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Outmanned by Rivals

Discussion in 'Humiliation X' started by SmallFry, May 10, 2020.

  1. SmallFry

    SmallFry Active Member

    If you have a tiny penis do not try to impress the girls at a pool party. I should have considered this before I drunkenly joined in on an impromptu skinny dip.
    The jumping in naked was one thing but the coming out was much much worse. My flaccid penis is definitely boy not man size but when I suffer shrinkage it is absolutely babysized.
    I may have managed to get into the pool without any of the girls noticing my pathetic little cock but exitting was a different matter. A small gaggle of girls were purposefully checking out and commenting on every swinging dick emerging from the water. I had no choice but to expose myself to their gaze and didn't want to be the last one out.
    Discretion was impossible . The long and the short of it is none of the other guys were anywhere near as small as me even with shrinkage and this was duly noted by the audience.

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