and we both went and had medical checks. It turned out she had a problem with her ovarian tubes so she could never get pregnant. We resorted to using IVF, which was successful on the first try. During the initial stages my wife asked the medical staff if she could choose to have her boyfriend's sperm used but they were totally adamant that only the husband's could be used.

    How would I have really felt if he had got her pregnant? I have no idea but I suspect that having a baby with a man could have created a bond that would have been so strong that it may have put pressure on our relationship, especially as it was agreed that I would bring up the child but her lover would also be very much involved. In the end we never had to go through that test but the thought of it is still very powerful.
  4. HammerHeart

    HammerHeart Member

    In my opinion, this topic requires it's own section.

    As a fantasy among cucks, it ranks at the top, and for some cucks, (whether they know it for certain or not) it is a very real possibility in this lifestyle. Yes, you can take precautions, and if you are absolute about them, the chance is rather small that the hotwife would become pregnant. However, in my experience, life just isn't that nice and neat all the time. Things can and do go awry sometimes.

    It is far better for all concerned that the possibility be discussed before hand. For many women, there needs to be an attraction beyond just the sexual, in order to maintain a boyfriend/lover outside the marriage, and this can lead to something that neither the hotwife or cuck was truly prepared for.

    Please consider giving this subject it's own category.
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  5. midwesthornywife

    midwesthornywife New Member

    Hi everyone,

    This is a great group. I feel very safe looking at the stories and posting here. Good to see more guys here that have the same desires and that it's a normal dream for many other husbands/cucks.

    We're a married couple with 3 kids, all mine. However, I want the next child to be from another man. The thought of another man inside of my wife without any protection when she's ovulating's a huge turn-on. I get excited every time I think about it.

    She's 5'8", fair skinned, in good shape, 36C, blue eyes, light brown hair and a nice ***. All of our kids are smart, pretty like their mom and so she has great genes. Thankfully, she's very liberal and so is open about sex and unique sexual activities. However, she's totally straight and just can't have enough sex with men.

    Even if the guy shoots his seed on her labia and then used his penis to spread it around and push it back inside of her.

    We live in the upper Midwest and plan to breed our next child we plan to have next summer or fall. Any advice you can give me/us would be greatly appreciated.

    I can't wait to see my wife's belly swell with another man's child, who we will raise as our own and I will be listed as the father on the birth certificate. I want to taste and smell as the pregnancy progresses.

    My ideal guy for her to mate with is a much older man, assertive, aggressive, dom, tall, large build and a huge cut or uncut.

    Thanks for reading and I hope to hear from you soon.

  6. christinebitg

    christinebitg Well-Known Member

    I would say go for it, BUT... you have to make sure you take that potential child's interests into account. There's nothing wrong with your desires.

    But when it comes to not telling the kid, you'll have to think seriously about informing that child later on, perhaps at the point where he or she is reaching maturity. There are lots of genetic issues in which it's worthwhile to know the medical history of the biological parent.

    That doesn't mean it doesn't happen. Of course it does, it happens every day. We've learned especially in the last few years that there are a lot of kids being born every day whose mothers cheated and let everyone think that the husband was the kid's father.

    I have a friend who as an adult learned that her step-father was her biological father. There were a lot of reasons for it, and she came out of it just fine. But it was handled carefully by her mother. I hope that you'll consider the issues for that child thoughtfully.

    And good luck! I hope it works out well for everyone involved. :)


  7. ariescuck

    ariescuck New Member

    Christine sums up my situation perfectly. During a 20 year fully committed cuckold marriage my wife has been bull bred 4 times. The first was actually conceived 3 months before our marriage. On her instructions and on my willingness to always obey and please her I was vasectomised a year before. In fact it was a condition of me marrying her. Each pregnancy was thought out carefully and always with the childs welfare paramount. The oldest is now 20 and the youngest is nearly 2. I have been "daddy" to them all but father obviously to none. I will admit that it was a very difficult situation when the last was born as her then lover was black and she gave birth to a black child but this was as planned. Nevertheless we overcame that problem with the help of fortunate circumstances involving "our" eldest daughter.
    However I must emphasise that I'm a 100% totally committed cuck and live the lifestyle to the full. To me the ultimate humiliation was when my wife told me she wanted another mans child. Helping her with an ovulation chart to ascertain her most fertile time. Preparing our marital bed for her and her lover to fuck bareback and hopefully receive his seed into her ripe womb. Usually took three or four attempts until she conceived. I can't sufficiently express the ultimate thrill of seeing my wifes' belly stretch and swell with another mans baby inside her and the actual birth.
    It has been a tremendous thrilling experience taken beyond the realms of fantasy into total reality. It works very well for us but always with the welfare and love for "our" children coming first.
  8. This is the same as marrying a woman who was previous married, has kids, except, you are enjoying all the time together from the begining. Acceptance is the same.
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  9. Rob Y

