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  1. Kingbull please verify me.

    My cuckoldress posted verification just before me also and included couples photo too so you know all is authentic. I have followed this website since 2007 and have been a member almost as long. I married 8 years ago to a beautiful 19 year old who become my dominating mistress. She has started to make a career as a "mistress" also. I have pushed on her to join this forum and ad her thoughts, views, perspective not only my own and the coutless other men on here. I hope, she will because her insight would be amazing. I also told her I will not help her write because I want to use this place as a medium for her/I to have conversation about these topics. For too many years she has kept most of her views, thoughts on this subject locked up. She hates to talk about sex and cuckolding directly to me. So I posting like a mad monkey and hope she reads. I hope she replies and I proud to be valued member of this forum...

    I tried to find upload button but requires URL so I posted my pics so we could URL them in. Don't mean for this to look like spam. I think you can read my history/postings since 2009 and understand it's not.

    I do think we can witness the transformation of my wife from young teenager to the person she is today and it builds an interesting case study if anything.

    Thanks again Kingbull for creating this place...

    Yours truly,

    Brandon C.

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