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    Party Like a Plutocrat
    by Gustav Jorgenson
    Book 2, Chapter 1


    Your friend Max, a self-styled “serial entrepreneurâ€￾ has a crazy idea to sell lingerie at parties in private homes. Short on cash, he begs your wife Erin to model for him along with his own wife, Jenny. Erin, the scientist and Jenny, the corporate CFO reluctantly agree, thinking that it might help spice up your love lives. But when billionaire Reginald Witherspoon show up at the first party, he takes a liking to your wives and sweeps them away to be his private lingerie models and sex toys. Now you and Max have to figure out how to get your wives back.

    Chapter 1 - A Thoroughly Unprofessional Video Conference

    You and your wife have only had a few brief phone calls over the couple of days. She claims that she is just so busy with a whirlwind of activities that she barely has time to catch her breathe. Finally you insist that you schedule a time to have a proper discussion. Jenny suggests having a video conference. You have a good video conference system at work, so Max agrees to meet you there for the call.

    You and Max are sitting in a conference room with an impressive view of San Francisco waiting for Erin and Jenny to call in.

    “So have you talked to Jenny much the past few days?â€￾ you ask Max.

    “Not really, she says that Witherspoon has a grueling social life,â€￾ he says smiling humorlessly.

    “I can recall the last time she and I have gone more than a couple of days without having a long conversation. It’s feels weird. I… miss my wife, Max,â€￾ you say simply, looking at him sadly.

    “I’m sorry, my friend. I really am. I miss Jenny too. The house feels too empty without her. I’m not even cooking up any new business ideas,â€￾ he says glumly.

    “Oh, boy,â€￾ you laugh. “Someone call a doctor.â€￾

    Just then the video conference system chimes and you press the button to answer the call. An image of Erin and Jenny sitting at a rich mahogany conference table flashes immediately on the large monitor. You are disturbed to see that they are both wearing lacy bras, and you glance nervously at the glass wall of the conference room and wonder if you should pull the shade.

    “Erin!â€￾ you exclaim. “It’s so good to see you.â€￾

    “Hi honey!â€￾ shouts Max, waving enthusiastically.

    “Hi Ted!â€￾ says Erin with a loving smile waving back.

    “Hey Max!â€￾ returns Jenny warmly.

    “Wow this audio and image quality is very good,â€￾ says Erin, impressed.

    “You must have a high end system on that end too. This one at work is a top end mode,.â€￾ you say, “Hey where are you two now?â€￾

    “On a yacht in the New York Harbor if you can believe it,â€￾ says Jenny, leaning back laconically.

    “So what the heck have you two been doing for the past four days?â€￾ you ask, trying not to sound annoyed or jealous.

    “We’ve basically been conscripted into Reggie’s entourage,â€￾ says Jenny shaking her head in bemusement.

    “It’s fun!â€￾ exclaims Erin bouncing in her seat girlishly. Your heart melts at the sight of her so happy and excited and you feel like a heel for being so jealous. She deserves a fling once in her life.

    Jenny looks at Erin tenderly and then continues. “Yeah, it’s something. It’s really unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. These guys go non-stop. From meetings to meals to parties to concerts to conferences to ground breakings. Unbelievable!â€￾

    “Ground-breakings?â€￾ asks Max in astonishment.

    “Ground-breakings. With silver shovels and everything,â€￾ says Erin, nodding enthusiastically and continuing to bounce in her seat. Her boobs are bouncing in the thin material of the bra and you would swear that Max licks his lips unconsciously at the sight of them. “And lots of shopping. And sex,â€￾ adds Erin, but Jenny shoots her a look and she blushes.

    “Yeah, uh, I’ll bet,â€￾ you say, shakily.

    “We can… talk about it when I get home,â€￾ says Erin, settling down a little and leaning forward to give you a smoldering look.

    You gulp at the sight of her cleavage and wish she was coming home right now.

