Permanently Sterile or Permantly Cucked?--Advice Needed

Discussion in 'Emotional Support' started by Black Cuckold, Jun 20, 2008.

  1. Black Cuckold

    Black Cuckold New Member

    My situation is as such: My wife is not on birth control and has a boyfriend that she's been dating for about a year and a half now. They meet for sex about every two weeks for 2 or 3 days at time. She takes him bareback and lets him cum inside her as she's not worried about getting pregnant because he has had a vasectomy.

    Since she has been dating him, we agreed that she would only have sex with him. At the time, I didn't realize how hard it would be to not be able to have sex with her anymore. She sleeps nude or wears something really sexy (like black micro-shorts or lacy panties). Needless to say, I find it hard to sleep knowing I can't penetrate her and her boyfriend gets to fuck her and ejaculate inside her. When I tried to make advances towards her she says, "No...remember our agreement. My pussy is reserved for him."

    I had asked for a modification of our agreement to allow me to penetrate her. She bluntly refused. She said she enjoys sex with her boyfriend too much and that sex with me is quick and boring. And since I'm not fixed, she fears getting pregnant. She further stipulated that she MIGHT change her mind IF I got a vasectomy also. She is in her 40's and doesn't want to get pregnant again at this stage of her life.

    So, my question is this: Should I get the vasectomy and be sterile for life OR refuse it and simply be cucked for life? I would love to fuck her again, but at the same time, I LOVE being cuckolded. Please offer some advice. Thanks.
  2. KimM2F

    KimM2F Transsexual 2 Female Cuck

    She's Got the Right to Choose

    Hello... Your Wife is involved with a sterile Bull from vasectomy; she is not on birth control, and is exercising her right to not have a 'fertile' cuck penetrate the place in her body she has given to a Bull. Even if you got the vasectomy, I strongly suspect it would not be a guarantee of future intercourse with your Wife. If you love cuckolding as you profess to, then you will do what is necessary to support it and allow it to meet the needs of all involved.

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  3. NECuck

    NECuck Super Moderator

    Snip Snip...

    B_C, Snip Snip and it's over!!!! You don't have much to lose....
  4. gingers_sub

    gingers_sub New Member

    In my humble opinion you should not be allowed inside your Wife if she does not desire it.
    Your Wife is the one who makes the rules and if she is not interested in your penis than thats that. No barganing no pleading no comprimises.
    I do not ever expect to be allowed to penetrate my Wife. That is the privelege of her Lovers. Occassionaly i am allowed inside her but its not something i expect to recieve. Its a pleasant surprise when it happens.

    Remember the most important point of cuckoldry is to be there for your Wife.
    Its all about her pleasures and desires. Put you own wants and needs out of the picture.
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  5. footboycuck

    footboycuck Real Cuckold

    I'm not allowed to cum inside my wife period, so I can't really relate. If she is worried about pregnancy and she allows you to penetrate her, then she could easily just make you wear a rubber. Given that, she probably won;t let you penetrate her even if you get fixed.

    I am only allowed to cum on my wife's feet,which feels very nice and gives me a wonderful release as I stare at her pussy. You might want to try that. On the rare occasion that I get penetration it is with her on top and even then she doesn't really push down hard--just enough to stroke the head. When she thinks I am going to cum soon she pulls off and makes me jack off or stroke myself between her feet.

    Why don't you ask her if she will allow you to penetrate her if you wear a rubber? Maybe even make you jack off into it after she pulls off of you?

    Hope this helps--fbc
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  6. Black Cuckold

    Black Cuckold New Member

    Well, she does give me handjobs, but i must pay her for that. I'm just wondering if i can go the rest of my life without having sex with her again.
  7. sailor39

    sailor39 New Member

    Guess because I am more H/W material than Cuckold it is hard for me to relate to this. However If she won't use BC and you cannot use a condom, it seem that you're stuck in your situation for the rest of your marriage.
    The cuckold pleasure feeling would have to be very great for me to agree to this. To eachhis own.
  8. chicagobaby79

    chicagobaby79 New Member

    I think

    as long as you're not planning to have more children, go ahead with the vasectomy.

    As long as she's offering you a way to have sex, you should have it. *grin*
  9. Got2

    Got2 New Member

    There is another option, she could have her tubes tied. Her 'reward' would be that she could take on new lovers at her discretion.

    Remember that there are lots of ways to make love to a woman that do not involve putting your cock into her. The tongue comes to mind. Then there are sensual massages.

    Open up yourself to these possibilities of being there for her, without your cock involved. Who knows, you might find it to be very rewarding.
  10. dennym1970

    dennym1970 New Member

    "Pay for it" ??? Cash? Time? I'm curious how you work that out.
  11. TnDriver

    TnDriver New Member

    I agree the choice is hers, but that doesn't mean you cannot find different ways to change the dynamics. I have once used making the wife's lover to have to act as a full 2nd husband financially which for him took the fun out of the driving the wedge between us further, but he was more like a puppet master personality and she so under his spell she refused to listen to any complaint I would make. It was like we were headed toward divorce until the point it moved beyond sex and dating then with the lust high gone they soon lost their attraction for each other and his spell was lifted from her.
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  12. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    I fuck my wife anytime I want (our agreement so she can supplement her sex with me, not displace it), so I can't relate at all. Works great for both of us.
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  13. michael1987

    michael1987 Well-Known Member

    In my opinion, it's a total and shameful waste of time and what's left of your masculinity for you to be sitting "just wondering" about whether to obey your wife and have a vasectomy (of rather uncertain outcome fuck-wise) when you can unilaterally and justifiably impose a counter-rule in your so-called marriage.

    The counter-rule I strongly recommend you impose would be that you have complete freedom to fuck whatever woman you like, whenever and wherever you like, and however you like---which one assumes would be bareback---no questions asked.

    Of course you can remain a pathetic cuck to your wife for the rest of your presently sexless life if you want to, whether you ever get to fuck her again or don't. But what's at issue here is your birth-right to seek and achieve true sexual satisfaction by any and every means of your choosing; not your wife's.

    I recommend further that you simply and straightforwardly announce the new rule to your wife. And soon. If she divorces you because she doesn't like it, so what? You will have lost almost nothing of value and in return will have regained your sexual freedom.

    You will then, and only then, be able to joyfully seek and find a more loveable and obliging woman of your choice who does want to have bareback sex with you and, hopefully, a child by you; unlike your wife who obviously and cruelly doesn't.

    Happy Hunting!
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