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Online play ideas for cuckold wanabes

Discussion in 'Fantasies and Roleplaying' started by PoliteCouple, Jan 12, 2016.

  1. PoliteCouple

    PoliteCouple New Member

    Hello! Does anyone have ideas to share with fellow cuckold wannabes on how to get outlet for our fantasies?

    My suspicion is that there are a lot of guys like me, that have very strong cuckold fantasies and a beautiful wife, but wife doesnt want to cuckold you.

    What are your ideas on how to at least get an outlet for your fantasies? I'll start with my stuff, and hopefully someone will suply more ideas.

    1. Classical Teamviewer sessions. Humiliating as they can be. I guess u all know the deal. I have used craigslist to trick someone into "helping me with something" on my pc and letting them think I am not in front of my pc. Then I can watxh as some of them sneak a peak at private stuff, and try to copy etc.

    2. Finding unproffesional/scetchy therapists online to let them "help you" with your cuckold fantasies, and getting into scenarios where they take advantage and you end up being told to show photos of her etc to help him "understand" what you are talking about. Stuff like that.

    3. General skype sessions with video and sound, alpha men telling you to film her underwear, toys etc. Letting him humiliate you and telling you what she deserves.

    4. Talking to strangers on normal sex chat rooms. I have ene tricked one man (I felt bad about it afterwards) into meeting at a hotelbar as I was staying there. He thought I was to come down pick him up and guide him to the room so my wife got some real mans cock. I walked past him and never spoke to him. But it was exciting to see how easy it was to get an alpha looking man to fuck her.

    5. Leaving laptop screen open when a buddy comes over, and then telling him you need to go to the store to pick up something. Recording it all, as he uses the oportunity to search for her naked photos.

    6. Getting your wife to at least deny you. I guess not even all of you get her to do that either, but at least I have gotten some outlet from her playing games with me (she actually kind of likes it) where I am not allowed to cum for weeks, and it makes me very submissive and pampering her all the time. Keeps me super horny all the time, and I eat a lot of pussy those days (including off course house work etc).

    Thats all I can think of from the top of my head. I would be happy to get some new ideas :)

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  2. saturn

    saturn Super Moderator Staff Member

    new ideas are great, but stop being a fake asshole about this fantasy. #4 is just ... that one sucks. Ruins it for the real people having to deal with fakers.
  3. PoliteCouple

    PoliteCouple New Member

    I agree. I dont recomend that one, and shouldnt have done it. I felt really bad afterwards. And I probably shouldnt have put it in this list.
  4. mylnd_bull

    mylnd_bull New Member

    I'll go ahead and re-iterate that it's a terrible idea to lead a prospective bull on. I can speak for experience that the vast majority of husbands/boyfriends that I've chatted with over the years are merely exploring a fantasy. In many cases, I'd be happy to just have a discussion with them. What is irksome is when you are purposefully led on. It makes no sense and makes us cynical.
  5. wycome38

    wycome38 Member

    agreed, I'm sure a turn on for you but shit for the bull/guy meeting
  6. Black Buttman

    Black Buttman Member

    Not Nice

    And you're going by "PoliteCouple" pray tell :confused:?
  7. saturn

    saturn Super Moderator Staff Member

    Alright everybody, I think he got the point about #4.

    Any other ideas to add to the "naughty but good" list?
  8. mylnd_bull

    mylnd_bull New Member

    I think you got slammed by everyone because it is wayyyyyy too common to get jerked around. Just be honest about your situation, and people will be more than willing to discuss your fantasies, and perhaps ways to turn them into reality.
  9. cuckoldnshields

    cuckoldnshields New Member

    I would be very happy to find RP partner and my wife to become his new GF.
  10. victhree

    victhree New Member

    I must say, I was so impressed by the picture of your amazing wife that for some time I forgot what this post was all about. Wow. Anyway... I enjoy working for women, for free, with stuff I can do at distance, over the Internet, or, after conquering their trust, doing home repairs etc. Odd, I know, but it really gets me off.
  11. Pitiful

    Pitiful New Member

    Yes, online skype can be hot. But has it's limit. I use online to meet a couple local guys. Like Doublelist now that Craigs list is gone. We shared pics and if I thought they were cute, I'd invite them over. I'm older and my wife is super hot milf, so not difficult for me to find a younger hot stud. Went through a few, had some fun, but didn't click and a couple just down right not so great experience. One didn't even say hi, went to panty draw and started playing by himself. But I finally found a really hot guy. I'm bi but afraid of disease, so only limited stuff. But we did panty play stroking ourselves and I stroked him with her panties . Looking at her various pics he had the control of mouse to change. It was so hot. I want to suck him badly, but cant for reasons I mentioned. He's on same page and even stopped me once when I had a weak moment. He's probably clean, we should get tested together so I can suck him good and have him explode on my face and down my mouth. But for now, we play with her panties and shoes and lingerie. He dry humped me once while in control and I was on all 4's and he then shot all over my back. that was safe and so hot feeling his superior cum all over my back. And he has such a magnificent cock and so much cum. It's wonderful. I'd be cucked to him in a second if my wife agreed. Another time he said I could suck under his balls as he looked at her pics and sniffed one pair of panties and I stroked him with another. When he was about to cum I begged him to shoot over my chest which he did. omg, so hot. I had forgotten the pungent smell of how good that was and how temperature hot it was too landing on my chest as I looked up into his bueatiful eyes as he creamed me. That was so hot I shot my little dribble from my tiny cock. I think I've found a great match. While I'm not falling in love with him, I have fallen for him. I want him to kiss me and eventually fuck me. Damn, just need to go and get tested together.....

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