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    My wife won't post here. Or on any forum. When I told her about this post I had to show her for her to know it was a serious post.

    She has never had sex with any man that wasn't fun for her.

    I've gotten many sex toys for us to play with. Dildos, vibrators, bondage and s/m stuff. I pushed the double ended dildo into her until it "bottomed out" and she told me to stop because it felt uncomfortable to her. I put a rubber band around it the next time so I could mark the spot. I wanted to know how deep she was and to know how much pleasure from another man she could take. (It measured eight inches but I'm thinking about subtracting an inch due to being as close as I could get with the rubber band and the actual opening of her pussy.)

    I bought a very BIG dildo for us to play with. She couldn't take even the head of the dildo at first before she told me to stop.

    I was disappointed. I wanted to see that big dildo in her. I got it out every now and then and over time she seemed willing to try to take it until one time I got the head of the dildo into her. I gently moved it in her trying to go deeper, stopping when her moans of pleasure turned to uncomfortable.

    She was finally able to take the very thick dildo and has her best orgasms with it.
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    When I was 17---and a very strong and spunky 17 I might say---I was embarrassingly pursued by an extremely attractive and obviously sexually unsatisfied 26 year-old woman. She happened to be the wife of one of my parents' neighbors. Had I not been blinded by adolescent lust for her I might well have seen her as a classic cougar---which to this day I vainly like to think she wasn't but simply in love with my handsomeness and shy smile and spunky teenager's body.

    As part of her campaign to bed me she intimated to me that her 40 year-old husband was pretty small-cocked (around 5 inches and "thin") and that she had never orgasmed on his cock, but had had no difficulty orgasming with two exceptionally very well-hung high-school boyfriends in her late teens. She had been married 4 years by the time she propositioned me, and said that despite her sexual dissatisfaction with her husband she had never been unfaithful to him---which I believed.

    She asked me if I was "well-endowed" and I answered her, honestly, "Yes , very I suppose"---which I blushingly allowed her to feel through my jeans and which pleased her hugely.

    She also told me that for that last 2 years she had been secretly using a 6-inch but not very girthy dildo to fuck herself with to privately relieve her physical frustration, despite her husband being able to get her to orgasm reasonably strongly through cunnilingus---but nowhere near as strongly as her two high-school boyfriends had been able to by fucking her with their apparently exceptionally bigger and of course much younger and harder cocks.

    Naturally I was very interested in her, but she said that to reduce the chances of her not being able to accomodate my cock as a consequence being fucked only by her "shrimpy" husband for the last 4 years, before we got it together physically she would buy a second but bigger dildo to prepare her vagina to more easily take my 8-inch but very girthy erection that had so impressed her by her feeling it through my boxers.

    The dildo she bought and privately practised with was big-headed and 7-inches long and about 5-inches in girth---sizeable enough to prepare herself for me, or so she thought.

    In the event, despite her having practised for so long, it took more than 3 weeks for her to to be able comfortably accommodate my cock, with her having the most difficulty with the admittedly very head of it and the 3 immediately following inches of my shaft. But after that she got off on it beautifully every time, often orgasming during my opening penetration of her which at her urging---despite my extreme horniness---I managed to execute very slowly and sexily, and which she very obviously loved.

    As things turned out, her new 7 inch dildo got her only part of the way comfort-wise. The rest of the way had to be explored and achieved very slowly by my carefully restrained slow thrustings with what she called the Real Thing. It was fully a month after we had reached her goal of me fucking her full-length and very hard almost daily on their marital bed after school before her husband came home from work, that she told me that my so slowly and carefully breaking her in with my "deliciously bigger" cock had been sexy in the extreme and that she wouldn't have wanted to experience my cock first-up in any other way.

    I wouldn't have either, with her having an IUD fitted and the sex being able to be bareback every time.

    I fucked her most week-days for nearly 18 months and with her being so needy and me so multi-orgasmic it was pretty thrilling I can tell you, for me too as a hot 17 year-old stripling who up to that time had never fucked a girl, much less a deeply frustrated big-cock-craving married cougar like her.

    But with me being so horny but totally inexperienced and sexually almost dangerously impetuous, I believe now that her private use of her dildos, by carefully staged and slow degrees, was probably the key to us safely and comfortably achieving it.
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  3. Shower not a grower. Amazingly I do not grow!
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    Audrey gets most of her sensation and pleasure from near the entrance of her vagina, so she likes the feel of the penis head going in and out of her. Whenever I (or another guy) is going into her for a second time after already cumming, whether first in her or another woman, Audrey likes the feel of my/his dick being semi-erect and as it's being pushed in, spreading out as it's being forced in.

    Audrey likes the feel of a dickhead going deeper in too, but the entrance is the most sensitive part of her vagina. (She likes her clit getting bumped during fucking and licked during oral, but that's an entirely different (orgasm) story.)
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    My husband showed me this post and requested that I give a woman's point of view, sooooo

    For me the length should be anywhere from 5" to whatever, but the penis should be thick, about 3 fingers thick, but what is important to me is that the man's waist should be small so that it fits inside my spread legs and he should thrust hard and grind it when pushing it down.

    I personally prefer the penis to be well lubricated and a ribbed condom or a dotted condom, also if you are going to come before me, then have a warm dildo ready to finish me without breaking the rhythm
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    It’s a difficult question to answer as each woman is different. My wife probably bucks the trend among women as she likes a long penis, she also likes girth but she told me that a long penis is so much better to play with. Stroking, sucking, licking etc etc. One of her lovers was really long and although she couldn’t accommodate his entire length, she loved it for all the other reasons. He was also a heavy cummer and would flood her.
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    my wife always wanted to maintain that view that penis size does not matter. She told me how her first bf had 30 cm, so it hurt and he couldn't get it all in anyway. But then she had to admit that once she had sex with a guy who had a micro penis and that did nothing for her. She would be happy with my penis if it would stand more often and for longer. She is quite impressed with my size when I am on viagra. She refuses to tell me how big the cocks of her lovers are.

    As a bisexual man, I have seen a lot of cocks and most were not bigger than mine. And mine is certainly short by porn standards. Just about 16 cm, maybe 18 on viagra.
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    I think when it comes to women's preferences we can safely assume anything under 4" is not really desireable, and can be deemed as micro penis. So, from the 4"-10" spectrum, from my experiences, women would prefer dead center of that target, or 6"-8". It it's a smaller framed woman, then consider her preference closer to 6"; but if it's a larger framed woman, consider her preference towards the 7-8" range. As a guy who's in the 5-6" range myself, I personally have always searched out smaller framed, slimmer gals that would be more appreciative of an average penis. I think in general my thinking has been spot on, however I've still felt inadequate on many occasions with petite ladies who still don't seem that impressed with what I've got. Could it be my thinking is off the mark?
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    No woman likes a dick bottoming out in there, so if a guy is long, he better be able to control it. Which makes me glad I'm not too long. When I orgasm I stop moving, start pumping cum, and push in hard. Girth, I think, is the bigger issue.
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    The width really makes the difference. My wife tells me that she is happy with mine because it is fat and of average size. You need to have some size to reach and some width to be felt. A bigger penis has the advantage that it is easier to use positions where the man is relatively far away from the woman. Obviously, the size of the woman matters a lot. If you have a smaller dick, you will have problems satisfying a huge woman, especially doggy style.
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