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    So, a little over a year ago I posted on here about a young Doctor my wife met at a charity dinner. I actually referred to him in a recent post in the last month as well, and maybe that made his ears burn because he just e-mailed my wife!

    This fellow, without revealing too much in the way of details, works for a Christian charity which does medical work in third world countries. We met him at a dinner to raise funds and he was in town just for a short while before doing a years' travel.

    Well a year has gone by and he will be coming back to town. My wife had actually gotten bored of him last year because of his constant concern over the fact that he was seeing a married woman. Like the charity for which he works, this man (he is single) is a Christian and had some considerable anxiety at sleeping with a married woman (not that this stopped him from doing it) but afterward he would seem to be sullen and disappointed with himself at having committed adultery and would comment as such. So much so that it started to annoy my wife. She retold to me how on one night, prior to sex, he began waxing on about whether what they were doing was right and she asked him pointedly, "do you want to talk about my husband or do you want to have sex?"

    All in all he was quite unlike the more dominant alpha type "bulls" my wife is used to, and eventually she dropped him and he went abroad anyway.

    Well....guess who just e-mailed my wife? He's coming back to town and wanted her to know he's been thinking about her the whole time she is gone. He assures her she knows she's happily married and he doesn't expect a relationship, but that in having had a year to think about it abroad he says he is completely at peace with carrying on an affair with a married woman and would be very interested in seeing her again.

    Now to explain the last part of the story I'll make mention of something else I have posted on here a little over a month ago for anyone who may not have seen the thread....a little over a month ago my wife attended a "class" on giving oral sex...if anyone remembers the thread I even posted a link to the event although it is probably not working now.

    Anyways...I asked my wife if she wanted to see him. "What are you going to do?" I asked.

    My lovely wife smiled and told me "I am going to give him the best blowjob of his life."
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    Don't you just love it when our wives tell us exactly what's on their minds. Sometimes when I ask my wife what her plans were for her "date" her answer was usually " I'm planning on him fucking my brains out tonight, this weekend or this week which ever fit the "date". She usually was well fucked when she got back from her date and sometimes she would have them come in to the house for "fuck me one more time" before they left. I'm glad for you that your wife tells you what is on her mind. GTR
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    Why don't you speak with the man and put his mind at ease? I.e., it's not morally wrong if all three adults are in agreement that it is good for each of them. How can it be wrong if we use our bodies in a way where no one is being harmed and everyone is being pleasured?

    Also as posted elsewhere:
    The poster above was introduced to being a cuckold by cuckolding another man by fucking his wife. Perhaps you and your wife will put your up-tight Christian friend and his future wife on a path of greater sexual honesty and satisfaction, as well as giving pleasure to others.
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    I met him the night she brought him home and he awkwardly shook my hand the next morning before he left. So he knows full well that I am OK with it.

    It's purely his hangup.
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    A guilty pleasure.
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    She has added one on Facebook. they cross post. .but he has since married, and although she loved his cock most of all, she won't consider doing him.

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