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Partner's Lover Must Be Selfish.

Discussion in 'Humiliation X' started by slutplay, Mar 15, 2011.

  1. slutplay

    slutplay Loving Slut

    I wonder how many Cucks would agree with me that the man that has sex with one's partner/wife ideally should be a selfish user. I think this is far more exhilarating than a considerate man that puts her needs first. That's my job.
    While he should wine and dine her now and then, this really should be just an ulterior motive for getting her in the mood to be used.
    Hearing words like "He wants me round his place tonight" at the last minute is exciting in the extreme.
    To know that as she undresses to get into bed with you that she has just been ( and is regularly ) the slut of another man that just uses her for his own selfish pleasure and that she willingly submits to him, is surely one of the most cock hardening situations that cucks can experience. A little while before she has been naked at his house and abused perhaps verbally; certainly used sexually.
    To know that he brags to his friends about what a whore your partner is ( she is cheating and willingly up for being used after all ) and that they perhaps leer at her while she is in a pub with him before he takes her somewhere
    to use her for sex is a wonderful feeling. Especially when you watch her strip off til she is naked afterwards at home and then she slides in between the sheets with you and you stroke her soft body and make love to your loving lady.
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  2. wifedateshubwaits

    wifedateshubwaits Active Member

    I think there is definitely some truth to what you say. In fact, my wife prefers somewhat cocky, assertive men as boyfriends. She is definitely attracted to "bad boys" and likes guys who treat her like a slut. She's told me that she can indulge herself with these kind of guys knowing that I'm there for her and that I treat her like a princess the rest of the time. It seems the more sensitive and caring I am, the more she craves these other guys for sex.
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  3. stuckcuck

    stuckcuck Well-Known Member

    not sure about the selfish aspect but i cannot argue it. quite sure about the arrogant assertive guy that knows how to spread my wife's legs. there is something about a self-confident, arrogant, alpha-male that thrills my wife. not the the kind of guy she wants to cuddle with her but definitely the kind of guy that spreads her long legs. and yet again there i am at home waiting for her.
  4. christinebitg

    christinebitg Well-Known Member

    Yes, I think that's how it works. The nicer you are, the more she needs it from an alpha type guy. And probably, if my experience is relevant, the less she needs or wants penetration from you.


  5. keyless

    keyless Well-Known Member

    The men the dominants I've had in my life have always seemed to be attracted to the aggressive, masculine hyper-sexual types. One of my dommes had a streak of submission herself, and enjoyed being "taken" by a confident, assertive male.

    She enjoyed being objectified and I'm sure that her initial curiosity in taking other lovers started with her desire to "have it both ways." She already had me to placate and submit to her, so it was only natural that she would seek out someone who cared more about his own goals than hers.
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  6. mike.cuck

    mike.cuck New Member

    I don't think "selfish" would be the term I used. When I think of "selfish" I think of a guy who is trying to get his rocks off as fast as possible and has no consideration for the woman he is with. If my wife spends the night with a guy and never has an orgasm then what is the point. I can not give my wife an orgasm all night, and have on many occasions.

    I would much prefer seeing her with an assertive, self confident, dominate type of guy. A guy who will bring her to orgasm but they will get there his way.

    I do know what you mean by, feeling like you are there more for her needs. Whenever I see a guy go down on my wife, my heart sinks a little. I feel like that is more my job, he is just suppose to fuck her.

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  7. footboycuck

    footboycuck Real Cuckold

    I think that the type of men that fuck married women, alpha males with big dicks, are just naturally arrogant--at least in my experience. And they don't hesitate to have my wife on their terms when and where they want. I don't think its selfish as much as arrogant, but that is the type of man my wife always spreads her legs for. Its a little frustrating that I am the sensitive guy that cares for her and takes care of her needs, but they get the pussy--always. Part of being a cuckold I suppose. My wife has me if she needs a sensitive guy with a little dick so I doubt she would fuck another guy like me. When she needs a man, she likes one with a big cock who will just take her and fuck her like a little rag doll and then send her back to me while he moves on to another conquest.
  8. I once had a girlfriend i dated who was also living with her other boyfriend at the time. She would give me nothing, but allow me to take her out wine and dine her, but she got her sexual needs met by him. I was the nice guy who treated her nice and kind..like a queen, but her boyfriend got to use her and enjoy her sexually. Seems like i was the one who made her happy and prepped her for him to enjoy and i had to be the one who dealt her when he made her unhappy. I was actually quite sexually excited about it and we role played about it while texting and she enjoyed tekking me what they did together. Im only sorry it didnt work out between us. The boyfriend even saw the videos i would make for her. It was really arousing knowing he was seeing everything while i was humiliating myself for her.
  9. pigr75

    pigr75 Well-Known Member

    This is an interesting thread. Most of the responses seem to have in common that the key is what the wife wants and needs from another man--a bigger dick, a bit of arrogance, a more controlling nature, whatever. My wife isn't attracted to arrogant assholes, but she does want and need to be far more submissive to a lover than she is comfortable being with me.

    But it works both ways: I have personally cuckolded an arrogant asshole in the past, and a good friend of mine is in a long term relationship like that right now. Both those women wanted and needed more TLC and attention than they were getting at home.
  10. For me specifically, i cant speak for others, but the thought of another man selfishly indulging in the pleasure of my partners body, is what is especially erotic. The thought that he is experiencing freely all the sexual release and enjoyment with her while i am left to my own devices is at the same time frustrating and fantastically erotic and makes me hard even now while writing this.

