Office Parties: Breeding Grounds for Bad Behavior, Flings (3% chance), and Unemployment

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    Ah, the holiday office party. A time for employees to wind down, loosen their ties, drink some bubbly, and enjoy a night of much-earned revelry with co-workers. That is, until they wake up hungover and half-naked on top of the copy machine, covered in Post-it notes and crumpled Four Loko cans, and realize their reputation is ruined.

    According to a study by HR solutions firm Adecco, this kind of unsavory behavior at office parties is far more common than you might expect. Published this week, the survey of more than a thousand American adults found that about 40% of workers say they've either embarrassed themselves or know someone who has at a work holiday party. And a shocking 23%--1 in 4!--have been reprimanded for their actions.

    Pink slips are almost as frequent as red faces. More than 1 in 10 Americans say they know someone who has been fired for their inappropriate behavior at a holiday party. This behavior may include saying something inappropriate to a colleague (7%) or boss (4%), or drinking too much (20%).

    Hookups happen, of course, but not as often as you might expect. Just 3% of respondents said they had had a fling with a colleague at a work holiday party. It may be the kind of thing people don't own up to--or it may be that being inebriated hurts your chances as much as it helps.

    So be careful this holiday season. Try not to drink too much, sleep with your co-worker, insult your boss, or get fired. It's not worth it.

    Looks like a 3% chance to get lucky @ the Office Party....

    Office Parties: Breeding Grounds for Bad Behavior, Flings, and Unemployment | Fast Company
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    Worse thing anyone can do is get caught-up in a fling with a fellow office worker. No way either of you will be able to dodge the bullet once guns start blazing. Best never to even try it.
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    Wow! Co-worker flings, i can relate.
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    3% flings? 1 in 33? So assuming a party of 60 to 70 people there's a good chance that a couple are getting it on illicitly.
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    My wife had a 5-year long affair (her first affair, actually) with a co-worker. Office parties were unbearable for me as virtually all of her co-workers knew I was a cuckold and while quite possibly entirely in my head, it felt to me as though my presence was amusing to most of her co-workers. After the second year, I just couldn't bring myself to go anymore.

    Tomascini is right though; it was a bad idea, ultimately. My wife changed offices when the affair ended, it created an untenable situation at work. The move was ultimately for the best, but she would never date a co-worker again.
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