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Of Getting Her Pregnant and Afterwards

Discussion in 'Interracial' started by Tomascini, Dec 17, 2011.

  1. michael1987

    michael1987 Well-Known Member

    Even in my mid-teens I was already having surreal fantasies about marrying a beautiful girl who would take on a young black lover who I would watch impregnate her, mainly because the physiques of slimmer and athletic young black men were an ideal of mine I knew I could never personally attain and they turned me on wildly.

    Also, I couldn't help noticing the hot looks that the high-school girl of my dreams would flash the tallest and most handsome of them when they were stripped for action in the swimming pool and on the athletics field. The more I envied them the more furiously I would masturbate to my fantasy, imagining them satisfying and cumming way more copiously in my wife than I believed I ever would.

    Notwithstanding that, when my dream was fulfilled 4 years ago I was totally unprepared for the reality of almost every shocking visual detail and, as I saw it, demeaning aspect of it. For starters, the mere sight of the beautiful body and erection of my best buddy as he prepared to mount my wife in the missionary position beside me threw me into a blind "what have I done?" panic. How I got through the next two hours of him barebacking her to Sex Heaven and cumming twice in her I will never know.

    It had taken three years of my buddy living with us before I was up to having my fantasy fulfilled in every breathlessly erotic detail by watching him impregnate her. Even then, well-prepared as I vainly thought I was, the impact of it shocked me to total numbness of mind and paralysis of body. The feeling of loneliness and dispossession I felt while he was ejaculating in her was almost unbearable. By morning it had somewhat abated, but only somewhat.

    Prior to that I had arrogantly assumed that I would easily and always be able command or, in the worst-case scenario, reclaim the undivided sexual attention of my wife. How wrong I was.

    Perhaps you can be thankful that as things worked out for you and your wife you did not have the option of her being impregnated by another man. When one is not the naked man-of-the-hour, first time up the drama of procreative fucking being enacted before one's eyes can be very traumatic. The fall-out in terms of the loneliness I experienced in my first round of it revisited me full-force and repeatedly when I watched my buddy fuck my wife multiple times recently to impregnate her again, but I have never once regretted letting it happen.

    Dreaming of one's wife being seeded by a more desirable, especially younger, black or any lover can be extremely hot, but for most husbands I would strongly recommend it remain a private fantasy. Acting on it totally transforms one's marriage, in our case thankfully for the better I think, for the present at least.
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  2. harlotandhubby

    harlotandhubby New Member

    it is a situation me and wife are active in, but she is seeing 2 guys we trust, and hoping that she will be bred by one of them,
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  3. michael1987

    michael1987 Well-Known Member

    Your saying "it is a situation me and wife are active in" is so elegantly understated, and at the same time deliciously erotic. You Englishmen can be so fucking oblique and inhibited in expressing your darkest and consuming passions it makes me laugh.

    You say your wife is seeing 2 guys (I presume black) that you both trust. Have you or her seen them naked yet? Or even better, have you watched one or both of them fucking your wife?

    Are they young and beautifully built and big-cocked? And will you have any say as to which one of them impregnates her?
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  4. tslave

    tslave Member

    would love to raise a mixed race child. they tend to be very beautiful. to hell what others think.
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  5. michael1987

    michael1987 Well-Known Member

    Amen to that.

    It's also very beautiful to watch one being made, especially if the father-to-be is as young and beautiful as my buddy---my darling wife's lover.
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  6. michael1987

    michael1987 Well-Known Member


    After having been barebacked by her young live-in lover exclusively of me for 7 days during her last fertile time (in the 3rd week of October) my wife is 6 months pregnant to him---for her third time in two years (see http://www.cuckoldsforum.com/index.php?threads/my-buddy-baby-mates-my-wife.18907/#post-140159).

    This time, as soon as my wife tested positive for pregnancy she gave me the go-head to resume fucking her, but nowhere near as often as her lover (my buddy) does now with ever-increasing frequency and vigor with me lying beside them on our bed. On the occasions I do get to fuck her---usually going sloppy seconds after my buddy---feeling his unborn baby kicking against my cock when it's at rest balls-deep in her vagina is for some reason way more of a turn-on for me than it was during either of her two previous pregnancies by him.

    What predominates now is my secret sense of having permanently lost my wife to my beautiful buddy, and my being her husband on our marriage certificate only. To make things worse, my wife's libido has escalated totally out of control over the last two months and when my buddy fucks her beside me now I am agonisingly aware that she craves his spurtings into her even more than she when he was impregnating her. With this pregnancy her vagina is much more capacious than ever before such that by buddy is able to thrust much more deeply and vigorously into it without risk of hurting the baby.

