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Overhearing One Woman Tell Another Woman You're Not Hung

Discussion in 'Humiliation X' started by Xirix, Jul 17, 2017.

  1. Xirix

    Xirix New Member

    Well I'm new here and I may as well be chronological from the beginning. What's really interesting about discussing with other men about how they enjoyed they were humiliated by a woman over their lack of size, sometimes this can manifest itself not in a make out session that becomes undressing that becomes SPH, but instead a guy can really get off learning about how his girl friend or wife thinks of him as being small. The words themselves gets him off. So I will begin this with my very first SPH moment, and at the time I did not know there was such a thing as SPH and at the time I was full on humiliated.

    I have a candaulist fetish and when I discovered I had this I did not know what to do with it. At the time I didn’t know it was a “thing” that other guys had. I was 17 when I first discovered this, and not in a positive way. My high school girlfriend was very modest, and when we had for each of us our first second base experience, I was 17 and in 11th grade and she was 16 and in 10th grade, and I eventually asked her whether I was the first guy to see her (fantastic Playboy) tits. She said I was, but then checked her comment and said she had to lower her gown before a doctor, not her regular one who was a woman, but a young guy because she went in without an appointment on a chest cold related problem, and she was extremely embarrassed. And strangely, at that moment, I realized that what had happened to her turned me on. And that I was also turned on by her being humiliated over it happening to her. This was of course all new to me, and at 17 years old, I had no idea of candaulism, or a man being turned on by the fetish of Embarrassed Nude Female of his own girlfriend or wife – I didn’t know about any of this. But I did immediately understand I was not only turned on by the doctor’s seeing my girlfriend’s naked breasts, I was excited by her remembering it and how she had been, and still was, humiliated by the memory of it. And that her humiliation turned me on. And I understood that. I was on the edge of discussing this with her but I could sense my probing questions were not correct and not what she wanted her boyfriend to say to her, so I dropped it. But I did go on the forums dedicated to this sub-genre of fetish related to “medical ENF”, which is a thing. I personally did not have a medical fetish and only sought this out to learn if other men were turned on by their girls being humiliated in front of other men, and I learned this is a real thing that other guys have this same interest, medical sure, but most like me – just a plain ENF or HNF (Humiliated Nude Female) fetish.

    Outside of laying the groundwork in my mind for a woman being turned on by being humiliated, I did not pursue this with my “high school sweetheart”, and we only got to second base, though I did play a trick on her and hid in her bedroom to see her fully nude after a shower and she was f***ing pissed! But that was only a childish silliness.

    This same girl was the first girl to give me a hand job. She made no negative comment about my size. Neither did the first girl I had sex with in college. But I did believe I was undersized.

    But it wasn't before long that I did eventually get humiliated over my having a small penis. This event was when I was 20.

    I met a girl in my third year of college when I was 21, and she was the only person who I was honest with about humiliation and how it turned me on. She discussed with me her past humiliation and how it came to turn her on, and how she became turned on by guys being sexually humiliated. She asked me if I was ever sexually humiliated and I told her what had happened a year before:

    The year before I had to have an annual exam for college baseball. There was a 30 second period when my gown was pulled down by the female doctor and I was standing nude in front of her and the nurse. I caught the nurse eyeing me up and down taking in my full view. I had always a fear of being viewed in this kind of way because I thought of myself as not large, and here was a young doctor in her early 30s, and a nurse just a few years older than me, both of them seeing me totally nude. So the exam ended and I left. But I realized after leaving the clinic that though my form was signed I forgot to get a signature on the vision card, a separate paper. The lady let me back into the hallway and I walked to the exam room but they were gone, and I realized they had moved from the exam room to the doctor's office.

    The door was partially opened and I overheard them speaking and the nurse said to the doctor, "I can't believe I got to see Tom - - - - - - - in the nude." I never knew from where she would have known me. College? High School? Baseball? But I froze in partial terror, realizing she knew me from some circumstance. After she said, "I can't believe I got to see Tom - - - - - - - in the nude," the doctor responded to her with, "Well . . . what there was to see of him." I couldn't believe she said that. The doctor had used a moment of girl to girl unprofessionalism to size me up and put me in a humiliating light in commenting about my size to the nurse. There was a pause and the nurse gave a slight laugh and said, "Yeah. He isn't exactly hung." I died on the spot. And as I stood there the doctor said, "Not . . . at . . . all." The nurse laughed again. Oh, fuck. It was a total humiliation, and I couldn't get over it for a while. I had at the moment no such small penis humiliation fetish and didn’t even know there was such a thing. I just left the hallway and forged the signature on the eye exam part, what the fuck did they know anyway.

