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    I’d like to start a discussion amongst wife-watchers about what positions they find most erotic
    for watching one’s wife being fucked by her lover.

    For me there are three, any one of which of itself quite unpredictably on different occasions can
    be the most mind-and-body-blowing of them all for me as the watching husband.

    Here they are:

    1. The Missionary Position.

    This is so natural and powerful, with the woman submitting so openly to the male but being very
    free with her limb and pelvic movements to express her responses to him at all stages of fucking.

    If her lover’s thighs are not widely parted, then I have to imagine the penetrating and the thrusting of the
    cock into my wife. With my imagination being so fertile, my “reading” of the beautifully varied
    gential inter-thrustings of the lovers from their sighings and exclamations and non-genital
    body responses right through to the female and male orgasms can be erotic in the extreme, making
    for the watching husband a highly creative cuck adventure indeed.

    Usually my wife’s lover, when he picks up the pace and wants to free his hips and waist more
    for his pelvic thrusting in his buildup in the Missionary position, moves into a half-kneeling
    position and instinctively resets his thighs well apart and cocks his bum upwards and
    backwards more during his thrusting so that the genital focus of the fucking is cruelly bared from
    then on right through to ejaculation, female orgasmic cuntclenchings, back-spillage of semen, and eventual cock withdrawal and disengagement of the lover's bodies.

    2. The 69-ing Husband Inferior (69HI) Position

    This is self explanatory and definitely NOT a position for a husband who is even slightly
    faint-hearted emotionally or medically !

    In the 69HI position the very closeup spectacle of the inter-thrusting genitals is of course
    inescapably dramatic and can sometimes be erotically completely overwhelming of the
    husband’s supercharged senses of sight, touch and scent---not to leave out hearing.

    It is also potentially the most physically traumatic position for the husband whose head and neck
    can be inadvertently painfully and even damagingly rammed by the pelvic and thigh movements
    of the lover, especially during the uncontrolled reflex thrustings which accompany male orgasm.
    In the 69HI position there is no back-out route available for the husband once his wife's
    lover has reached the point of no return and sometimes not before that either, depending on
    how determined the lover is in his drive to final satisfaction. As well, the urging contractions and
    finally the often powerful orgasmic clenchings of the wife's thighs on the husband's neck or head are as much a
    hazard to him as the finishing thrustings of her lover's cock and hips and pelvis.

    In the 69HI position, should the lover be barebacking the wife the husband also risks receiving spurts and/or rivulets of the lover’s semen in his eyes and nose and mouth (depending on the degree of their openness) even before the cock is withdrawn from the vagina after ejaculation. But, those hazards or desired advantages notwithstanding, this position is the scenic and submissive route par excellence and an experience definitely not to be forgone in my view---provided one has the nerve and stomach and strength of tongue for it.
  2. michael1987

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    3. The One Thigh Updrawn (OTU) Position

    This is a variation of the Missionary Position and comes about usually after the lover has
    penetrated the wife while she is on her back and his body is over hers and longitudinally and
    symmetrically aligned with hers; that is while his knees (or feet) are firmly planted or dug in
    about opposite one another on the bottom sheet to steady himself to very directly penetrate the
    woman. When the Missionary Position for initial penetration is used by very determined younger men they often, after drawing the woman down the bed, plant their feet against the foot-board to get a better
    purchase, especially for the forceful thrusting they want or may be called upon to execute.

    After full or partial penetration of the woman in the Missionary position, the OTU position is
    achieved simply (no Kama Sutra contortions needed) by the lover by his flexing one--and only
    one--of his thighs to an angle of considerably less that 60 degrees to his lower torso and pelvis,
    so that the calf of that leg folds up against the back of his thigh. The lover then glides his knee up
    to a new position beside the wife’s bum or waist or lower back, depending on the amount of
    male thigh rise up onto her bum or waist that he wants to exercise in the fuck.

    The OTU is a position which some especially exhibitionistic lovers adopt spontaneously to
    pleasure a voyeur husband, but it confers so many advantages control-wise and erotically for the lover over the woman that in fucking her he will often automatically adopt it simply to enhance his own arousal and pleasure.

    In this position the lover's up-drawn knee quite often ends up in the woman's armpit. Even
    without this his thrusting into her is able to be executed very freely indeed, especially if he uses
    the knee of his opposite leg on which to to pivot his hips and lower body.