    He knows full well how much it hurts me to watch and feel my wife responding so beautifully to his increasingly powerful fucking of her, especially when he ejaculates so long and hard in her---"Just wetting the baby's head" as he jocularly puts it when he turns to me all smiles and breathless, albeit slightly shamefacedly, after he has finished bellowing out his orgasmic ecstasy.

    Nowadays my comfort comes from going sloppy-seconds after him and feeling my cock being kicked by his baby in the now beautifully bulging belly of my deliciously cock-loving and presently super-satisfied wife, and my buddy privately delighting in the fact that I love him at least as much as I do her.
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  7. michael1987

    michael1987 Well-Known Member

    Correction: My wife is 4 months pregnant, not 6.
  8. cucky1954

    cucky1954 New Member

    I have let my wife breed2x. Both were breeding parties all black men did her..1st one was6 guys 22nd time was7...yes i raised them..
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  9. michael1987

    michael1987 Well-Known Member

    A few questions:

    Was it you and/or your wife that desired that her babies be black?

    Are you black yourself?

    Did all of the breeding studs fuck your wife bareback such that you don't know which of them impregnated her?

    Did she have any favorites among her studs?

    Do you know if she is still having sex with them?

    Did you arrange the breeding parties to be in your wife's fertile time?

    Did your wife orgasm with any of her black studs?

    How did she/you choose her black breeders? On the basis of their age, handsomeness, physique, cock-size, or personality?

    When you look at "your" children, do you have erotic visual flashbacks of your wife being fucked at those parties, especially knowing she was impregnated during them, and do the flashbacks excite you?

    From reading my many previous posts on this thread you will see that I get off way more wildly on watching my buddy fucking my wife when he is deliberately breeding her. He is 24, black and beautifully built and handsome and her only lover, multi-orgasmic in every one of their fucks, and cums like a tipped-over milk bottle every time.

    It's heavenly for all three of us.
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  10. cucky1954

    cucky1954 New Member

    My wife has been black ganngbanged and bred twice.wr have 2 by me and black kids
    I am a cuck to her for over 35yrs now
    .last5yrs in a cock cage and panties yes its permenantly locked up she is exclusive black cock whorr for almost all of our cuck life..
  11. cucky1954

    cucky1954 New Member

    i had my wife bred 2 different times by gangbanging black men,,we dont wanna know who it was that got her pregnant,,i took care of them,,
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  12. robb32

    robb32 New Member

    Although it could have..and we coninually joked about the possibilites..it never happened. However recently I 've become more turned on bythem haven gotten my wife pregnant. The entire process culminating his sperm penetrating her egg...or even better...a friend coworker having frustrated at the wait to bed my wife intentionally holding her hips down on his cock and injecting it in to her..for the sole purpose of breeding het
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  13. crazyinvt

    crazyinvt Active Member

    My wife and I practiced pregnancy risk for about 25 years. You couldn't really call it breeding because pregnancy was not the goal. We simply liked the risk. She has a tipped uterus so the risk of pregnancy is low. She has only been pregnant once in almost 40 years of fucking unprotected, and that was by her best friends husband. Your first option, by a friend has already happened, (9 years before we met). And your second option is out because she flat refuses to do a gangbang.

    My personal choice would be for her to get pregnant by a total stranger. Someone whose name we don't even know and will most likely never run into again.

    Her personal choice would be to get pregnant in an actual rape. Not rape play, but an actual rape. For a few years she would put herself into situations where she could possibly get raped and actually hoped she would. But it never happened.
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    SAMUELQQ New Member

    Really gotta make sure they're a Dungeons and Dragons free household.
  15. dongster

    dongster New Member

    i fantasize of my wife impregnated by black A gang bang would be my choice get her hot horny and drunk and as soon as one pulls out another enters over and over
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  16. wannab2

    wannab2 New Member

    Provided she is on board with it.
  17. elitetx91

    elitetx91 Member

    I've fantasized quite a bit about breeding married/taken women. I think the only way I would ever do it is if I ultimately didn't know about it..like traveling far and fucking women that'll I'll only ever see once in my life and then leaving.

    Closest I've come was recently when I picked up a girl at a bar while I was staying in a different state for a few days far away from home. Took her to the hotel and while having sex she said "fuck it just cum in me" I asked her "you sure?are you on the pill?" and she said "I'm not on the pill but if I end up pregnant I'll just tell my husband that it's his" not sure if she was serious but it was hot and made me cum more than usual.

    With that said I didn't cum in her, but it took all my will power not to. And thinking back on it it would've been the perfect opportunity. Not sure when I'll get a chance like that again.
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