One liners - why not?

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by kingbull, Apr 20, 2009.

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  1. kingbull

    kingbull Administrator Staff Member

    You've probably noticed by now the little rule we have in place. There aren't many around here, just common sense ones. It's a rule we have to prevent one-liner posts like:

    "that was great thx"




    "ur wife is hot thanks for the post"

    We do not favor these kinds of posts. But WHY, you may ask? Are the moderators being mean? Is this a fascist regime? Censorship? Am I not allowed to be thankful for a post I like?

    None of the above. There are several well-thought out reasons for one-liners being frowned upon. First is quality. I'll illustrate with an example:

    Imagine coming here to read a thread you really enjoy. It has 300 posts. At first glance this is impressive. The thread must be very active. On closer examination, you find that over half of the posts contain one-liners like the ones above. So you sit there, wading through endless "thanks that was great" comments to get to the real meat of the subject. Kind of a waste of your time, isn't it?

    Furthermore, imagine you are subscribed to the thread and have chosen to receive notification when there is a new reply. Do you really want to be alerted to the thread when all that is said is "wow that was hot" ? Probably not.

    There are sites out there that actually encourage (or require) you to thank the thread in order to view certain links or other material. These sites are a huge mess. They have literally dozens of pages of "thanks", "thank you", and similar. I can't imagine what it would be like backing up their database.

    Speaking of which, that's another reason why we limit the "thanks" type posts. Backups here are large. Preventing one-liners keeps the database compact and easier to backup and restore, if needed.

    The other reason - and this relates back to quality - is subject matter. You come here to read on subjects, not necessarily to see how many people thanked the topic. Our intent here is to make this a high quality place of INFORMATION and sharing of our experiences. While thanking is more than welcomed, I feel there is an appropriate way to do it that will keep things clean, orderly and efficient for navigation.

    It's not about censorship in the least. I hate censorship and will never censor anybody's opinions. It is, however, about cleanliness. So use that "Thanks" button if you feel like acknowledging a helpful or insightful post, but don't want to type out a detailed response.

    Hope this makes sense and clears up the misconception that we are strict Nazi-like censures.
  2. stuckcuck

    stuckcuck Well-Known Member

    different site/different rules

    i am a member of another site/support group (not cuckold) and they do not have the one-liner rule. as a result great posts get buried by one liners and the site is much more difficult to navigate. "no one-liners" is a great rule and helps keep this site great as well.
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  3. georgedgerton

    georgedgerton New Member

    I agree

    I agree and have recently been guilty of the "one-line offence.

    At times you you try hard to get others to respond (and I know not everyone wants to) but it easy to forget and say "hey thanks for your your response" when someone does reply.

    Having said that it does not do a lot in the way of keeping the topic interesting, so we should be aware there are good reasons not to give the one-line reply.

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