    “When are you coming home?â€￾ asks Max. “Can you send us your itinerary or something?â€￾

    “The thing is, it’s hard to say exactly…â€￾ says Jenny then looks off screen with annoyance. “Sergei! We are on a video conference here. Can you give us a few minutes?â€￾ she says loudly and not very politely. “Ugh,â€￾ she says rolling her eyes.

    “Who is Sergei?â€￾ asks Max.

    As if in answer you see a short, fat, balding man in his fifties walk into the frame with his erect penis poking through his open fly. He walk right up to Erin and sticks it unceremoniously into her ear.

    “I have cock!â€￾ he shouts, waggling his eyebrows at your wife.

    “What the fuck?â€￾ says Max with a laugh.

    Erin pulls Sergei’s cock out of her ear and start nonchalantly stroking it for him. “I see you have cock, Sergei, but we’re on a video conference, here,â€￾ says your wife pointing to the screen.

    “Jesus, Max, did you see how casually she just started giving this fat slob a handjob?!â€￾ you demand indignantly. You heart is racing at the sight of it.

    Sergei squints at the camera. “Oh, hello. I give Erin fuck now. Erin, suck, please.â€￾

    “Sorry, guys,â€￾ says Jenny giving Sergei a look of annoyance. “Please don’t get the impression that it’s been like this the whole time.â€￾

    Erin looks at the camera guiltily. “Sorry Ted, hold on just a sec.â€￾ Then she look up at Sergei and guides his penis into her mouth.

    “Oh man!â€￾ says Max, obviously turned on and your stomach turns to ice as you watch with your mouth hanging open.

    “Just, uh, I don’t know how to blank the screen on this,â€￾ says Jenny, struggling with the remote.

    “Who the fuck is that guy?â€￾ you shout.

    “I’m not sure, I think he’s an oligarch or something,â€￾ says Jenny. “This might be his yacht actually.â€￾

    Sergei pulls his cock out of your wife’s mouth and kisses her hand gently. “Please, Erin, I give fuck. Come up here.â€￾ He pats the table encouragingly.

    You wife is blushing and looking at the camera with chagrin. “Uh, this will only take a minute, just hold on.â€￾

    Sergei politely helps your wife to her feet and as she stands, you see that she was naked from the waist down.

    “Erin!â€￾ you shout. “Were you just sitting there this whole time totally bottomless?â€￾

    She is distracted by Sergei boosting her up onto the table and spreading her legs.

    “Gentlemen, please! I give fuck now,â€￾ says Sergei sternly to you and Max as he climbs onto your wife, laying on her back on the conference table and puts his dick into her. Erin wraps her arm around his hairy back and starts laughing hysterically as he fucks her right before your eyes.

    “Oh, Ser-gei We - need - to - shave - your back,â€￾ she stutters as he pounds her..

    You feel sickened by the sight of your wife getting violated by this disgusting oligarch, but your cock is getting hard in spite of yourself. Max adjusts himself as he watches with interest.

    At that moment an intern working late walks down the hall and glances into the room. She sees your wife getting fucked on the video conference screen, and quickly averts her eyes, rushing away, blushing deeply.

    “Oh, shit, Max, pull those shades,â€￾ you say, mortified that this will get around the office.

    Max complies quickly and returns to his seat to watch your wife get screwed by this fat oligarch.

    Jenny looks on while Erin gets fucked with a smile. “He’s such a pig. I wouldn’t fuck him like that,â€￾ she tells you and Max.

    Sergei stops when she says that and pulls out of your wife, leaving her gasping and giggling on her back with her legs in the air. “You Jenny, you are so…â€￾ he turns to Erin and asks “What is word?â€￾

    “Haughty,â€￾ laughs Erin struggling to catch her breathe.

    Sergei’s eyes light up and he nods vigorously “Haughty! Yes, Jenny, you are so haughty with me. I think you need cum.â€￾

    “Oh no!â€￾ says Jenny shaking her head and holding up her hands with a smile. “You keep that filthy thing away from me,â€￾ she shrieks as the roly poly Russian rushes around the table and points his cock at her face.

    “So haughty, I like,â€￾ he says, jerking his dick vigorously, just inches from her face.