    Rob Y Guest

    Yes, essentially I agree. My wife and I had two boys, neither fathered by me. I am raising them as my own and feel as close to them as if they were. Only occasionally do I think about the fact that they aren't mine. You just sort of fall into the parenting routine instinctively, at least I did. But yeah, everyone needs to do some soul searching beforehand. I knew before I married my wife that this might happen (she's the hotwife type if any woman ever was), and I was ready as I could be for something like that.

    One of our kids is still at home, the other is in college. They don't look like me (they're not biracial, but they have very different hair and skin tone from mine). We tend to keep the truth to ourselves, but once when one of our sons had a minor health problem, our physician was interested in the family health history, and assumed I was the bio father. My wife said, "Oh, no, no, he's not the father" as if nothing were more ludicrous than my being a stud. Pretty humiliating, but that's my wife for you!
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  10. christinebitg

    christinebitg Well-Known Member

    The physician probably just assumed that the kid was from a prior marriage.

    I was on the other side of the issue some years ago, when people would assume that my step-daughter was my biological child, because she looked a lot like me.


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  11. Rob Y

    Rob Y Guest

    Yeah, he probably did think that, lucky for me. Ha, I could feel my face turning red though when she said it.

    Generally I haven't had a lot of overt humiliation except maybe from her parents. They strongly suspect the kids aren't mine, and look at me with pity and a little contempt for not doing something about her lifestyle. They don't understand cuckolding and wouldn't approve. But we've had a great two decades of marriage, and we're just getting started I hope.
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  12. FamLover37

    FamLover37 New Member

    Are there any "get me pregnant" movies of these couples' experiences?
  13. Hotandspiffy

    Hotandspiffy New Member

    I have one of my gf. He unloads a lot, her first bareback.

    I actually love seeing her on camera if I'm not there. But we keep our videos very private, even when we swing, we never ever share stuff. Its a trust thing between all parties.
  14. Mickle

    Mickle New Member Founding Member

    My wife conceived twice after casual pick ups, once at a music concert with crew, the other time after birthday party at a club.
  15. Hotandspiffy

    Hotandspiffy New Member

    I'm curious did you guys end up keeping them? As for us we agreed that when we are planning on conceiving we stop all extra marital fun for weeks a head to make sure its ours, mostly her idea but I strongly agree. If its a surprise and we are not sure we are leaning towards plan B or abortion, once again mostly her idea and again I strongly agree. (p.s. this is our opinion please respect it as for everyone has an opinion and we respect yours, please no abortion debates)
  16. christinebitg

    christinebitg Well-Known Member

    I agree with you and also believe that it's best for the child. (I suspect you feel the same way.)


  17. worshipu9

    worshipu9 New Member

    There is something so erotic for me about my wife fucking her Bfs bareback and the risk factor.
    We have been down this road on 3 occasions and each time it was better than the last, especially as all her lovers were Black.
  18. christinebitg

    christinebitg Well-Known Member


    I've said it before, and I'll say it again. And it probably won't be the last time I do.

    Please do not play dice with the conception of a child. That child is not a toy, it's a human being.

  19. crazyinvt

    crazyinvt Active Member

    My wife has never used protection during sex no matter who her partner is. She just turned 57 and has only been pregnant once in her life, 1977 when she was 20 and single, (thus my step-daughter). Over the years many, many, many different men have had there cocks in her and ridden her bareback. We have been very lucky.
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  20. learningabout it

    learningabout it New Member

    This is a topic that will always be associated with this lifestyle; I imagine in particular because many Bull's identify with a sense of virility which from a biological perspective is demonstrated through impregnating a woman; creampies are symbolic of this.

    I think however, doing it for real takes much consideration as adults, in a purely non-fetishist dialogue with all parties. I identify with this, my own situation is such that we're both getting older and my wife is at a point where she has a real desire for children, but I've been tested as having a lower sperm count. I've always sort of skirted the periphery of the whole cuckold thing but since learning of this, my inner cuckold tendencies have once again bloomed inside me, simply through a sense of inadequacy in my ability to efficiently impregnate my wife.

    So does that mean I want her impregnated by a Bull? I know I get aroused at the thought, but my id-brain aside, it really is a decision to be considered with due gravity, and not considered lightly. I hope you get the desired results, whatever your process.

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