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    We made it back from Key West yesterday morning and working at getting settled back in. Amazing how you look forward to going on vacation to relax and come back exhausted.

    We had a wonderful time and we had lots of fun. If you don't have fun at Fantasy Fest there is definitely something wrong with you.

    Both my hookups were totally unplanned and unexpected like the one my husband wrote about above. But, those are the best kind sometimes. I am going through all the messages and posts today since unlike my husband who was online almost everyday today is my first day in over a week of looking at a computer.
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    Visiting the Body Painting Shoppe

    This is what my wife wore out one evening on Duval Street after visiting the body painting shoppe earlier that day.

    Body Painting (2).jpg
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    Cool and pretty painting. Beautiful Ass. (Nice panties also ).
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    There were several places doing body paintings but this was the only one she had done during our trip. She wore that pair of panties and some red pasties out that night. I don't think the painting got the most attention lol.

    She insisted I wear a red thong out that night and I did along with the same matching pasties. I did not have a body panting but we seemed to get a lot of positive responses up and down the street. She painted my hair purple along with hers with some spray stuff and we had people all night stopping us and asking us to take our picture with them. No telling where they will end up. :oops:

    It was a fun night for sure. Great part about fantasy fest is you can do whatever you want and once you get out on the street you find there is no reason to be embarrassed at all.
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    Awesome for you Both. I'm definitely going to have to look into a future Fantasy Fest. I haven't been to Key West in many Decades
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    Hahaha - me neither - Key West, my goodness, them were the days :)
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    We would definitely recommend anyone attending Fantasy Fest, it is truly a place and time unlike any other you will experience. We have attended for several years now and have learned a few things.

    1. If you are going for the wilder parties then go toward the end of the event versus the staring days. They close off Duval Street and pretty much anything goes in the evenings.

    2. Have fun, just be free and be yourself. Nobody will ever judge you at Fantasy Fest. Indulge in your wildest fantasies and enjoy, your regular life will still be there when you get back.

    3. Pace yourself.

    We don't go with any agenda or plan, we just go to relax and enjoy our time. This year my wife ended up hooking up twice but last year we spent 7 nights and never hooked up or played with anyone else the entire trip. The year before that we ended up back in our room one night with 6 other guys. Each year was great and we wouldn't change any of it.

    Also, we do the parties and nightlife but try to take as many vacation excursions as we can and make it a whole event. We go out to eat, get up early and take tours like the Kayak tour we took one day and then a Jet Ski tour another day. We do the shops and the restaurants and just spend time by the pool at the resort. Sex is great but it is actually a small part of our trip.

    I attached a pic showing we enjoy just being out and in the Keys. Well, actually in this picture we were in a shop and my wife was intent on buying me a tutu to wear out and she accomplished her task and yes, I did wear it with nothing underneath. But, it is Fantasy Fest so have fun! It's all part of the experience and the memories you build.

    Red FF Shirt.JPG
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    Thanks for All the advice. Hope you got some Stone Crab also. I was in the Keys a year ago ( Largo, my girlfriend didn't want to go all the way to Key West ), and tried Stone Crab. Delicious.
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    wanna fuck her sexy body......wanna lick her badly i really want her.pls do connect with me when you come to india
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    Not sure if my husband will be able to check this site while he is working out of town but thought I would post this pic of the dress I am wearing tonight. Ricky is in town and says he is taking me out tonight after work for dinner at Stoney River and then out for cocktails.

    I already know what's on his mind, this dress with no bra and no panties with just the two of us back home alone. It has actually been a while though since Ricky and I had a date night out by ourselves and I am looking forward to it.

    dress for going out tonight.JPG
  11. All4HerPleasure

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    Had a lot of fun last night, it was nice. Husband gets back into town at 11:30 tonight and we are picking him up at the airport.
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    Love the dress and Adore the shoes. I would Definitely wear that dress and though I think I (CiCi) would look pretty good in it, You Assuredly look Great in it.
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    We didn't get any Stone Crab or even seafood while in Key West but we did get to G&B Oyster Bar when up in Fort Lauderdale and they have the best Stone Crab we have had, also tried the Gator Tail (not really fans) and they had an amazing selection of Oysters served fresh on the half shell. They also have the best blackberry Mojito you will ever have.

