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Discussion in 'Real Life Experiences' started by R156, Feb 14, 2016.

  1. R156

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    Hi there, I suppose I'm posting on here for some advice and support as I think pretty soon I will be on the road to having a hot wife!

    A bit of background first, I met my wife whilst we were both at University however it was long distance as she studied at Glasgow and myself at York. We kept it going well however she slept with another man in our final year which she admitted the next day straight away over the phone. We broke up for a few weeks before reconciling. Maybe this sparked something in my mind I am not sure.

    We married four years ago and things have been great, after enjoying a few drinks in town one evening we both shared one or two secrets be it gossip or in my case my biggest fantasy which was to see her with another man. That night we had incredibly hot sex with her baiting me and dirty talking about how I could watch while someone else did what I was doing at that precise moment to her. The next few days were incredibly awkward for me, not knowing whether to bring up our discussion, did she remember it? would she do it etc.

    Then the next weekend we were having sex again and out of no where there she was again talking about her having sex with another man, asking how I would feel going 'after' etc. I barely lasted much longer after that happened. Clearly she remembered our chat. The pillow talk afterwards got me hard straight away again which is something that has never happened before. Nonchalantly she jokingly asked me where on earth she would meet someone whom we could invite, would I like to be involved or just watch? We fucked once more that night but it was only the next day I think she might actually go ahead with it.

    She texted me simply asking if it was something I would honestly like to try.. My hands were trembling on the phone as I steadied myself, wondering the course of action I should take and its consequences. In the end I texted the only thing I could.. 'YES!'
  2. Worth It

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    Welcome, great to hear your story of a developing cuck relationship. (Although there was the time at Uni, without prior knowledge and approval it's just ordinary cheating.) Sounds like you have a wife with great potential. Just talk it out away from the heat of the moment so you both can maximize the experience.

    Please, let us know how it goes.
  3. rfresco

    rfresco Active Member

    Sounds like you have found a lovely, understanding wife who is not afraid to explore her sexuality. You are very fortunate indeed! Best of luck and please, keep us informed!
    R n T
  4. R156

    R156 Active Member

    Thanks guys, have definitely found sex to be much more wilder recently. I have noticed as well (or maybe its just me) little things. like the way she looks at other men when we are out shopping etc. I definitely think I have aroused her curiosity! The next step I think will be finding someone she is comfortable with
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  5. R156

    R156 Active Member

    So we have an update! She has been spending the last few days browsing C'list with not much luck to be honest. Most of the guys coming across a little too seedy in either their post or follow up message. So she started a profile on another website designed for swingers, so it cuts out a lot of the wannabees! - or so she seems to hope!

    Anyway the other day at work I got a text from her saying that shed been messaging a man from the site and he seemed really nice! my cock tip nearly hit the underside of my desk seeing her write it! Every step we take seems to bring it much closer to home that she will be with another man at some point soon! I was however a bit shocked that when I got home I found out he was 11 years older than myself and her. I joked that she clearly enjoyed the silver fox but she just laughed it off and said it was more about him as a person rather than his age. That night her phone would light up and I would see her smile as she gazed down and typed into it. I was almost too scared to ask for details though! needless to say our sex is still amazing having this side of our relationship grow.

    I have asked her if she had made plans or had thoughts about meeting him yet but all she said was 'we'll see how it goes'

    Going well!!
  6. Mercator

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    Thanks for sharing this with us. is it possible to tell us your ages, and maybe include a pic of your wife (hide face if you prefer)?

    My wife and I have always used swingers sites to find suitable men for a number of reasons, primarily the anonymity it provides but also there's no dancing around the subject as everyone knows what's expected. From what you've said it seems to me that your wife is well advanced down the path of finding someone suitable, so it's just a matter of time now. I think you've opened 'Pandora's Box' and she'll be fucked quite soon, so make sure you really can handle that. I would advise you to discuss and agree some ground rules with her to avoid things going awry later, e.g. condom use, is your home off-limits to him, is anonymity important to you, etc? Some guys would encourage their wife to be fucked in the marital bed and for it to be done bareback, but discuss those sorts of things sooner rather than later. And good luck, I hope it works out well for you.
  7. R156

    R156 Active Member

    Thanks Mercator for the advice.. I am 29 and she is 27. She works as a teacher so i need to be careful on posting pics but perhaps I can get round to putting something up that's not too revealing.

    You're right about the Pandora's box aspect. A couple of nights now I have laid awake wondering if I've made the right thing coming out as i have to it all. My cock is always like a rock but my stomach churns knots. After reading a lot I wonder if I would be into things like denial, humiliation etc. That being said I have never seen her so happy and bouncy recently. Our sex is still amazing and we are having it far more often than we used to before the discussion. Its almost a nightly occurrence now whereas before it was maybe once or twice a week.