    My gf and i had roleplayed what would happen if i were to walk into their aparyment and be controlled sexually by him, and she quite assured me that he would definately control us. We would have no choice but to do his will sexually, which made me cum so hard while roleplaying with her, because most of the time she had to make sure he didnt see us texting. He never hurt her physically, i never ever wanted that in a million years, But what i found so erotic wad the way he controlled her , not lettimg us even text freely, which drove me crazy with frusttation eondering what else he was doing to her sexually that she never told me about.
  11. footboycuck

    footboycuck Real Cuckold

    Let me add that its not that my wife likes/loves/enjoys the company of these arrogant, alpha males. Its like she is a moth drawn to the flame, she almost seems to hate herself for doing it, but her little legs just spread wide for these men--even to the point of firmly sending me away so they can have privacy with her. It frustrates me to no end to watch her walk away with her arm around one of these men, especially knowing she will return to me to sore and spent to even let me touch her for several days, but its a sight I have come to know, love and hate all at once.

  12. pigr75

    pigr75 Well-Known Member

    I would love to hear a few women weigh in on this topic. How do you feel about arrogant men? Is there something in their self-confidence that gets your juices flowing? Does the aspect of being used for his pleasure appeal to you?
  13. This makes sense to me actually, the nice guy being taken advantage of and his wife being enjoyed by a more aggressive man who takes what he wants instead of asking if he can have it, which fits me totally. It's the reason I've not had sex yet, I've been too shy to take advantage of obvious chances and it's why, if I was married I would most likely just allow another man to conquer my wife and do nothing to stop it.
  14. Mickle

    Mickle New Member Founding Member

    hopeful. There is some truth in what you say, but women are emotional and act on impulse, my wife is very aggressive sexually, not with me though, but her B/Fs I have met over the years, have always been very aggressive with her, I know from her friends that the ones they have introduced her to have been aggressive as well, maybe like attracts like, a male aggressor attempts to calm a female aggressor. I know that my wife is not attracted to weak guys.
  15. murph's

    murph's Member

    Absolutely - most cuckold's wives are looking for a man that is more aggressive and sexually dominant. I watch the way my acts when one of her potential lovers is nice to her and considerate - she ends up teasing him mercilessly and getting bored with him. When they are aggressive and sexually dominant she is putty in their arms.

    She has been abused and used and she goes back for more - if she wanted a kind lover she comes home ;-)
  16. OwnedCuck

    OwnedCuck New Member

    For sure bulls tend to be aggressive, arrogant, assertive and women are drawn to their confidence and masculinity. But I think the essence of a bull is a sense of entitlement. Bulls take what they want and feel that they deserve whatever they desire, regardless of how it impacts someone else. They want a woman and could care less if she has a husband. I envy their sense of entitlement because I think it gets them everything they want, they don't hold back. And women instinctively respond to this type of man.
  17. Mickle

    Mickle New Member Founding Member

    You have made an excellent post OwnedCuck, I agree with all your comments, one of the points I have found is that because of their arrogance, and their belief that they can do what they want, without bothering about the woman's satisfaction, they do.

    The women themselves are turned on by his selfishness, and receive a far higher sexual satisfaction, than they would ever receive with a caring cuck, the basic raw animal instinct, gives the women the satisfaction, only a bull can.
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  18. ruski75

    ruski75 New Member

    I wouldn't use the word selfish but definitely assertive and dominant. When we first embarked on this lifestyle the guys my partner slept with were ones we had enjoyed threesomes with previously and so they were both quite tentative at first.

    This has completely changed now as they both have realised that this is something that they do and I watch. Both the regular guys she sleeps with are much more assertive now and lead their love making as I assume they would do naturally.

    My partner's enjoyment has definitely increased as she is led by her lovers' in their sex. I think both guys have also realised that she enjoys being taken however they want and that the humiliation aspect for me is something I enjoy. I think we're lucky in this way - everyone knows their roles and play these parts in the bedroom. Outside we're all really good friends.
  19. CrazyKristenNick

    CrazyKristenNick New Member

    Wow, read this thread just for fun and it sort of made a light go off. Kris and I have been role-playing her cheating on me, and she is also very sexually submissive and likes rough sex, bondage and some humiliation. She's very much into playing/being a slut. I've tried to meet her needs are far as the dominating and the rough stuff, but even six years into marriage I'm still not fully comfortable with it. Maybe because it's weird physically hurting someone you're crazy in love with, or I'm worried about getting too into it and really hurting her (she's 5'6" and I'm 6'2", and a lot stronger).

    Reading through this thread made me really think about her liking, her need, to submit, and I'm sure she must be highly attracted to alpha males. She has agreed to have sex with other guys, and we tried (unsuccessfully) to get her hooked up wit someone while in Las Vegas for a few days for her birthday. I wonder if her desire for an alpha male, maybe more than she's getting at home, made the decision fairly easy for her. Or maybe it's her fantasy to be such a slut she can't help but be an adulterous wife. After reading through this thread I think it might be very possible that once she starts, she's going to VERY much enjoy fucking other guys who dominate her and provide a good hard fucking...more than I do. I find that both disturbing, and kind of exciting. Her meeting up with and getting into a sexual relationship with someone with extensive experience in BD/SM would be the fast track for someone sexually owning my wife.

    Sorry if this was a ramble, but this thread turned out to be rather insightful.

  20. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    Makes sense, and you are right to be concerned about not hurting her. Some girls like fantasizing and doing rough sex, BUT make sure everyone understands the limits and have a safe word so if you are pushing it, which can be fun, that everyone knows when to back off.

    Sex play is full of contradictions. I love my wife, but let her fuck other men. My wife wants a secure, stable home, but wants sexual variety. Some women want to be ''taken'', but not raped. So plan it when you are not sexually excited, objective and sober - then go have fun pushing the limits exploring.

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