NXIVM and Keith Raniere, the ultimate bull

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    I'm shocked that no one is talking about Keith Raniere on this website. The guy started a cult (NXIVM) where he relegated the men into a "Society of Protectors" that was basically just a club for all the guys whose wives he was fucking. These women were utterly submissive to him and even started branding his initials on above each other's pussies.

    Here's some links from the site of journalist who spent years trying to take down this cult:

    Don't get me wrong, a lot of these people are victims of brainwashing and blackmail, but there are aspects to this story that I believe are arousing and that it's not disrespectful/trolling to discuss those aspects when it's done in the context of the cuckold fetish community.
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    Interesting article. India has many such cult of baba or gurus. Although some are genuine and helping, some are sex predators. One such was Baba Ram Rahim. He had caves inside his vast ashram where he used to invite his female disciples for sex (often forcibly). His ashram was spread over hundreds of acres and had thousands of disciples living inside.

    I know at least one young couple (both less educated) who were his disciple. He would leave her at his ashram for months for spiritual learning (much before Ram Rahim was caught by police). She was a bful petite woman. Did he feasted on her? If so, did she tell her husband? We shall never know. I am not in touch with them.

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