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    UPDATE on "My Buddy Baby-Mates My Wife"

    My wife and her brand-new baby girl were driven home from the obstetric unit by my buddy on Thursday morning while I was at work.

    All is going very cozily indeed. I've given up the master bedroom to my wife and my buddy and their new baby, so I'm sleeping on the thankfully long sofa in my study.

    My wife is already asking me when is the very earliest she can have her IUD re-inserted so she can safely start back having full sex, obviously with my buddy who she is already openly canoodling with very sexually and who---from what I've been overhearing these last few nights and mornings through the wall---has almost certainly resumed fucking her already.

    One especially lovely expression (!) of her strong physical desire for him so soon post-natally is that when he kisses her---in and out of their bed, and very arousingly in front of me---her breast-milk spurts strongly from both nipples. My buddy who gets off on the sweetness of it is simply lapping it up and at every opportunity he gets is suckling at her breasts even more voraciously than their new baby.

    My wife is totally loving it and blushingly told me this morning that my buddy's eager suckling is giving her super-long and unusually strong orgasms---and giving him raging erections at the same time. As with the births of her first two babies by him, she has suffered no vaginal or perineal tears and therefore no stitching was needed with her latest delivery. So with penetration by my buddy's oversized eager cock being already pain-free for her, it's a matter of a only few more days before he gets back to fucking her even more freely and full-time, with the considerable risk of impregnating her again before her IUD is re-inserted at her in 6 week follow-up appointment with her gynecologist.

    It seems their sex-life hasn't missed a beat, and the continuing expression of such beautifully exclusive erotic love between my buddy and my wife so soon after the birth is exciting me like crazy.

    Such is Love, to the agonising exclusion of me---who my wife says she doesn't want penetrative sex with now---who obviously will be having to make do with the friendship of the hand in my enforced sexual solitude for the foreseeable future.

    Hot, or what?
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    My buddy is now well back fucking my wife nightly and most mornings before he leaves for his college classes.

    Naturally with the fucking being all bareback I am very anxious he is going to impregnate her before her IUD is reinserted early next month.

    My anxiety is made much worse by extremely vivid and distressing new flashbacks I suddenly started getting three nights ago.

    The flashbacks are of me as a almost-virgin 16 year-old catching my highschool sweetheart being fucked by my then 17 year-old best buddy---who happened to be white and bigger-cocked and much more athletic than I was---on my bed. They were both stark naked, and with me standing in the bedroom doorway barely 6 feet from the bed-end I had a full-on rear view of the beautifully inter-thrusting genitals as my buddy fucked my first true love vigorously---and all too obviously bareback---in the missionary position.

    I was so stunned and shocked by the display that I didn't intervene. After about 10 minutes of me breathlessly watching him my buddy began ejaculating very deeply into my girlfriend's vagina, during which a veritable explosion of thick pearly-white half-clotted semen welled back out of it around the brutally buried root of his cock. The most traumatic part for me was that his orgasm went on for so long---well over a minute while he executed upwards of twenty very deep custard strokes during which Time stood agonisingly still for me.

    It is that very scene with all of the intense arousal and emotional shock that I experienced while beholding it---the very first time I had seen any man and woman fuck, let alone that vigorously---that has been completely uncontrollably flashing back into my mind these last three nights and mornings as my buddy powerfully fucks my wife in the missionary position beside me.

    It's exactly like being back as that virginal 16 year-old that I was when I stood at the door of my bedroom and breathlessly beheld my very first Primal Scene of my sweetheart being fucked by my obviously much more desirable and way bigger-cocked high-school buddy.

    Watching my wife being so deeply fucked and ejaculated into, especially last night, re-triggered that whole Primal Scenario in its every devastatingly distressing detail, such that I felt as if I was again being swept away by the lust and intense loneliness coupled with almost maddeningly possessive rage and sexual jealousy that I experienced for the first time all those years ago.

    I haven't dared breathe a word to my wife or my buddy about what is happening to me, but right now I feel as if I'm heading for a major break-down if I can't suppress or at least rationalize these awful flashbacks and the upsurgings of almost overwhelming sexual jealousy they are causing me to have.

    I did not invite this, nor did I ever expect it to happen to me. Any suggestions, anybody?
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    I think my post at

    goes some way to explaining, in sexual psychodynamic terms, the re-triggering of my long-denied adolescent trauma by the distressing flashbacks that I have been getting in the last few days.

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