    I was happy that Ricky and my wife took advantage of the time alone to go out and do a date night together. I know Ricky really enjoys and values the time they get to do things like this and talking to him on the phone that night I could tell he was excited.

    They said they had a very nice dinner and then came back home since it was a work night but had a couple glasses of wine sitting in front of the fire in our living room and had some great very passionate sex that started on the couch and progressed into the bedroom later. I know how important it is for my wife and I to take time alone and to bond but Ricky has been in integral and intimate part of our relationship for many years now and I also think it is good for them to have some private alone time together.

    I got home late last night, my flight was delayed and I got in at 2:20 AM so we all got home and went straight to bed. I am home today but both Ricky and my wife had to be in the office early so I know they are worn out.

    Here is a picture they texted me from after their date night. I loved it and thought I would share it after cropping her face out. I could tell by her smile and expression that she had a good night.

    Image sent on trip.JPG
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    Sex can happen anywhere and at anytime with anybody.

    Sitting in our camper one quiet weekend evening with just the two of us alone. An unexpected knock at the door and we are now entertaining friends inside our camper. Dave comes inside and starts talking about getting a blowjob and sits on the couch beside my wife. Flattery is abound throughout the camper as my wife feels like MS USA and her defenses are slowly brought down.

    Next thing I know my wife is nude laying over the couch with Brandon sitting at her head with his pants off and just his shirt on. Brandon holds her head on his cock with one hand and plays with her pussy and ass with his other free hand as she sucks his dick

    1b Dave after getting his first orgasm and blowjob from my wife (3).jpg

    A short time later Brandon is finished and before my wife moves to get up Dave is on the couch with her head in his lap. My wife and Dave are both nude and my wife offers no resistance to sucking Dave's cock for him. She is already filled with Brandon's load of cum but now Dave add his mix and she takes every drop until his cock is dry. ​

    IMG_20130309_033115 (3)_LI.jpg
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    Absolutely wonderful!
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    A closeup picture of my hot little wife sucking our friend Ricky's stiff cock. We were all sitting in the living room one evening with nothing particular going on. I think the Big Bang Theory was on in the background and my wife gets up from sitting next to me and goes into the kitchen to get a drink. When she returns to the living room Ricky stood up from the couch putting his laptop down and saying he was going to look for something to eat. He already had a semi hard-on which is typical for him.

    My wife puts her drink down on the end table and gets on her knees in front of him and takes his cock into her mouth and sucks his cock until he blows a load. My wife never looses a drop and sits back down next to me as Ricky exclaims "Well that was different"

    That was pretty much the end of the activity for the night. We continued watching TV.

    wife giving friend head.JPG
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    I Like your Wife! !!! :D
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    wow amzing im speechless its nice to read cause pics are attached with the real incident keep going love it
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    Playing with Bondage
    My wife and I were traveling found ourselves in central Ohio for a weekend. We got online and found a lifestyle couples swinger club nearby to us and decided to give it a try for an evening since we did not have any other plans.

    It was a decent place and inside the crowd was relatively small in comparison to what we are accustomed too. Probably 25 couples and roughly 14 single men. The people were all very outgoing and friendly and we enjoyed ourselves meeting other people. They did not have a DJ like most clubs but most the people there were regulars and they all brought music and would take turns connecting their devices to a system to provide music to the dance area. They also had an indoor pool and hot tub that were both very nice.

    About an hour or so into our visit a couple came up and told us they were one of the host couples and asked if we had a tour yet. We had not seem most the club which was located in a closed down gym in a shopping center. So, they offered to show us around. They had very nice, clean playrooms for both private and public activity and they also had a large locker room and shower area. It was a really nice setup.

    We were taken into a large open area that contained some BDSM equipment and along one wall there were small closed rooms with doors we were told were the glory hole rooms. When a lady went into one room she could flip a switch and it would light up a sign above the door of the rooms on either side to show it was occupied so others knew they could use the adjoining rooms.

