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Post your BBC cuckhold stories

Discussion in 'Interracial' started by Billionbeats, Apr 26, 2017.

  1. Billionbeats

    Billionbeats Guest

    Hi guys i just wanna see what some of you have experienced with your wife getting fucked by a bbc and how much they like it etc .

    Me myself id love to watch my wife with a bbc but shes not kean on sharing at all so i have to fantasize about that bbc tucked inside her tight wet pussy with her legs spread wide open whilst she takes the bbc doggy (it would look beautiful lol) shes got a pretty pussy and a big black cock would look amazing inside it especially with her creaming over it whilst shes cumming on it and her toes curling for him (in my head haha)
  2. Shambler

    Shambler New Member

    I've been present when Lis was fucked by 4 different black guys (5 different occasions), and it's more a specific turn on for me than her. She enjoys a BBC from time to time, but she was exclusively fucked by black men (LOTS of them) for several years before me. Now that her curiosity is satisfied, it just isn't a driver for her anymore, and I don't push her in that direction.

    I don't care what color is making her scream and beg - as long as she wants to scream and beg :)
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  3. meets

    meets New Member

    The one I enjoyed was meeting a young black guy at a beach bar Leaving them alone watching them at the bar from a distance and then she accepts a walk on the beach , watching the first kiss and play ( I brought a blanket no fucking ) while I also was on look out ,,,man. it was so damn hot I came in my pants
    We met him again and went to his apartment where he spent hours with her in his bedroom , I was in and out of the room and knowing I was learning what a cuck is,,,the highlight was when I hear my wife after he entered her the first time whisper " it feels good"

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