    Instead of showing me any sympathy for what happened to me, she busted up laughing. Afterward she said to me that she would have wanted to have been there in the exam room to see the two women and their reaction during the moment I was totally naked. She said the nurse should have smirked at me in a very subtle way while I was in the nude, after her eyes swept over my penis. This brought up a shock by me. I said to her I thought she would not react the way she had, and that it was making me feel humiliated, all over again. And she did nothing but bust up laughing some more. Then she added that my standing there nude and not hung probably made her (the nurse’s) day, and gave her something to laugh about privately. “And she knew you from somewhere, and now you’re standing there and not man-sized in her eyes.” And Lisa just laughed about this.

    I asked her if she were ever naked and humiliated and she promised she would tell me about it, but she said she wondered if I would humiliate myself for her benefit. She said it turned her on and she wanted to see me deal with it. I did not realize it, but what Lisa was doing was asking me to role play. I knew about bdsm role play and safe words, but not humiliation role play. How could that be a thing?

    For my humiliation, Lisa tied my arms up above me and I was wearing only jeans. She brought in a girlfriend I had seen a couple of times before – one who would come to visit her a couple of times a year for a weekend. I even had lunch with Lisa and her a while back before this event.

    I did not know she was in town visiting Lisa. In front of this girl, Cynthia, Lisa said, “Tom thinks we were going to play a bondage game and had no idea you were here. What he doesn’t know is that I have a surprise for both you and him. I’m going to strip him naked and show you how much of a man he is.”

    Cynthia was just as surprised by this as I was. Lisa did not prepare her for this. I think Lisa’s interest was getting her girlfriend’s actual reaction to my being stripped. Or maybe Cynthia had already heard Lisa tell her something. At the time I had no idea what the truth of the setup was.

    Lisa unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them off of me leaving me completely naked. Cynthia stood there and checked me out, and then laughed and Lisa laughed with her. But it was Cynthia who humiliated me, saying to Lisa in front of me, “Your boyfriend is SO not man sized. Totally, Un-Hung.” They laughed at this and I was unable to do a thing about it. Lisa enjoyed what had happened to me. Later that evening, she told me it got her excited for having a girlfriend learn I had a small penis. She loved it and how it humiliated me. But as weird as it sounds, remembering this, a few months later it got me turned on, and I shared this with Lisa. Sometimes during our making out, before we had sex, she would role play my being humiliated over my not being hung. I thought it was weird that I was turned on by this, but then I went online and saw it really was a thing, and that there were forums for it. In both cases, the memory of what the doctor and nurse discussed and Cynthia’s thing, it was hearing them speak the words that came back to me and turned me on. That’s what we role played.

    Will others share any SPH moment they had which, like my moment, were based on words one woman told another woman, or something overheard, or something where it's not your girlfriend but her friend talking with your girlfriend or vice versa?

  2. DeannaHouston

    DeannaHouston Well-Known Member

    Hi Tom and welcome. I really enjoyed reading your post and learning of your journey. I think SPH is often a part of cuckolding, but not mostly or always. Hopefully the guys who share your desire will notice and post. Do you desire to share your wife/girlfriend because of your inability to fully satisfy her? Deanna
  3. Xirix

    Xirix New Member

    Do you desire to share your wife/girlfriend because of your inability to fully satisfy her?
    It's a bit weird, because I am not fully honest with my wife about my being turned on by my being humiliated and her being humiliated. Our play with other couples involves me thinking to myself that another man being with her is humiliating to me, and that turns her on. It isn't technically cuck, because I do not have an interest in being the sub to another man's bull. I never think about that. I only think about the humiliation I have to deal with by another man being inside of her and probably causing her a better O than when she's with me. She has no idea this turns me on, and merely associates our MMFF play with her focus, that of being with another person for purely sexual enjoyment.

    Also, the door swings both ways. While she is being f***ed by the other man, I imagine her being humiliated by him. Nonsense, really, as she is fully enjoying the experience and has no thoughts along such lines. We have had one, genuine sexually humiliating moment, and it in fact did not involve actual sex. I will write that up on this thread.

    So to answer your question, yes. But only in the overall scheme of another man having her and not in the sense of a cuck. I will masturbate to the memory that another man got to French her, undress her and kiss her pussy. That is a wild humiliation to me.
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  4. Wife4others

    Wife4others Guest

    Have heard and been in front of my wife as she has told other women about my lack of size.
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  5. Xirix

    Xirix New Member

    I will eventually get to it in this discussion, but my wife only said to me I was small hung once in our now 4 year marriage. It had to do with another woman who she knew seeing me in the nude. My wife was pretty angry at me about it, saying to me, "Now X knows you're not hung and what I get in bed." She was upset by it.

