Oblivious Cuckold: Season 1, Episode 5: "Hussein"

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    My next door neighbour, Izbah, told me I was looking for trouble when I allowed a student named Hussein move in with my wife and I, as a short-term tenant. I wasn’t worried, Hussein seemed like a good kid, early 20s, he just needed a place to stay that was close to school. It just so happened that he was interning at my wife’s (Laryssa) company.

    Laryssa talked a lot about Hussein after he was assigned to his office as an IT guy. She described him in meticulous detail - his jet black hair, his arched eyebrows, his cocky smirk, his stock body, his thick hands…none of this was unusual - my wife got to where she is in life by paying attention to details.

    My wife was a few years older than Hussein and a few years younger than me. She was way too hot for me, I got the trophy wife, being the nerdy kid in school all my life. We had been together for a few years, meeting through a mutual friend. Sex was amazing - well for me, anyways. Her double D’s, her long blonde hair, her gym figure, all of it was too much to take that I usually came sometimes just from watching her take off her clothes. She never seemed disappointed though, her vibrator took care of her the way I couldn’t.

    I came over one day and saw Hussein for the first time - he was sitting on my couch, his back to me. When the door shut, he quickly turned his head around and smiled - there was that cocky smirk and arched eyebrow my wife talked so much about. I took my eyes off him for a minute to lower my bags, and looked up, and my wife slowly rose in front of him, wiping the side of her mouth, surprised to see me home so early. For whatever reason, she was kneeling in front of him.
    Hussein stood up and adjusted his pants and zipper before walking toward me and shaking my hand, his thick hand squeezing my thin one strongly, giving me an intimidating first impression. His eye contact made me look away, almost like he was showing his dominance, which I found impressive.

    My wife explained to me that Hussein needed a place to stay for a few months, and that our place was perfect, since it was close to his school and work. I was happy to rent out our spare bedroom in the basement to him - we could use the extra money to offset our mortgage payments, but Hussein said he wouldn’t be paying rent, since his internship did not pay, and his tuition was eating up all his costs. My wife assured him, without asking me, that this would not be a problem. I concurred, telling him that both she and myself would be happy to serve him in any way we could. I’m not sure why I used the word “serve†instead of “helpâ€, it just came out, but Hussein noticed it, smiled (smirked) at me and winked at my wife....

    The rest of the story I posted on my Tumblr account: Oblivious Cuckold | E1, E5: "Hussein"

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