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Discussion in 'Real Life Experiences' started by R156, Feb 14, 2016.

  1. Worth It

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    You made a great post on another thread recently, so I looked up what else you had to say.

    Please tell us, has Dave put his dick in her rectum? (Come on, "bum" is too nice a word and is just the outside fleshy part.) Did she enjoy it? Did he ejaculate in there? Have you watched? How did it make you feel? Did you go in the same hole afterwards for sloppy seconds?

    It's whatever she wants. My wife likes DPs, but I always take the front.
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  2. R156

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    Haha thanks for asking, nice to see someone still taking an interest! Yes he did fuck her anally however I seem to remember there were some issues him staying hard enough to properly fuck her that way. The reason I struggle to remember is that they stopped seeing each other a few months after that last post!
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  3. slutplay

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    That's really exciting that he fucked her in the arsehole. Had I been you I would have had to fuck her arse straight away afterwards. What a shame that they stopped seeing each other. Has she someone else now? What a lovely lifestyle you have!
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  4. Worth It

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  5. R156

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    She doesn't have any one else at present. Not that we are not looking or not wanting someone at the moment but its not a pressing matter in our lives! We still enjoy each other so we get our rocks off that way for the time being. There has been one or two others in the time since my last proper post but nothing regular.

    We are on swinger heaven but no joy there, seems to be a lot more gay sex than anything else on that site for now. There is a few clubs around however we're not really interested in open play like that , more 1:1 fun. If anyone has any suggestions that would be great!
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  6. Worth It

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    Good to hear. Same with my wife and me. Although she likes fucking her lovers (and I occasionally the female ones), 80% of the male sex she has is with me. What we do supplements, rather than replaces, the sex we have.
    Anything good, may I ask? Please tell us about it. Thanks.

    BTW, does your wife like women as well? Mine does, FFMs with married couples in particular, and that's why she has three couples as lovers. And one single (mostly) Lesbian girlfriend to join us for a different kind of FFM dynamic.

    Best of luck, enjoy it together.
  7. R156

    R156 Active Member

    Hi Worth It,

    Sadly she has never been hugely keen on bi fun. I think she labels herself as hetro-flexible but wouldn't actively be with another woman.

    In terms of the other partners there was one gentleman she saw once however in trying to sort out a follow up meet he admitted he was married (not an issue for us really but he didn't mention it at the start) and that he would struggle to meet a much as I think she wanted.

    The other guy she saw twice but admitted there was no connection with him outside of a fuck, and so she binned him off.

    We talked about being a bit more proactive about finding her some extra marital fun and so the plan this week is to sign up a membership on a few sites again to see what we can get.
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  8. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    You have the right attitude - let your wife do whatever it is that she wants. The more fun she's having, the more she will expand her horizons, and the more fulfilling it will be for you. Please keep us posted!
  9. slutplay

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    Let us know what sites you found to be what you are looking for and hopefully those that bring good results. I know that some turn out to be lame ducks.
    Then it would be good to know what ensued from there. Hope it turns out well and your wife has some lovely fucks.
  10. R156

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    Unfortunately there's no news to report at present. Despite getting on with a few hook-up sites she hasn't found anyone suitable at the moment. There was a few messages back and forth with a 64 year old man (lord help me) however she soon admitted to not really finding him attractive enough. We did have some good sex at home whist that was going on though! I shall report back if we find a winner.
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  11. Adwan

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    Keep checking back R156 hoping you guys had got back to having some fun. No updates?
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  12. Natscuck

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    I agree it would be wonderful to hear from this couple again. Are there no UK bulls that can help out??

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