    Max looks on with disgust then turns away,â€￾I can’t watch this,â€￾ he groans.

    “How dare you!â€￾ shouts Jenny with mock outrage, but then she tilts her cheek coyly, offering it to Sergei, and he starts blasting spurts of cum all over her face.

    “Good, that’s how you look good. Thank you, see you later,â€￾ says Sergei and then walks off, zipping up his fly.

    “Sorry about that, Max,â€￾ says Jenny. Then she turns to Erin, “Is there a towel around here?â€￾

    “I don’t think so.â€￾ says Erin peeling her bare ass off the mahogany table and disappearing from the frame as she roots around for one.

    “I think you have to out to that changing room,â€￾ says Erin slipping back into her seat behind the conference table. “I’m not going out there.â€￾

    “Ugh, well, whatever, I will clean up later,â€￾ says Jenny with resignation. She wipes some of the cum off her cheeks but her chin is still slick with jizz. “Where were we?â€￾

    “That was totally fucked up!â€￾ shouts Max. “I mean what the fuck was that?â€￾

    “That was Sergei,â€￾ says Erin pursing her lips and suppressing a smile. “He gives fuck.â€￾ She and Jenny break out laughing at this and it takes them a few minutes to regain composure.

    “Erin!â€￾ you say with a hurt expression.

    “Oh, come now darling, you can’t be jealous of that little fatty. I was just humoring him,â€￾ says Erin making a dismissive gesture.

    “Humoring?â€￾ you ask in outrage. “That’s humoring?â€￾

    “Ted, come on,â€￾ says Erin furrowing her brow. “You saw Reggie fuck me the other day. And jeez, you came in my mouth while Ben fucked me and then sat looking on while he shot his load in my face. You must have realized what was going on here.â€￾

    Jenny makes a face and shifts uncomfortably in her seat, “We’re sort of providing sexual entertainment.â€￾

    “Some of these rich, powerful men have become used to indulging their urges,â€￾ says Erin shaking her head. “It’s fascinating really. In some ways they are like children, expecting instant gratification.â€￾

    “Or animals,â€￾ says Jenny with a slight sniff of disdain. “And for some reason, us professional, middle-aged, housewives playing lingerie games are the stars of the show right now. And believe me, there are plenty of women around to service these men.â€￾

    “Oh, we are just very unique,â€￾ says Erin, and you smile as you recognize her analytic mode kicking in. “We aren’t like the jaded older courtesans that hang around, these sexual hijinks are still all fresh and slightly shocking to us. Yet, we aren’t like the young gorgeous statues either, most of these young girls are either uptight and brittle or flighty and wild. We’re mature, adult women, with actual day jobs, who have somehow gotten into a bit of casual whoring with billionaires. But at the end of the day, the fact is, we don’t give a damn about this rich guy world. I’ll take my little tour, but I have a proper loving husband and a lab to go home to,â€￾ Erin looks at you lovingly and you tear up slightly. You know that you will figure out a way to forgive her for all this somehow.

    Jenny smiles warmly at Erin’s little speech. “I think you are right. But these bastards are fickle. I have a feeling that Reggie would tire of us in a couple of weeks and toss us aside. The same for the rest of the offers.â€￾

    Erin listens to Jenny and nods in agreement.

    “You are getting a lot of offers?â€￾ you ask nervously.

    “Oh yeah,â€￾ says Erin with a shrug. “I haven’t been keeping track.â€￾

    “I have,â€￾ says Jenny consulting her phone. “Of course there is Reggie’s offer to put on payroll. They wanted a salary requirement so I just took my and Erin’s current salaries and doubled them which came to around $1million dollars a year for both of us.â€￾

    “And?â€￾ asks Max, with excitement.

    “Smithers didn’t bat an eye, he sent us the offer letter that same day,â€￾ says Jenny shaking her head in disbelief. “But we haven’t accepted it yet. I want to put some escrow provisions in before I even consider a deal like that. A billionaire can tear up a contract in a heartbeat and crush you with his lawyers.â€￾

    “Besides, we can’t see ourselves doing ‘event planning’ for a living,â€￾ says Erin, looking at Jenny significantly.