    She has been steadily telling me more about the particular man she is speaking to. She still has the odd message back and forth with others but he certainly is ahead of the pack. As I mentioned he is a bit older than Becky but that doesnt seem to put her off at all (maybe the opposite but im not sure). He is divorced and has met couples before. Crucially I think for us and more so her he has been with a couple of first timers before so seems not too pushy. I know they have talked about their jobs and what their likes are etc as much as they have talked about sex as well. The difference between him and other seems to be that he is happy to bide his time until we are ready to maybe take the next step. I have asked Becky what she wants to do but for the first time in this process she looked a little lost and said she wasn't sure.
  8. saturn

    saturn Super Moderator Staff Member

    Just FYI, there is no requirement that you must post face pics here. Being judicious and discreet is just fine!
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  9. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    You will eventually come to enjoy the feeling and crave it. Actually watching him penetrate her, her orgasming, he ejaculating inside her, you taking sloppy seconds...
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  10. R156

    R156 Active Member

    Hey everyone, thanks for your helpful comments. Its certainly been an interesting week. At first Becky was a bit lost on how to move things forward but Gary (the man mentioned whom she is texting) managed to help make her mind up. He said that one option would be for them to meet up for a non-committal drink just for them to get to know each other without needing a phone in between. She was hesitant at first and asked if she could respond later in the week, that night in bed was the first time she mentioned the phrase 'sloppy seconds' as i was going down on her and asked if it was something i was excited by or if it was just to enjoy watching. At the time I was indeed going down on her and managed only to 'uhm hum' much to her arousal. After our sex i had to admit that I wasn't sure yet but open to the idea.

    She messaged him saying that she would go for a drink with him after work on Friday, that was it for me, nerves, almost trembling at the thought of it. Even though both parties agreed sex wasn't on the cards, she dressed her self nicely for work without being too provocative for the office. I was at my own desk at work and couldn't take my mind off how the evening would go, would they kiss? would she like him? what would they talk about? etc.

    She messaged me just before she set off to see him double checking if I was still okay as this might be the last chance I get.. of course I said yes! Then about 20 minutes later I got another text to say that he'd arrived, was as he described and she would send a message when she set off for home later on!
  11. R156

    R156 Active Member

    and for those wondering here is a couple of pics of her!

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  12. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    Thank you for the pictures - she is both innocent looking and hot. You are a wise man to marry her and let her cuck you. You will get extra Karma points if you show more of her.
  13. saturn

    saturn Super Moderator Staff Member

    Something about those cute, innocent looking ones playing around really makes them so much hotter!
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  14. Studly

    Studly New Member

    I love this story. Thanks for posting. Just want to hear more! Wish my wife was as open and turned on by this. Maybe you should start with something softer.. Maybe a bit of foreplay in the car after the drink? And then home to let you know that first before full on sex?
    Do you enjoy it when she dresses provocatively in public too?
  15. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    Sloppy seconds are exquisite, something I've come to savor, slipping your pounding hard dick into your wife's already slick pussy. After your bride has enjoyed another man, reclaiming her as your own wife. And even better if you're right there watching them, you take her immediately and she is so full of gratitude...
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  16. R156

    R156 Active Member

    so her date went very well. She came home after a few hours and said that nothing really happened until the end when they kissed goodnight and he slipped his tongue in! She has provisionally agreed to meet again this Friday and we have spoken about him maybe coming back to our flat for further fun. Im under no illusions what will happen then.

    The only issue is this angst is really starting to get to me, for no reason on Sunday night I felt really jealous and upset about her becoming attached with another man! if only i could separate the sex side in my head!
  17. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    Talk to her about it. I suggest that at least initially you ask her to agree to not linger with him too long and to have sex with you immediately afterwards. On an emotion level getting to fuck her, having her enjoy you, all that comes with "reclaiming sex" will make you feel great.
  18. Studly

    Studly New Member

    I can imagine it's hard emotionally.. I'd be confused. One moment aroused and the next feeling nervous or jealousy. Definitely talk to her and tell her how you're feeling

    . I hear that the important thing is to have agreed boundaries and stick to them. One step at a time, together.

    But how exciting.. To see you wife being enjoyed by another , and being able to hear about it afterwards! So hot! Thanks for sharing.. Please Keep us updated! X
  19. saturn

    saturn Super Moderator Staff Member

    Absolutely talk to her about this, in particular. Not all women will want to have sex with her husband/SO right after having sex with her bull/extra boyfriend/etc. If it's something you need and she doesn't want, you are both going to have to work coming up with a solution.
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  20. don_jetman

    don_jetman Well-Known Member Founding Member

    I couldn't agree more with how important "reclaiming sex" is, especially early in the lifestyle. For her, it softens any guilt she might have when she comes home to you, and shows her that you're still onboard, that you don't think less of her. Demonstrating how excited you are also encourages her to repeat encounters, with him, or other guys. For you, it helps dissolve your fear of rejection and renews the intimacy you share as a couple.

    But don't assume the angst will go away soon. You'll learn to deal with it, and it will lessen. But honestly, a little angst makes it hotter. The key is accepting that she's her own person, a woman with the right to her own sexuality, fantasies, and even secrets. The silver lining of the lifestyle is that most couples get over the fear and possessiveness and are better for it. Candid communication becomes easier, and eventually there is greater respect for who you are, and less temptation to judge each other about all kinds of things. A few vanilla couples we know are always treading the line of fear and jealousy when in the company of other attractive people. L and I see the behavior in others right away, and with a knowing look we can thank each other from across the room, glad that we're no longer in their place.

    Although you will eventually be able to "separate the sex side in your head", you will have to accept that many times women find other men they simply like being with - friends with benefits. You won't be able to stop her from having some level of ongoing "relationship" with them, and you'll be sorry if you try. Although my wife has had her share of "zipless fucks", she still prefers men she likes over simple physical attraction. She's a romantic at heart, and the "boyfriend thing" just does it for her. Over time I've seen these romantic flirtations come and go, and with her help, I've grown not to fear them. And for allowing her that, she always rewards me with the assurance that I have something they don't - her trust and devotion. (Well, sometimes they have something I don't, but it's just meat.)

    It's tough the first time, and then it gets better - much better. Honesty, the ability to have "sex talks" in the middle of the day when you're not feeling sexy, and lots of practice will likely get you where you want to be. Have fun, and best of luck to you both.


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