    The advantage of the OTU position---for watching from same side as the lover’s up-drawn thigh---is that
    the lover’s erection is exposed to the husband’s gaze throughout it’s entire length continuously from
    its helmet, then along its shaft to the ball-sac and all the way back to its muscular
    pump-bulge just forward of its owner's arsehole.

    Obviously the cleaving of one’s wife’s love-lips by the lover’s erection is maintained on full display throughout all phases of the lover's thrusting in this position. In the early stages, when his testicles are still hanging low, the long curve of his cock forward from his pump-bulge right through to his cock-shaft and cock-head is completely exposed. It’s twin erectile rods and thick central underbelly and snakey wreathing veins etc are all bared in gross detail in this position, and the lap and glide of the wife’s sex-lips and vaginal rim along the cock during thrusting are able to be very easily and continuously observed as well.

    In the early stages of the fuck, before the lover’s balls draw pre-orgasmically tightly up against
    the underside of his cock-root, the pendular back and forth swing of them in his ball-bag can be very erotic and amazingly hypnotic at the same time, inviting them to be cupped by the husband's hand or appreciatively caressed by the wife exploring fingers. Or both.

    Finally, with a younger lover the drawing up of his balls into his groins during his orgasm once
    again exposes uninterruptedly the whole length of his erection, which even if “fully” inthrust into
    the wife during his “custard stroke” has, in the OTU position, it’s root and pump-bulge
    still so widely bared beneath his updrawn thigh that it can still be easily viewed by the husband as it
    finally expands and throbs at male orgasm, right through to the last of its ejaculatory jerkings.
    Obviously, the “answering” orgasmic clenchings of the wife’s vaginal opening and pelvic floor on
    and around the shaft of her lover’s erection are also grossly displayed in this position.

    Because in the OTU position the husband's viewing of the lover's erection is side-on
    and not end on from the rear, the final propulsings of the seminal spurts through the underbelly of the cock and into one's wife are also very easily seen, usually better than from any other point of view for the husband, including the 69-HI position.

    The semen spurtings manifest visibly as distinct individual expansions and throbbings generated by the lover's pump-bulge then propulsed forward through the under-belly of the ejaculating cock in rapid sequence immediately following upon the first orgasmic groan or cry and the final stiffening of the lover's body which herald his ejaculating. Depending somewhat on whether the wife is orgasming with her lover and her vagina consequently clenching on his cock, the spurts are often held up momentarily by the lower edge of the stretched rim of the wife's vaginal opening where, meeting the resistance of it which
    they easily overcome, the spurts bulge momentarily more visibly in the underbelly of the cock before surmounting the rim to be delivered into the sheath and depths of the vagina. Very obviously to the watching husband, each spurt is followed in somewhat less than a second by the next one already pre-generating in her lover's pump-bulge at the time the wife experiences the impact of the preceding one in the back of her vagina.

    The OTU position has the other advantage that the lover can, at any time he wants to, freely
    employ the front of his up-drawn thigh to drive further upwards and backwards the wife’s thigh
    which (if her legs are not wrapped around his waist) is resting against his, and so “splay” her
    even more widely in the fucking position and spectacularly enhance the husband’s viewing of the
    inter-thrusting genitals.

    The OTU position is the only position which gives the husband wide-open and trauma free access for his mouth, tongue, nose and whole face to his wife’s vaginal opening and clitoris during penetration and thrusting by her lover’s cock. The position also leaves both of the husband’s hands and the wife’s open-side hand free to explore and caress her body and that of her lover during their lovemaking. With the whole archway between the lover’s thighs and butt-cheeks being so wide open, either the husband or the wife can very easily reach back and slip a finger into the bum of her lover to caress his prostate and even his now bulging seminal
    vesicles if he desires and asks for that as a powerfully stimulatory extra at any time before he orgasms.

    With my wife and her young lover, long as they often do maintain the OTU position to enhance
    my pleasure at watching them fuck, her lover as he is climbing to orgasm almost always
    re-extends his updrawn thigh to align it with his other kneeling or outstretched one so that he can
    ejaculate during a long-held maximally deep and forceful inthrust into my wife---his
    much preferred mode of finishing and one which the OTU position obviously somewhat
    inhibits if it is maintained by her lover as he orgasms.

