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Discussion in 'Real Life Experiences' started by R156, Feb 14, 2016.

  1. R156

    R156 Active Member

    Let's hope so, after logging back into the swinger heaven website we apparently had quite a lot of unopened emails and that was before we even tried again on craigslist!
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  2. CuckPride

    CuckPride Well-Known Member

    Becky's very sexy. She's going to have plenty of suitors.
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  3. Bufalo

    Bufalo New Member

    Sorry for the curiosity but you never think about let her hook up in the "normal" clubs instead swingers, etc? Its much more exciting imo. You could say you're just her best friend lol.

    other thing that turns me on is the quantity. Turns me on say to her: whore, you had a lot of guys.
  4. R156

    R156 Active Member

    Its a good idea although not sure about lots and lots of partners at once. I think she prefers the connection she can make with someone regular however i'll raise the thought
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  5. guymackey

    guymackey Guest

    My wife usually likes one-on-one encounters. She is 57 now and since loosing her virginity at 13 she has fucked between 35 and 45 guys. There have been a few MFM threesomes and one 5-bull gangbang/train for her 50th birthday. She finds gangbangs overwhelming and distracting. She complains that there are too many people.

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  6. R156

    R156 Active Member

    So not been great so far on the ad front in terms of decent responses. I think as we've done this twice already there is a lot of people who just seem to mass reply with one liners and dick pics which isn't great.

    Something Becky mentioned today was reaching out to Dave again our first bull. He said he would prefer to not see us as he started a relationship but unbeknownst to me he and becky messaged each other a couple of weeks ago asking how we were both doing etc. I'm not sure if that was due to him wanting to see her/us again but what are peoples thoughts on bulls who are in relationships themselves?
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  7. CuckPride

    CuckPride Well-Known Member

    I think only you and Becky can decide whether or not she should play with someone who's in a committed relationship.
  8. R156

    R156 Active Member

    I get that I was meaning more to if there is an increased chance of getting messed around a bit, I dare say we wouldn't be able to see each other as regularly as before
  9. Natscuck

    Natscuck Member

    Great story so far! Hope you find a new partner.. FYI my wife has seen married men before and in a way its sometimes better as there's less chance of me feeling insecure about her leaving me and it keeps the relationship purely sexual.
  10. R156

    R156 Active Member

    Hi people, I haven't posted in a while as things calmed down a bit with us and I didn't think people we're as interested as previously anymore.. that's not me having a go but its natural for less input as time goes on. But as ive posted in one or two other forums recently I thought I should revisit this for an update..

    So as mentioned in my last post on here Becky and her much older bull were messaging and eventually did rekindle their fun. Dave now fucks Becky almost at will which is usually 5-6 times a month sometimes more sometimes less. Its great for me as he's so friendly and now he's in a relationship which he decided not to give up as he enjoys the company side of it there's no where near as much angst as there has been previously for me. He's respectful not to cross boundaries (the no anal is still in play but he's very jealous of me!) and as he's had a V he gets to enjoy her as nature intended and I get lots of sloppy seconds!

    Recent highlights have included ;
    -Becky staying over at his place a few times and I'm now much better dealing with that
    -lots of 3 in a bed scenarios, we've become quite used to all sleeping together now
    -Having a family and friends bbq and Dave coming round as 'my boss' and mingling with our folks
    -the three of us shopping in ann summers
    -Dave and I going for a beer and watching the football.. all the while talking about Becky! so bizzare doing this with someone whose also fucking her!

    So I might not continue with the updates unless there's much demand for it as ive noted that most of the posts on here are more of the seeking information type so i'll likely comment where i can but there you have it!
  11. CuckPride

    CuckPride Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the update. I'm glad to hear you're still active in this lifestyle, and I hope you continue this thread.
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  12. Bartleby

    Bartleby Well-Known Member

    I found this incredibly sexy and informative. Thanks for sharing!
  13. Adwan

    Adwan New Member

    Great update. Glad to hear things are going so well.
  14. Friskyman

    Friskyman Guest

    Any updates? Could you share pictures of wifey with bull?
  15. verkitwme

    verkitwme Well-Known Member

    Sounds like things are working out great for you guys!!
    Having fun is the bottom line.
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  16. Natscuck

    Natscuck Member

    Great work guys!
  17. R156

    R156 Active Member

    A little update for the few that might be interested :p

    So things have continued to be great and Dave has Becky at least once a week now and usually stays over. After much discussion between Becky and myself I'm comfortable enough dropping the last barrier in their sex life and letting him fuck her anally. She's going to surprise him on his birthday coming up soon!

    we've even discussed a possible DP at some point but the reality is that we don't even spit roast her much at the moment so even that would be a rarity. I think to be honest i'd just enjoy watching his and her reaction when he starts pushing inside her bum!
  18. Friskyman

    Friskyman Guest

    He's such a lucky guy
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  19. CuckPride

    CuckPride Well-Known Member

    The perfect present!
  20. Friskyman

    Friskyman Guest

    Any updates or pics?

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