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Discussion in 'A Womans Perspective' started by luis123, Apr 13, 2008.

  1. Mickle

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    But some women will still date assholes with big cocks :D
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  2. wildphoenix

    wildphoenix Member

    Well, there is a cut off point :p

    True, but some women will date assholes with normal sized cocks or even smaller ones. In that case its not really the size of the dick that attracts them, its that they want to be treated a certain way.
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  3. CaptainCuckold

    CaptainCuckold New Member

    Just from what my wife has told me, and I've asked a bunch. Sex and love are different things to her. She cringes if a guy I tell her has like a 3 to 4 inch dick. She rolls her eyes, literally. Like, wow, wtf. She in one way feels bad for the lady, but in another way doesn't at all. She basically says if it was just for sex and sex alone, she would never choose that size._._ever. What woman, honestly, would want 3 inches ideally, is what she says. BUT it's not all about size for most women though she thinks. It's about how the guy makes her feel emotionally. If she got to know him, his interests, likes ,etc. size isn't an really an issue. Sex to her is a small part of an overall lifetime relationship. She said she's been lucky not to have had that small, however, she said every woman is though. She has told me directly that with this guy she's seeing, Eric, (7 and very thick), he hits something in her that feels good that I really don't. She said she still loves me more, even if for a few moments sexually it feels wonderful with him in her. It's every cuck's nightmare, and pleasure. Each woman is different. My wife might cringe at at a guy that is 3 to 4 inches, but some women probably don't care at all. It's all about how HER guy makes her feel emotionally that matters. If he loves her, respects her (even if she considers herself a slut and he does too), and treats her right. You can't always get that from a guy, even if he's say 9 inches. She says 9 inches isn't a RELATIONSHIP.
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  4. saturn

    saturn Super Moderator Staff Member

    Your wife sounds well-grounded, CaptainCuckold. I know you've said she has an account here. Make sure she knows we welcome her to read and/or post as she wishes.
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  5. CaptainCuckold

    CaptainCuckold New Member

    Saturn, thanks. Yes, she does have an account on here, and her name is Autumnbreeze. She has only made a couple posts I think, but she does come on once in awhile to read things, especially if I see something that gets me going.

    She and I both find it amazing some of the shit that people get into or what happens between people when reading posts. It's just fun to see where different people are at in this lifestyle and what they are thinking.

    She's pretty busy though, and to be honest, she's on Pintrest more than anything else. Typical woman. LOL.
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  6. carbilz

    carbilz New Member

    Is this average?

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  7. saturn

    saturn Super Moderator Staff Member

    Depends on some other details:

    Were you in the pool recently? ;)
    Is that flaccid or erect?

    If you are flaccid and were in the pool recently, then no way to tell from that pic. If you are flaccid, still hard to say for sure but looks like it would be below when it became erect. If that's erect, definitely not average.
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  8. nylonjacker

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  9. wildphoenix

    wildphoenix Member

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  10. Clucky hubby

    Clucky hubby Well-Known Member

    I'm only 4.5" whereas my wife's bf is 8". I know I don't satisfy my wife and that's why she has a bf
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  11. xlove19

    xlove19 New Member

    I have 6" with average thickness. My wife says it is enough as she has only mine. so no comparison. May be if she cuckold me in future I might get answer but it is too difficult for Pakistani women to cuckold her husband
  12. verkitwme

    verkitwme Well-Known Member

    AT 45 I had my first truly "big" cock, my husband said I instantly became a size queen.
    My first longterm boyfriend was only 4" and my hubby (25 yrs) is only 5.5
    My bull David is close to 9" and very thick with a big mushroom head.
    I LOVE looking at it, touching it, sucking it and when he fucks me the feeling is unbelievable.
    I literally become his slut......

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  13. slowpoking

    slowpoking Well-Known Member

    And you look so fine taking it, V. I can't help but wonder if a thick 7-incher would do anything for you.
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  14. slowpoking

    slowpoking Well-Known Member

    Part of what makes Saturn such a great moderator is he's kind and gives people the benefit of the doubt. This is a good example.
  15. jean.soumis

    jean.soumis Guest

    Wow, that's a great dick; I would be so happy for my future hotwife to find a bull that size and let him take over the penetrative sex entirely. My dick is only 13.2 cm (in inch 5.2) and that's proved quite a limitation throughout my active life.
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  16. NewCuck76

    NewCuck76 Active Member

    My gf was a size queen before our relationship. I'm about 6in and she loves my curve. I can make her cum quickly and many times because I hit the perfect place on her gspot and she loves it. She's said she regretted not trying smaller cocks sooner. You might think I'm Lieing but I've overheard her say this multiple times to her friends trying to get them to go smaller sometimes (she's kind of the sex expert type that they all come to for advice). She says guys with huge cocks, while may be good, they don't seem to try as hard as guys with smaller cocks. Her words not mine.

    However, I can't go deep, and I'm not dumb, everyone loves big cock. I mean when you watch porn, guy or girl, straight or gay, you want to see big cocks fucking girls (or guys).And my gfs loves it deep. So we have a bull for that. He's over 8inches and thick. So she gets a nice variety, deep and hard with him and intense gspot orgasms with me.

    This is why cuckolding is so great for everyone involved. She gets a good cock variety, I get to know she's enjoying it as well as the other benefits (which is a different list all together) and he gets to fuck my gf without the relationship side of things. Win win win.
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  17. jean.soumis

    jean.soumis Guest

    I do understand your point. Provided you don't lack the stamina and don't ejaculate too early (my problems), you can still achieve a lot with a shorter cock (but yours is already a bit longer than mine: 5.2inch - and at the shorter end of things, that does make a difference, as quite a few centimeters are lost on the way between the male pubis and the entrance to the vagina. I also see that a twist in the cock increases friction for the woman, and if the twist is upor down, than the g-spot can be reached better. Do I need to say that my dicklet is straight?! - Yes, I do see your point on variety: A shorter thicker one is better for wild penetration, a longer one better for more difficult positions, and a long and slim one is probably nicest to take in the mouth and ass, allowing a full insertion at the right angle. - So, just like you, I would be happy to see my wife try out all sorts of men, not only in relation to their cock size and shape, but also to age, and weight and character. One of the great spin-offs for me (as well as for her) in that would be an enormous self-confidence SHE would develop, knowing bit by bit that she knows how to relate to different physique and personalities, mnaging them all and standing er groun also in a threesome or with more than two men. Being myself a submissive man, intimidated by women rather than having any much confidence in front of them, I'd adore being the cuck-hubby to such a woman and worship her with full devotion and commitment.
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  18. UCUM666

    UCUM666 Well-Known Member

    Truly one of the greatest pics and posts ever!
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  19. There is no reason why every woman I ever dated had sought out huge dick guys to fuck.
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  20. Pathedick

    Pathedick Well-Known Member Founding Member

    VERY TRUE for a Lot of us cucks\Hotwifes. VERY WELL stated also.

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