    “Right,â€￾ agrees Jenny, returning Erin’s look. You aren’t sure what is passing between these two right now, but it almost seems like Jenny is less eager to leave the ‘rich guy’ world behind.

    “Then you have these open ended offers like Sergei gave us. He just wants us to come join his entourage indefinitely and he promises to give us whatever we happen to want, cash, stock options, jewels, whatever. But no contract, nothing solid… Then a couple of madames have expressed interest in forming something like limited partnerships. Apparently the models we trained a couple weeks ago put some of the games we taught them into practise and they have become much more popular.â€￾

    “Training gorgeous bimbos to play peekaboo with billionaires, Yuk!â€￾ says Erin giving a thumbs down.

    “Honey, it wouldn’t be forever, maybe for a couple of weeks?â€￾ says Jenny looking at Erin beseechingly.

    “Yeah, that sounds like it wouldn’t be a bad gig,â€￾ says Max, looking over at you questioningly.

    “Well, I think Erin is just saying that she has a good gig already,â€￾ you say delicately.

    “Yes, I do good science. Our research might help cure diseases some day. I feel good about that,â€￾ says Erin. “I’m not trying to find a new job as a whore. I am just whoring for fun.â€￾ She takes Jenny’s hand. “I like Ben, I like Reggie, I like all the attention. It’s really flattering,â€￾ she says turning to you. “I mean, next to these fresh young models, I feel like an old bag, but when Jenny and I are playing our little lingerie games and all the men are staring at my body with their mouths hanging open, it makes me feel really… confident.â€￾

    “I know dear, it’s great fun,â€￾ says Jenny patting her hand. “But we do need to take some of these offers under consideration. You know that internet guy, Richards? He wants us to go to Monaco with him.â€￾

    “Really?â€￾ says Erin with interest. “Does Reggie know?â€￾

    “Nope,â€￾ says Jenny pursing her lips.

    “Ok, well, we might not be home for a couple of weeks then,â€￾ says Erin. “But when I do come home, I have a great idea that should help make you feel less hurt and jealous.â€￾

    “What is that?â€￾ you ask skeptically.

    “Well, I am going to bring some of these young models that we trained home for you to play with,â€￾ says Erin with an impish grin.

    “Can I come?â€￾ asks Max with a leer.

    “That seems fair,â€￾ says Jenny.

    Just then both women look off camera again. “Oh Ben, wow. How did you get here? We are just on a conference call with our…friends, Max and Ted. Can you hold on?â€￾ say Erin with a wicked smile.

    “No,â€￾ says Ben simply, striding into the frame and grabbing Erin by the arm.

    Erin shrieks with laughter as Ben hauls her to her feet. “Bend over!â€￾ demands Ben excitedly.

    “But what did I do, Ben?â€￾ asks Erin struggling with him and laughing. You notice Max perk up at the sight of Erin’s exposed bush and you grit your teeth in annoyance. How can she just walk around bottomless like that?

    “You ditched me back in the city and thought I wouldn’t find you here!â€￾ he says pushing Erin forward playfully so that she’s bent over with her elbows on the table and her bare ass facing him.

    “Uh, Ben, we are still on a video conference with Max and Ted,â€￾ says Jenny gently.

    Ben waves at the camera. “That’s fine. I sure they don’t mind watching while I discipline the staff a little bit.â€￾ Then he starts spanking your wife’s bare ass playfully while she wriggles with excitement and laughs.

    Jenny looks on with disapproval and then turns to the camera. “Sorry about this guys, hold on. I will handle this.â€￾

    Jenny stands up and pushes her chair back and you are disappointed to see that she, in contrast to your wife, has kept her panties on. She is wearing thigh high stockings as well.

    “Ben, stop!â€￾ says Jenny sternly, grabbing his hand.

    He look at her with amused dismay, still panting from excitement. “But she deserves it!â€￾ he says cheerily.

