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Others Finding Out...my story...

Discussion in 'Humiliation X' started by canadianwittol, Oct 3, 2017.

  1. canadianwittol

    canadianwittol Well-Known Member Founding Member

    I have posted a few times that besides her past and present lovers, only my wife's very best friend has been aware of her dalliances - something for which, despite some teasing meant in the spirit of fun, my wife's best friend has many times expressed her admiration of me for being able to give my wife such freedom. She says I'm an amazingly unselfish husband and looks upon our cuckold marriage favourably.

    The deal we had when we got married (eight years last month!) was that my wife could tell whichever of her friends she wanted to, so that in the event for example that others became aware of her "cheating" she could redeem her reputation by confessing that her infidelity had my full compliance and encouragement.

    That being said, she knows I really do prefer that we keep this as secret as possible, and so for the past many years knowledge of our lifestyle has been limited to just her best friend.

    Until six weeks ago - with me only discovering that fact last week.

    My wife and her best friend Agata are both businesswomen and both belong to a women's business lunch group. Some months ago, they met another young lady in this group, getting started in real estate she's only in her 20's. And like my wife and her best friend, all three come from Eastern Europe, which bind them together quite a bit. So my wife and Agata kinda took this young lady under their wing and have been hanging out quite a bit. All their first names start with "A" and my wife tells me they're called "Triple A" whenever they go out together. They go for drinks, for pedicures, for lunches, something at least once a week. My wife is in real estate too, has been for 10 years and so she's been kind of mentoring her.

    Anyway, I've been hearing about this young woman for months and never met her until last week when she came over with a few of my wife's friends. She's a stunningly beautiful girl from Ukraine and brimming with all kinds of confidence. There was something I found odd about her in conversation; almost flirtatious - but as I later learned that assumption was probably off. What I mistook as flirtation was probably more in the vein of some gentle teasing.

    After everyone had left, Alice was very keen to know what I thought about her young protege. I told her that I found her to be charming, attractive, in fact I said almost just another version of you! I remarked she was quite outgoing and that I'd picked up on something a little funny about her, almost a sort of flirtatious vibe I was getting out of her.

    My wife said, calmly, that she didn't think it was flirtation. A pause hung in the air for a moment as we looked at each other and she said "I think I should tell you something and I really hope you aren't mad."

    My heart sunk, totally unaware of what she would say.

    Seating herself right next to me she began to explain that back in August one afternoon they were all sitting on a patio together having drinks (and having had a few already) when my wife left for the washroom. In her absence, my wife received a flirty message from her bull saying he couldn't wait to see her the following weekend, about a week and a half away. The young lady read the message and passed the phone to Agata and slyly remarked something about my wife having fun next weekend and asked where I had gone. (In fact I was of course still in town). And apparently at that point Agata spilled the beans and said "this isn't from her husband, it's from her boyfriend."

    This was explained by Agata weeks later. Alice herself still did not know about the reveal. Agata explained later that it was just a slip from the alcohol although I think probably that's a half-truth, I'm sure she was emboldened by the alcohol but I think she probably enjoyed sharing a piece of salacious gossip.

    It was a few weeks later, all of them together again when the young protege brought it up and said she wanted to hear about the boyfriend. Alice said she was shocked, and immediately rather pissed at a very apologetic Agata. The young protege was also offended at this point that the two of them had a secret that she was not privy to!

    And so......my wife admitted everything. And I mean EVERYTHING. The protege had assumed that my wife was cheating. As per the agreement we had at the beginning, Alice set her straight.

    To quote from my wife's confession to me last week: "I told her you're a cuckold."

    Apparently my wife's charming protege found the whole concept highly, highly amusing. Had, and still has millions of questions. Has since offered to introduce my wife to other men. Unlike my wife's best friend who has expressed admiration for my willingness to be cuckolded, the young protege has, shall we say a more "traditional" outlook on the lifestyle and takes incredible satisfaction in Alice's "taming" of me her husband.

    And so what I thought was outgoing flirtation was, even in my own wife's opinion, just some of the internal delight at my humiliation bubbling to the surface.

