Pre sex build - up.

Discussion in 'Real Life Experiences' started by slutplay, May 15, 2008.

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    I'm wondering how many men are like me in the respect of the whole build up and preamble to our women having sex with another man being just as exciting as actually watching her being fucked.
    I mean seeing her dressed up ( I like her in tight leggings with a top that's short so her shapely little arse is outlined nicely ) and going off to meet her lover is agonisingly stimulating. Her being out with him for the evening as if she were his girl and not mine is so good. I have actually seen them in a pub chatting intimately before coming back to our house for sex.
    She knows this makes my whole body turn fizzy and she says I'm a dirty bastard. Which of course I am !
    How many men, like me, love to see our ladies fully dressed with her lover while they kiss and caress, getting more turned on until clothes start being shed. The passionate writhing and groaning and petting that ensues is almost too much to bear. When she turns to me and tells me that it's no use she can't wait any longer and they have to go upstairs for a good fuck, my balls want to explode.
    The whole build up then has made their fucking in front of me so much better.
    When he has gone home and we are together, we feel so close to each other and the sex is amazing. Especially when she says he is so much better than I am and she lets me fuck her because she feels sorry for me !
    My lovely lady is such a dirty wonderful bitch! I love her so much.
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    the build-up

    I know what you mean slutplay, when I know my wife is showering for a date I start to get nervous in the pit of my stomach. It only gets worse as I drive her to him or carry her bag out to his car if he picks her up.Then when I see her smile like a schoolgirl on a date and they kiss hello I'm cooked. She waves as they drive away, a little piece of heart going with her.
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  3. kscuckold

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    I know just what you mean

    I also love watching my wife as she prepares to meet someone. The extra little things she does to make sure she is really presentable and ready. She will have me help her by getting down and inspecting and making sure she didn't miss any hairs when she shaves her legs. Then having me help her pick out just the right things to wear. She knows it turns me on to see her and help her get ready.
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    We all our on the same page

    Nobody seems to have the answer why us cuckolds get so turned on by things that would drive other husbands mad with anger and jealousy. What ever the reason, we all agree that us cuckolds love the whole experience.
    The excitment starts for me when I now that my wife's lover will be coming over later that day. Watching my wife bath and prepare for her lover gets my heart racing. The fact that She does things while getting ready for his visits that she never does for me is a turn on. She shave her pussy, leaving just a thin line of hair, just as her lover likes it He likes to undress her, so she always wears her silk see through panties and a teddie that is his favorite. She will walk around in her outfit and ask me if I think her lover (Brad) will like it. Before he comes over I like to get her to talk about what she is looking forward to with her lover. I enjoy her telling me how she can't wait until he walks in the door and takes her in his arms and give her that first kiss. I like to play with her pussy while she tells me how she can't wait to sit on the couch with her lover, kiss him and play with his hard cock while it is still in his pants. Her telling me that he is all man and she loves his cock and can't wait to feel him in her mouth, or how she loves how good he fucks her. By the time he comes over we are both so hot and ready. Seeing my wife give herself totally to this guy, as if I didn't exsist, is a exciting feeling, yet strange. The rest I suppose is the same for all us cuckolds. Seeing our wife's become more passinate with another man in ways we never experienced with them is what turns us all on. Knowing that this guys is taking the woman we love and showing her what a real man feels like is what we want. Hearing our wife's tell their lovers how wonderful their cock taste, or hearing our wife's telling their lovers how good he is fucking her and telling him that is the way she likes to be fucked are things we live to hear from our wife's. I don't know about the rest of you guys, but I just can't get enough of seeing my wife enjoying other men.
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  5. phxhng

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    It's Exciting From The Boyfriend's Perspective

    It can be just as exciting from the lover's side of things also.

    One evening I was meeting the wife of a couple I was seeing at a small bistro for drinks before heading off to our hotel. They were starting to try the "she dates/he waits" sort of scenario. The lady is in her mid-50's, very petite, trim and confident business woman. She arrived wearing a cream colored silk blouse that gave just a hint of her lace bra underneath, a leather skirt, fishnet hose (thigh highs I would find out) and modest heels. Her outfit was sexy without being too flashy.
    When I commented how awesome she looked she told me that I had her husband to partially thank since he helped pick her outfit. She said he had her try on 3 different pairs of hose until he found one's he thought I would like! She commented that he was like an "excited schoolgirl" helping her get ready and that he was so wound up his "little man" was straining against the front of his trousers as he helped!
    We went to the hotel and had an incredible evening and I made sure to send my lady friend home with a couple of healthy "thank you" gifts for him to clean up!

    Yes, hubby helping his wife get ready for her date can be exciting for us too!
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    Anticipation is the Best Part

    My slut usually talks on the phone with her boyfriend to confirm arrangements on the day of her dates. I usually can discern the excitement in her voice as she speaks to him, and after the call she stops over to check if my dick is hard-which it always is.

    I have commented elsewhere on the site as to the fun of preparations, so I will not repeat here. Suffice it to say we push the limits for her to be looking as hot as possible.

    I would say the anticipation runs highest when meeting a guy for the first time. We usually get to the bar or lounge in advance to have a nice and cozy seating arrangement and have a drink. Since she is looking great, she gets many lustful looks from the men. The last time even our server asked us what special occassion we we off to!! We gave a vague answer and the server most certainly got the answer when my slut and her black date left hand in hand while my duty was to get the car to take them to the hotel.

    The other part about the anticipation in those circumstances is how my slut totally focuses on the guy once he has arrived. She is so into men that her pussy drips almost immediately and her hands are all over him within the hour. Of course, the guys are having the same feelings of anticipation at that point!!

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