    Since your wife has done this more than once, does she do it to please a certain side to you, knowing you enjoy it, or does she do it out of humiliating you in front of her friends?
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  6. Wife4others

    Wife4others Guest

    Yes she does. I enjoy the humiliation.
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  7. slinky1

    slinky1 Well-Known Member

    On a couple of times, my ex wife got drunk and showed a friend of ours my box of small condoms, and the friend unwrapped one to see how big it was, I wasn't home at the time and noticed the condom and wrapper in the bin the next day, which she'd forgotten she had thrown in there. I must admit I was really furious about her telling a "non-kink" friend, who obviously knew our other friends. My wife rang her that same day and made her friend promise not to tell anyone, but we all know that never really works. Van't say that turned me on at all, i think back now and it doesn't worry me, but at the time i was devistated, i was probably more self conscious and embarrassed by it back then.

    Another time was she went to what we call a "fuckaware" party at a friends house... she got drunk again as a lot of ladies do at these parties. As they were all looking at dildos, there were smaller ones there for anal play and one of the ladies and my supposedly joked they should name that model after me, to the loud laughter of 12 or so drunk/ horny women, and half them who knew me/us as friends.

    My wife reluctantly told me this the next day, before I may hear about it from one of the husbands joking to me about it. Very far from ideal as i had to socialise with these friends and now they knew this about me, and which I was angrier because i believed it was my story to tell if i wanted to, and felt betrayed by her because she knew how self conscious i was about it and told people for a few laughs, which when i think back, i think i still feel betrayed about it. I'm sure those same friends don't talk about it still, but they all still know about it. When i met my new wife and introduced her to these friends, they must have had a chuckle or felt sorry for her or imagined her disappointment in my cock size.
  8. DeannaHouston

    DeannaHouston Well-Known Member

    Slinky, that really sucked hairy balls. So sorry, it is only fun when it feels good to both people in the couple.
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  9. Xirix

    Xirix New Member

    Slinky1, IMO that wasn't handled correctly. I was introduced to humiliation as a whole by a girl in college who simply loved humiliation. Her own also. We did some things to enjoy other men getting off on her body. We once allowed three guys to believe they were spying on her as she showered and dressed, not knowing the voyeurism was a set up. She loved the idea she was being spied on and had an exhibitionism aspect to her. I was there as me and another guy set it up to spy on a group of women, one after the other, using the shower. My gf was the only one who knew she was being spied on and afterward I told her the comments they made about her being turned into a secret centerfold. She loved her being humiliated that way. (There was also the bonus of enjoying watching 5 other women I knew at university strip naked. But that's for another time.) When she included humiliation and small penis humiliation into our play, she took her time with it and asked me about the concept. I had the choice you didn't. And it didn't come over night. It was a 4 year relationship and some of the ideas she had for me to be humiliated took months for me to appreciate and agree to participate in. Your wife may be a version of her to some degree, but it's really WAY more fun if you are not only the butt of the joke but also are able to get off on it. Also, when she included a friend of hers in on it to humiliate me, she chose someone outside of her immediate circle of friends who did not mix with those she saw daily. Cynthia lived cross country and she only saw her twice a year or so. Lisa knew what she was doing and was a bit careful about it. SPH DOES include one of the kinks you ended on, where men who are into the fetish are turned on by their wives' female friends learning what they get in bed is undersized. But again, as the "victim" of this being outed, you have to want to play that way. So your wife should know better that she worked things the way she did. Btw, guys who are into SPH CAN look back at what happened to you (if it were them) and eventually get off on it. But if you never went this way then sure, that was SPH handled in a really wrong way.
  10. slinky1

    slinky1 Well-Known Member

    I agree, as she was drunk there wasn't any real malice, just the "truth serum" came out. She always was a loose canon when she was drunk and most of her infidelities happened when she was drunk and was usually remorseful the next day, but always justified it by putting it back on my size. It did get a little ugly closer to our divorce about my lack of ability to satisfy her, my small cock, I cum so quick etc. but I guess that is sort of standard towards the end when a marriage is collapsing. I have been into SPH since my early twenties as i think i used it to turn a negative into a positive and a bit of a defence mechanism.

