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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by kingbull, Dec 5, 2013.

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  1. kingbull

    kingbull Administrator Staff Member

    I've been getting a lot of requests from users to delete their posts, pictures, and accounts. These requests usually come from people who don't understand (despite our warning on the registration screen) that Google indexes this site, and therefore, posts can show up worldwide using this search engine and other big ones like Yahoo.

    Due to the ongoing and time-sucking demands of people who blatantly ignore this warning and create posts they later want removed, I'm implementing new rules.

    1) We do not remove posts anymore.

    That's right, we do not remove them. It's time for people who post things to this site to take responsibility for their actions. The ONLY exceptions I will make to this rule is if the TOS is violated, e.g. posting spam, maliciously and falsely impersonating another, etc, or we are LEGALLY required to do so. Common sense.

    Why am I implementing this? Two major reasons:

    a) Time. People posting things and then wanting them removed is a big time-suck and point of de-focus for me. We are not a huge operation like Facebook or Google. If you create a post, be responsible for it. I'm not going to act as your personal editor and I'm not going to babysit. If you have doubts about what you are posting or you have inklings it could be self-incriminating, DO. NOT. POST.

    It's strange to me that people need to be told this.

    b) Second reason - Time, again. When you post to this forum, other people respond. This means they are taking time out of their busy day to inform you or let you know their opinion. When your thread gets 10 responses from 7 different people and you ask me to delete the thread, posts or pictures, you are robbing them of the effort and time they put into answering you. NOT cool or acceptable around here.

    Here are some "anti-delete-me" guidelines to follow to make sure what you are posting is what you want to post. If you do not follow these guidelines, YOUR REQUEST TO DELETE YOUR INFORMATION OR ACCOUNT WILL BE IGNORED.

    1) Do NOT post any personally identifiable information. This means pictures, locations, names, how many daughters you have, the color of your wife's hair, her tattoos, etc. I'm not saying lie to people about your situation, I'm saying that if you CARE about your privacy or doubt you should be posting it, DO NOT POST THIS KIND OF INFORMATION TO THIS FORUM.

    You are responsible.

    2) If you don't want the results of your post indexed by Google or other search engines, DO NOT POST TO THIS FORUM.

    Sounds extreme, but this is the way it is. This site gets indexed by Google DAILY and shows up for many common search terms within the top 10. That means your posts can show up in that search engine and the other big guys literally within minutes of you submitting something.

    This was explained when you signed up for the site. You are responsible. You are accountable for the content you post here, we are not accountable to delete it unless LEGALLY required to do so or it violates our TOS.

    3) You are responsible for your content.

    Starting to get the picture, here? We are not obligated to pick up after your mess. YOU. ARE. RESPONSIBLE. FOR. YOUR. CONTENT.

    • If you don't want it posted, don't post.
    • If you have doubts, don't post.
    • If it personally identifies you, don't post.
    • If you don't like that we don't remove it, too bad.

    You've been given ample warning. You are responsible.

    To sum up, YOU are responsible for what you post here. If you have doubts about posting, DO NOT DO IT. That is all. You have been warned.

    This thread and announcement will be plastered all over the forum, including on the registration screen so there can be no backtracking or "but I didn't SEE that" type nonsense.
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  2. midnightfapper

    midnightfapper New Member

    On a similar note, why don't we get to edit our posts after like 10 minutes?
  3. kingbull

    kingbull Administrator Staff Member

    Invites too much abuse.

    All users have 60 minutes to edit their posts. I think this is a reasonable amount of time before it becomes locked to editing.
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  4. kingbull

    kingbull Administrator Staff Member

    Amazing to me. I STILL get requests from people to delete their posts, even after this warning, which is plastered all over the registration screen and highly visible all over the forum.

    Maybe I should make this entire site a "members only" type place, where paying folks get to speak with one another only and all of the whiny freebie time wasters get turned away.

    I'm getting seriously sick of the delete requests. Going to implement some stringent measures to obviate these time wasting assholes.

    Stay tuned...
  5. waynerobertson

    waynerobertson Well-Known Member

    Do what u gotta do. NEVER post pics that u want deleted. NEVER show the face either. lol
  6. Purplemonaka

    Purplemonaka New Member

    Olivia and I have been married for 46 years and counting now...I've seen them come and go since 04...I still recall the five categories needing a post. Our neighbors in the trailer court haven't a clue...we make church every sunday...and the picnic and sing afterwards...anonymous handles and their anonymous postings in need of deletion? I will say this...every time the Ultimate goes down I think it's over...then it rises again? If you notice most don't last...or change signs...and the beat goes on...I will admit to having some ladies on the side in all this time...but only flirting and stuff. Otherwise Olivia would lose me....
  7. kingbull

    kingbull Administrator Staff Member

    Always the classic and classy response from you, Bumps. Where's that book you are writing?
  8. JimmyWTBCuck

    JimmyWTBCuck New Member

    I suppose I have found myself in this position a few times. I had posted my wife here or there, along with other information in the "heat" of the moment, only to wonder later if I could delete the images. Over time, I learned to edit a bit here and there before posting. Some things need to be protected, not because I do not want to become a cuckold, but because the wrong people could want to exploit the situation. That being said, a beta male like myself has a need to openly establish his shortcomings and envy toward better equipped men. Being honest does a lot to fulfill the gap I feel at being a cuckwannabe and actually being cucked. So, small guys, do not regret being honest with yourself. Jimmy
  9. kingbull

    kingbull Administrator Staff Member

    Another thing people can do to protect their privacy while sharing their stories is to just alter small details, like location, hair color, country or job type.

    I'm not saying lie to everyone or make things up (that belongs in the fiction section), just to be smart about your privacy.
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