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Discussion in 'A Womans Perspective' started by luis123, Apr 13, 2008.

  1. luis123

    luis123 New Member

    I was wondering where you placed your cut off point for penis size. Where does a penis stop being pleasurable for you, is only the really small penises that dont do it or do the average size penises also not give you pleasure?
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  2. short_meat

    short_meat New Member

    I assume you meant this question for the ladies; right? ;)

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  3. Sassy

    Sassy New Member

    I don't have a requirement on size, I do on skill though! I've had just under 6 inches make me soaked.
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  4. karin

    karin New Member

    for me the length is not the most important but the thickness or girth,I think the word is.
    If a penis is too thin and not very hard, I have a hard time feeling him at all.
    I've had very small lovers that were fun to be with but sexually couldn't satisfy me at all.
    My husband is not as big as my lovers and he's quite a bit older so his cock is not as hard as it was in his younger days but we figured out a way to solve that problem and I've posted a pic. showing our solution in my personal gallery.
    And the great thing of it is that it's both humiliating (which he likes) and satisfying( which I like)
  5. tinydickhusband

    tinydickhusband New Member

    What would you women do with a man like me? My penis is only three inches when I am hard. Of course this is why I am a cuck.
  6. SexiSammi

    SexiSammi New Member

    Anything over 7 inches is good for me ;) yeah, im a bit of a size freak
  7. elizabeth

    elizabeth New Member

    Hmm, i don't know. I havnt' had many. Eight is the largest, and it felt very good.
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  8. Nakita

    Nakita Member

    My hubbys is about 6in but since I had a boyfriend who have 8 1/2 in my hubbys now to small and does not make me cum like before, and I now crave bigger cocks.
  9. Sassy

    Sassy New Member

    I don't know how to answer that Tiny, my clit is two inches when I'm highly aroused or it's been pumped.
  10. plorig

    plorig New Member

    Sassy... your clit is as big as my erect penis!:toothy7:
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  11. gweny

    gweny New Member

    ringed and locked

    my K/H believes small dicks have to be ringed and locked that they can not spill anything .. self play is only twice a year ,with a condom permitted if he agrees . the house friend can cum the way he likes and how often he or she likes ...

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  12. Rick4Brenda

    Rick4Brenda New Member

    "Cut Off" Point!!!??? Yikes!

    I wish you chose different words for what you were asking. It makes me cringe to see "penis" and "cut off" used in the same sentence. ;)

  13. Ladynsniffer

    Ladynsniffer Wanker

    Size matters!

    As an owner of a very small penis (with small testicles) I can say that penetration sex with a woman is very difficult. There are physical challenges to overcome (like doggy style sex) and there seems to be limited arousal by women. Here's what I mean:

    I doubt that very many women pull out a tape measure. Instead, if a woman is attracted to a man she will often do a "package" check. Groping a guy lets her know what kind of equipment he's got and more important, answers the question, will it erect? If intimacy does take place there's the one, two, or three hand rule. When a woman grabs a man's penis and it measures only one hand tall (in my experience) she's likely to sit on top of the guy for maximum penetration and is very likely not to come back for a second ride. Two hands tall is average and three hands is eye popping. Of course, thickness plays an imporant role. A woman's hand that cannot close full around a penis is sure to inspire lots of arousal on her part.

    I know girls say "size doesn't matter" and in fact many women prefer a smaller penis (one and a half or two hands tall). But one hand tall or less is often disqualifying or only worthy of "mercy fucks".

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  14. bcanne50

    bcanne50 New Member

    My hubbie is 5.5 which is to small, the longest I have had was black and 10.5 it was a little to big, I realy like them black and around 8.5 .
  15. jlovesbbc

    jlovesbbc New Member

    while my husband is a little(haha) over six inches. i have found that i rather have nine or so. i do have a couple of black lovers that are only 8 81/2 that pleasure me immensely.
    but that is probably why i have been called jlovebbc since around 1998 hahaha. won't be with a boi that has less than six.
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  16. VROB

    VROB New Member

    Cock size is a favorite topic for my wife and me. The barbs directed my way by her regarding my diminutive size have been a constant source of humiliation and arousal for us both. Things like girth, overall attractiveness, and of course sexual experience and prowess come into play. But all other things being equal, bigger is better for us both. We agree 6 to 7 is for the most part adequate but as you might imagine we both prefer larger. We come across a cock 8 or better and we both quickly develop an acute case of cock worship. In all honesty nothing is sexier than a big, beautiful, huge cock.

    My wife and I have a standing disagreement about my size. She swears if I had been overly endowed she just might have never had her first affair. I say that’s absolute BS. She was promiscuous in high school, promiscuous in college, and she was destined to become a promiscuous wife. I would guess my diminutive size just accelerated her need to look for fulfillment elsewhere.

  17. truckman007

    truckman007 New Member

    i think size is not important if u can enjoy ur wife
  18. gamma16

    gamma16 New Member

    I have a 5 inch dick and some women had laughed of me and it makes me feel really horney
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  19. JimmyWTBCuck

    JimmyWTBCuck New Member


    Id have to agree. My wife has said that size does not matter, but certainly seems to act differently. I know the pain I feel trying to accomodate a different position. I struggle to get in and I clearly see my wife not moaning and groaning as I attempt to fill her. She also has no problem saying that I am small because she says it is the truth. So at least that is out there.
    However, I love being small..a great turn on. Cmon..if my wife really enjoyed me "plowing" into her, why does she so easily tell me to take care of myself. She just told me the other night to take it to the I would not shake the bed. This came about because she "playfully" said I was too small to bother with. I have seen enough that bigger ones simply seem to captivate attention. Small is small..oh well.

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  20. Michaelt

    Michaelt New Member

    I always thought I had a big cock didn't worry about my wife cucking me I knew she would want me .
    Then one morning she came home from an all night cucking I was in bed when I heard the door open and then she got undressed sat on my mouth her new lover had shaved her pussy ,I always wanted her to do that for me.
    She was full of cum and I went to work licking her clean I felt sort of intimidated with her bare pussy then she said you better do good eating me . My new fucker has a huge cock my cock went limp but I was still under the cuck spell .
    And my little dicked cuckold , that word "cuckold" was never used to me by her before !
    And he made me squirt ! His cock was so thick and long I flooded the bed I didn't know what was happening to me I shot a huge stream of water !
    I said you pissed? No I squirted all over his balls cock bed it was a lot at least a cup full.
    Then she told me she felt so stupid but her new bull said you squirted it only because you never been fucked right get use to it !
    He made her squirt every time she sat on his cock . I felt so little we have been fucking for 25 years and never got her to do that . I was replaced. I never fucked my wife again I couldn't get hard she lives with him now.

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