On cam cuckold, one day I actually watch her take this guy?

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So how should I proceed? Should I go for it? I am inclined to.

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  1. Go for it?

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  1. jtandkari

    jtandkari New Member

    My wife and I have discussed a MMF extensively in bed. I had that opportunity when I was 22 yrs old with some neighbors 10 yrs older than myself. She likes to discuss this in bed, it makes her hot and she cums very hard whenever I tell her of his wife satisfying two cocks at once or also taking turns in my pals wifes pussy, he would eat my cum from her holes, we would double suck her nipples, I would lick her while he was inside her around her expanding hole, my wife seems to enjoy it all in discussion. After much attempts to play in chatrooms with some disrespectful jerks with her I located a young man half her age (30) and have started an online relationship with him. He is in another country. We've had three meets online via Skype and its getting hot. The first time she was pretty shy, I expected that, his mic failed, but he could hear us so we gave him a good show and typed at the end. I parted her pussy for him, exposed her clit, fingered her and she watched his large uncut cock cum for her, she has never had an uncut one so was fascinated at its workings, head and skin. I considered that a success. Second time we were more comfortable and we did all the same except I used her rabbit dildo on her and his mic worked, they were both very hot and naughty for each other, I had explained we would probably never meet so have no embarrassment, I asked her to summon her inner slut, she opened a little more, popping her clit out for his view with her on hands, she gave him a vibrator show. I was the observer. This last week she actually talked so slutty to him I was taken aback, she told him she wanted to feel his big cock in her and sucked mine as she told him this is what she wanted to do to him, then she said watch this, asked me to climb on her while the cam was located at the foot of the bed, she told me to fuck her while she asked him if he could see her legs so high and wide, that "this is what her pussy is good at" and she wants him to "use her fuckhole just like this". He talked her into a furious orgasm, I was just a prop for them. I got so hot I shot a huge load of cum in her as he looked right into her working pussy, he watched her hungry pink hole take me and use me. She was already missionary and held her legs high as I climbed off. She instructed me to bring cam in close and showed her pussy burp and dribble that load right down her asshole, he was ecstatic complimenting her beauty, her sex and her naughtiness. What have I created? We are going to his home country in a few months, he doesn't know it but she does.. I warned her he is a young man and given the chance he would probably want to fuck her repeatedly with his large dick during a one day visit. Her pussy gets sore when I fuck her once, she says it will be worth it, we just need to figure out a way to introduce it to him. I feel bot nervous and excited at the same time, its not everyday your wife becomes a slut for another man, especially such a horny large dick young man she has turned on, the things he says to her make me blush and her response is also embarrassing for me. I ask you guys what should I do now?? We meet again in two weeks.
  2. pigr75

    pigr75 Well-Known Member

    I think you should let her do whatever she wants. Don't push her, but go along with whatever she is ready for.
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  3. jtandkari

    jtandkari New Member

    Thanks for the advice, I have been listening a lot without interjecting much while she speaks of him. Just listening while she is lusting. I look forward to our next cam meet too.I am very excited at the thought of this young man and her having a great sexual adventure. Because it s out of country I can see her really letting go and look forward to her with him if it happens. The thought of his young 30 year old cock being sucked by my older wife and him opening her legs and penetrating her is a serious turn on for me, I never imagined she would be so turned on by the thought of him fucking her. I listen intently while she masturbates and tells me how she wants HIS cum in her, she says its because he has such a sexy accent and voice and he really appreciates an older woman.
  4. NJMR01

    NJMR01 Member

    Great story - I'm hard just reading it. Must have been exciting to experience
  5. jtandkari

    jtandkari New Member

    We have been meeting up with this guy a few times now, my wife is very comfortable with his young self lusting to fuck her older bbw body. He has now directed her to masturbate and cum for him, dildo in her wide spread pussy using her tiny vibe to make her clit hum until she came as he coached her. He had her position herself in many ways so he can closely inspect all her goodies. Last time we finished for him in the missionary position but he directed her to expose her open slit doggie while I fucked her, they talk as if I am him , he says things like" I am deep inside of you and can feel my balls sticking to your wet slit, can you feel that" as he relays what he sees. He said " I'm going to send my seed deep in you and I want you to dribble it out" and she did. My wife showed her online lover jizz dribbling from her and I helped them get each other off. I had never seen this naughty side of her

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