    “Ben!â€￾ admonishes Jenny. “Slow down. Take a deep breathe. Stop for a minute, will you?â€￾

    “Yes, Ok,â€￾ he says, straightening his shoulders.

    “Be in the moment. You’ve got a beautiful woman bent bare assed over a mahogany conference table on a yacht in New York Harbor,â€￾ she says.

    “Agreed,â€￾ says Ben taking the air of a student.

    “You’ve basically convinced this woman to hand herself over to you,â€￾ says Jenny with a smile. “Relish the opportunity for a moment. Look at these shapely calves and thighs,â€￾ she adds gesturing at your wife’s legs. Your mouth goes dry as you watch this little game and Max’s eyes are wide with anticipation.

    “You’re right,â€￾ says Ben gazing down at your wife’s gorgeous legs.

    “See how she has them spread slightly… suggestively?â€￾ asks Jenny. “Now here, feel this thigh. Feel how smooth it is?â€￾ she says taking Ben’s hand and putting it on Erin’s thigh.

    “It’s smooth,â€￾ agrees Ben, warming up to this.

    Erin grins at you and wrinkles her nose, shifting slightly as Ben feels up her legs from behind. She is facing the camera with her large white breasts pressed against the table and you enjoy the sight of her cleavage spilling out of her skimpy bra.

    “How about this inner thigh?â€￾ asks Jenny huskily and you can tell she is getting aroused by giving Ben these directions.

    “Ohh, I like this game, Jenny,â€￾ says Erin, looking over her shoulder. “You like me, don’t you Ben?â€￾ she asks innocently.

    Jenny winks at Erin lewdly. Ben is too engrossed in feeling her up to answer. “I’m sure you notice Erin’s labia there, swollen with arousal, but don’t touch that yet,â€￾ says Jenny, reaching over and unzipping Ben’s fly for him.

    “Ugh, ok Jenny,â€￾ he says as she extracts his stiff prick and starts stroking it for him.

    “Here, feel Erin’s smooth white back,â€￾ says Jenny, pulling Ben closer by his cock. “Maybe you should unsnap her bra so that you can really enjoy this smooth expanse of pale gorgeous skin.â€￾

    “You’re making me blush!â€￾ giggles Erin.

    Ben unsnaps your wife’s bra and runs his hands over her back and down her sides. Your wife is wriggling in anticipation and you gulp and grip your own hard-on.

    “There you go, Ben!â€￾ says Jenny encouragingly. She is breathing heavily now as she continues to jerk Ben’s penis. “Now grip those soft wide hips!â€￾

    Ben’s mouth is hanging open as he grips your wife’s hips and then runs his hand over her round white ass. Then he slips his hand down between her legs and your wife gasps with pleasure.

    “What are you touching there, Ben?â€￾ gasps Jenny pulling frantically on his rod.

    “Oh, her clit, but she’s really wet now,â€￾ he says.

    “Will you let Ben put it in now, Jenny?â€￾ asks your wife sweetly, and your insides are churning as she says it.

    Jenny helps Ben guide his thing into your wife and then stands back and looks on with interest, idly touching herself as he starts fucking her.

    Erin looks at the camera and makes a cute “oâ€￾ with her mouth. Her cheeks are flushed and she looks beautiful. She raises herself up slightly, leaving her unfastened bra on the table and her generous tits starts swinging back and forth from the impact of Ben banging her from behind. You look over and notice with disgust that Max is actually jerking off under the table as he watches.

    “Jesus, MAX!â€￾ you exclaim.

    “Sorry, but this is hot stuff!â€￾ he says apologetically putting his thing away.

    Jenny looks over in surprise as though she had forgotten that she was still on a video conference. “Oops, this is probably TMI. Sorry, boys, I better cut this connection now. Love you Max, see you soon!.â€￾ she says, grabbing the remote control.

    “Love you Ted!â€￾ cries Erin passionately as another man penetrates her from behind.

    And with that the screen goes dark.

    “This is bullshit!â€￾ you tell Max angrily. “I am going to New York!â€￾

    “Uh, what?â€￾ says Max uncertainly.

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