    After our tour we went back out to the dance floor and stayed for several hours. My wife talked about the rooms since they are not common for most the clubs we visit. Finally, she said we should go back and check things out. There were no lights on any of the glory hole rooms so we wandered inside one center room and my wife flipped the switch after shutting the door. It was tight fitting and I stood against the door. My wife has never been one into group sex or anonymous sex so I was wondering what she would do if a strange cock came through one of the holes. I did not have to wait long as an average size cock soon poked through the hole in the wall on one side of the room. My wife giggled and reached out giving the guy a few strokes and then went down onto her knees and took it into her mouth. She was sucking this strangers cock with her eyes focused toward me. It was super hot watching her and there seemed to be an endless supply of cocks of all size and shapes coming through the holes on both sides of the room.

    Finally, my wife said her jaw was sore and she turned off her light and we left the room. After another drink my wife asked if I wanted to put her onto the Saint Andrew's Cross and I said yes. It had Velcro bonds so while she was restrained she could easily free herself if she wanted free. She undressed and with minimal people watching us I got her restrained on the cross with her back to the room. There were other people using other pieces of equipment and playing and the sounds were enticing.

    We had been told that inside the room that no still meant no but that otherwise it was pretty much assumed that if you are back there you are wanting to play and were open to anyone back there.
    There did not seem to be any rules as in most clubs regarding cell phones or taking pictures other than they asked that no face pictures we posted or used on any sites. We saw several people snapping pictures so I took my phone out and got a quick picture of my wife on the cross before anyone came over.

    cross bound.jpeg

    It did not take long and single guy came over and introduced himself to me. He asked me if it was alright if he touched my wife and I told him it was up to her. My wife quickly told him yes and he began to rub her body. As he touched her ass she was arching her back out toward him and he began to play with her pussy from behind which had her going. I could tell she was really wet and enjoying herself.

    The guy was wearing a dress shirt with dark dress jeans and a tie. He unbutton his shirt and slipped it off leaving the tie and his t-shirt on and then dropped his jeans standing in his boxers and rubbing my wife. He kept grinding up against her and his cock was hard poking against his underwear. He kept asking my wife to tell him what she wanted as she moaned to his touch. Finally, I heard my wife moaning "I want you to fuck me" and he continued teasing her.

    cross explored.jpeg

    By this time the action and my wife's begging to be fucked had drawn a group of on-lookers who were all watching with several of the guys playing with their cocks. The guy behind my wife pushed his boxers down off his hips and rubbed his hard cock between my wife's cheeks as she did her best to push her hips back trying to push herself to get his cock inside her.

    He finally gave her what she was wanting and pushed his cock deep into her. I think she began to climax almost immediately as he filled her. As soon as he was done there was another guy already naked and standing behind her who jumped right in.

    cross fucked.jpeg
    There was a third guy who basically came up in line and just lowered his pants enough to get his cock out and took his turn in line. Once he was done another guy moved up but my wife said she needed a break and had pulled her arms out of the Velcro straps. He was good about it and asked for a kiss and then pulled his pants back up and my wife undid the leg straps and we walked back into the dance area to our table and she got a drink. We did not see any of the guys around that she had inside her and we walked back into the playrooms and into a group room.

    There were beds around the room in a U shape and we got onto one of the free spaces with other people having sex all around us. We had been told this was there "grope room" It was not long and we were joined by two guys and ended up all having sex together on the bed. My wife was really into it and climaxed several more times before she said she was too sore to go on anymore. We grabbed our clothes and went back to our hotel for the night. My wife was asleep shortly after pulling out of the club parking lot.

    The next morning when she got up she talked about how hot the night was and how much fun she had. I showed her the pictures and she asked if I had anymore but I didn't. She asked about who had cum inside her and I told her they had all used condoms which were all over the room in large bowls. I told her I was the only one who had cum inside her that night.
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    You are such a lucky guy.
    I would love to see my wife in this position.
    Seeing her tight pussy been used by other men is what I think about daily.
    Hopefully one day I can upload a picture of this happening .
    Until then.... I’ll keep enjoying your pictures.

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