    As i was unable to get laid in my teens and early twenties because of my my cock size and the embarrassment of it, i obviously had to resort solely to masturbation, so the more i jerked off because of my small cock, the more it was a driver for my need to masturbate so much. So by the time i lost my virginity a just before my 22nd birthday, i think i was already sort of "damaged goods" suffering with premature ejaculation due to not learning how to be with a woman, never feeling what a pussy felt like etc. in my formative years and then later found excitement in being laughed at, humiliated, rejected because of my cock.
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  11. Pathedick

    Pathedick Well-Known Member Founding Member

    First it's my experience and from everything I've read, that we become more of Who we are and\or Desire to be when drunk.

    Secondly when it comes to SPH, and quick cummer, I've discussed it in some detail in my Cuckold Life thread. Therefore I've not only Accepted but have Embraced it. It's ME, it's WHO I am, a Major Part of ME, at least SEXUALLY.
  12. slinky1

    slinky1 Well-Known Member

    I totally agree. I have always believed the truth will set you free, and it has for me. The first time i saw my ex wife with another guy, my immediate urge was to lick her pussy clean, then add my cum into her straight after that. I was so overcome by this primal need to do this, i realised this runs deeper than just a kink for me. I had this epiphanic moment in realising what the sexual difference between what a dominant alpha male is and a submissive beta male is.

    For me, from that moment i knew who i was, the later confirmation of finding out online what a cuckold was, just helped me accept it. Still to this day, its a primal need for me before being a kink, when i witness my wife mating with another male not only it still excites me beyond belief, but i also have that at inner peace within myself, and that comes from discovering who you really are. I'm sure alpha bulls have the same constant primal need and find the same contentment from breeding as many females/ wives as they can. Thats why i've never felt cucks should hate/envy bulls and bulls dislike/mock cuckolds, to me they play a yin and yang in some sort of evolutionary process. One needs the other for it to work.
    Last edited: Jul 20, 2017
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  13. johngordon

    johngordon Member

    I know that is partly my desire; however, not that I completely fail at it, but I don't compare to big bulls that you ladies like.
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  14. SmallFry

    SmallFry Active Member

    I never knew SPH was a thing until I started getting aroused by embarrassing situations in regards to my tiny penis. I found out that it wasn't just my own personal weird quirk while perusing on line.
    Since then even recalling pre fetish humiliations became a massive turn on.
    I have overheard or been informed of comments on my lack of size since forever it seems but suddenly they were arousing as opposed to purely degrading and hurtful.
    It is especially arousing to me if the girl or girls making the comments or hearing about my tiny size from someone else previously assumed that I am actually well hung. (which has often been the misguided assumption for one reason or another)
    One example of this was when I overheard a conversation between my wife and a female friend. The other woman was talking about how marvellous her husbands big thick cock was and my wife's reposte was to confess just how tiny my penis is. She was totally surprised by this confession and told my wife she always believed I probably was well endowed.
    When this happened my wife had no idea that I had an SPH fetish nor in fact did I.
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  15. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    Your wife's riposte should have been, "Check it out for yourself." Perhaps all three of you could have had some fun, especially you getting fucked or at least sucked off.

    From an evolutionary standpoint, any cock big enough to deliver the good into a vagina is big enough. The Asians have that figured out, just like everything else they do - small but very efficient.
  16. SmallFry

    SmallFry Active Member

    I had a girlfriend who was totally embarrassed because her much younger sister knew I had a tiny penis and boasted to my gf about her BF being well hung. My wife on the other hand enjoyed telling her female friends that I had a tiny penis and that is why she was justified in fucking other guys.
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  17. I embrace SPH, what else can I do with a 2" erect white penis

    Attached Files:

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  18. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    You know, Chinese men have small dicks, but there's over a billion of them. They make it work. Like everything else, it's small and efficient, a marvel of miniaturization.

    BTW, I've never been with an Asian woman. Are they on average smaller, tighter than white women?
  19. SmallFry

    SmallFry Active Member

    I have been with an Asian woman. Can't say she was smaller than average white woman. On the other hand I was the first white guy she has fucked. She apparently believed that white guys were on average larger than Asian guys. She was disappointed when she saw how small my penis is. I was with another girl who told me she had been disappointed because the only black man she had fucked was only average size.
    I wonder about the stats on Chinese men and if they are on average smaller in size and if this is true what percentile have a SPH fetish?
    The fetish is not about pro creation or making it work in a conventional way. In my experience and observations of other SPH fetishists posts etc. making it work as far as satisfying your partner is by other means or by other people.
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  20. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    "How can you tell the back guys who have small dicks withoutlooking?"

    "They're the ones dating the white women."

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