    However, in whatever position he finishes, my wife's present lover invariably orgasms in her with
    his thighs set well apart. So I always get to see the ejaculatory contractions of his cock and my
    wife’s vaginal rim clenching in response on it shaft and root. I swear, shamelessly, that those 20
    to 30 or more seconds during which the body and genitals of the young lover of my wife
    convulse so beautifully in orgasm with her are the most devastating, but also the most erotically
    satisfying, seconds of my entire sexual life. As I hope they become for all of my devoted and
    brotherly wife-loving cucks out there too.
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  3. obedientcuck

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    My absolute favorite position is the Bull standing as he holds my wife up by her butt with her legs wrapped around his waist. When he's getting ready to fuck her this way, he orders me to kneel on the floor and alternate between giving him a rim job and licking his balls. i enjoy both, but when i crane my neck back under him to lick his balls, my wife's butt cleavage jiggles on my forehead each time he lowers her. That feels so tantalizing.

    It's so powerful symbolically - he's elevating my wife high above me, beyond my reach. She absolutely loves it and loves knowing how awestruck i feel when he's fucking her that way.
  4. Clucky hubby

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    The 69er underneath position for me. It's exposing and so sexy
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  5. fkmywfxn

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    I want to be in a position where I can see her face. I want to to watch her expressions and reactions as she is getting fucked.
    I'll move into a position that I can see his cock moving in and out of her.
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    My favorite position is for the dick to sit in a chair, me sit on the dick with my back on his legs draped over the arms of the chair so the dick can move....and Jeff licking me.

    My second favorite is to use Jeff as a pillow and get fucked from behind. I love looking into Jeff's face, as some other guys fucks me.
  7. rfresco

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    Great Question!

    My favorite position when I'm watching my wife is when she is on all fours. She's presenting herself to be mounted and I can see everything, her expression as she is receiving him, and, by simply shifting around, I can see he cock inside of her, both the side and rear views are awesome!

    Finally, when he's done, to see the cum flowing from her body is proof that she was nicely used.

    Great position - IMO!

  8. michael1987

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    "Awesome" perfectly describes the sight--from the rear or from underneath or side-on--of another man's cock thrusting into one's wife. I find the sheer viscerality and intense purposefulness of the spectacle dizzyingly erotic, especially when the cock is bare and I can witness the guy's freshly spurted semen welling back out of the vagina and all over the shaft and root of the ejaculating cock. Also, I find the musky scent and taste of my wife's present young lover's freshly-shot semen totally intoxicating. So the closer my face and nose and tongue are to the orgasmically inter-thrusting genitals, the more breathtaking I find it. Nothing, just nothing gets me masturbating more frantically and cumming harder than that beautiful spectacle does.
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  9. Rob Y

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    My favorite is missionary with my wife wrapping her legs around her boyfriend's waist. But I also like to see her on her knees as he takes her from behind. Sometimes he puts his hand on her back and, without being too rough, pushes her torso down until her face is on the floor, sideways, and her ass is up in the air. The look on her face is incredible, half lust and half, I don't know, a little indignant maybe, as he keeps his had on her back, but she never fails to orgasm when he does that. Once I saw her get up afterward and his come ran out of her pussy and hung there for a second in a long string. After she showered there was still a red spot on her back where his hand had been (she's very fair skinned) and it stayed there for a good while, even after she put on a bikini top and jeans and went on with her day (it was a summer afternoon).

    Before the last year or so, I had only rarely seen my wife with another man (the kids were still home and she went on dates by herself), and I never imagnined her becoming quite as compliant (I don't know if submissive describes her exactly) as she is with her current boyfriend. I didn't know how I felt about it at first, but I find now that I like it a lot more than I thought.
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    I have temporarily changed my avatar to illustrate the powerful erotic impact of the view available to the husband when the lover of his wife draws up his near thigh when fucking her in this beautiful variation of the Missionary position and he is very close to orgasm. In this shot his balls are pre-orgasmically lifted very high and are nestling one on either side of his thrusting cock whose root is now bulging menacingly. The inter-penetrating genitals are caught in mid-thrust. The cock-clinging lower edge of the wife's stretched vaginal rim is perfectly displayed. Within a minute of this shot being taken her lover ejaculated, with his balls drawn upwards and forwards into his groin and therefore completely out of sight from this angle of view such that the forceful and copious surges of semen overflowing from the orgasmically contracting vagina were cruelly apparent on the underside of the super-strongly ejaculating cock as far back as its heaving pump-bulge. For me, this in-my-face grossly exposing view of the throbbings, spurtings and other beautiful genital give-away manifestations of mutual lover-wife orgasm is the most sensational I ever experience as a watching and--in relation to my wife's perfect young lover---an intensely admiring and loving buddy.

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