    I was shocked and mad at first but then I realized; mad at what? Who? This is the first "slip" in 8 years. Mistakes do happen. I really am a cuckold so I can hardly act indignant when that fact is revealed to the enjoyment of a third party. On reflection, I thought really its better than her becoming disgusted with my wife and losing a friendship. It's better than her thinking poorly of me (my wife assures me she doesn't, she's just fascinated and amused by the whole concept). My wife likewise promises me that she has sworn this young woman to secrecy. While I don't know what her capacity is for keeping secrets, we have to trust it now. My wife believes in her ability to keep it secret.

    As a postscript to the story, when my wife told her best friend that she had in fact admitted it to me, Agata asked to meet me after work yesterday. To her credit, she wanted to apologize in person. She explained her version of events again and apologized profusely for letting it slip. I hugged her and told her I appreciated her friendship to both of us, which I do, and I said that having spent the weekend thinking on it that I honestly was not mad at all. I'd have preferred that she had not said anything, but I'm not going to cry over spilt milk.

    I did endure one final humiliation though, which I was too embarrassed even to ask my wife. I could feel my cheeks blushing when I told Agata there is one thing I needed to know.

    "Yes?" Agata asked, appearing concerned and, I think, eager to demonstrate honesty.

    I had to know: had either her or my wife revealed that I wear my wife's panties?

    A smile spread rapidly across Agata's face.

    "No." she replied, to my relief, quickly adding "And you have to believe me that I would never tell anyone about that!"

    Well...I'm not so sure about that, but I'll take her word on it for now. I don't really have much other option.
  2. tslave

    tslave Member

    Interesting. I often wondered what it would be like to be "exposed." I imagine that it would be stimulating if someone knew. The problem would be when it got widely spread (as I can't believe most people would keep the secret). That would only be a problem because people are soooo judgmental. Good luck to you.
  3. canadianwittol

    canadianwittol Well-Known Member Founding Member

    Honestly, I think this young woman will be inclined to keep it secret. She values my wife's friendship and mentorship. Ironically, the young lady works in the office my wife USED to work at, and had her very first affair at with a fellow co-worker there. So my wife's infidelity was already fairly well known in that office (although none were aware that I was complicit in it.)
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  4. lurkinghusband

    lurkinghusband New Member

    interesting story i just posted my story here http://www.cuckoldsforum.com/index.php?threads/others-finding-out.18042/page-3

    did your wifes friend ever say anything or keep it secret? my wife had a best friend too who i know must have known everything all the details. I hated the sight of her only because i knew she probably knew so much more about my wifes affairs even than me.

  5. wagonneer

    wagonneer Member

    Years ago we were caught with our hand in the cookie jar so to speak. My wife was having fun with a male friend while i watched, when her best friend showed up unannounced. I was embarrassed to say the least. She finished up with him, couple hours, and then said lets go see my friend and her husband. Well lots of questions were asked she was honest and i was red faced. But in the end they have kept our secret and been great friend for 6 years since, she has occasionally asked if we still do it but otherwise nothing said.
  6. canadianwittol

    canadianwittol Well-Known Member Founding Member

    From what I understand, she has been very discreet although she did in fact introduce my wife to a young Russian man from within her social circle; my wife is from Bulgaria originally and speaks fluent Russian. That young man had expressed his attraction to my wife to the friend, who relayed it back to my wife.

    Well, turns out my wife found this young man quite attractive as well and decided to let him know that she would be available to him. He was away for an extended period over the holidays but is back now and I think they will keep seeing each other. He apparently finds it quite thrilling to be "dating" a married woman.

    But besides that, by all accounts she is a mature young woman who is happy to keep secret that which my wife has entrusted to her. I haven't even really heard much of it brought up since, I think the reality, being far different from the fantasy is that once people get wrapped up in their own lives they don't really give a damn what you get up to in your life. At first. hearing about a wife who openly cheats on her faithful husband is shocking and amusing at first to some, but as the initial shock wears off the truth is nobody really cares.
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