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Not very extreme but I humiliated him!

Discussion in 'BDSM' started by Yoursexypanties, Nov 17, 2016.

  1. With much encouragement from my hubby, I pulled my big girl panties on and planned an evening with our friend Eric to humiliate my spouse.

    Admittedly, I chickened out previously and couldn't go through with humiliating him. After a good suggestion from this forum, I involved Eric more and so the night wouldn't depend entirely on me.

    I'm not very hardcore so my tactics weren't extreme, but I'm damn proud of how the night went!

    I bought a new corset to show off the girls and harness the power that boobs have over men. Along with stockings, makeup, and heels I was looking just about as sexy as I get my friends.

    We started after dinner. I told hubs he was to be nude the rest of the evening (he is modest by nature so being the only one nakie is big for him). I got myself ready for Eric while hubby watched (naked) and paid me compliments. He was by no means permitted to touch himself without my say so. He sat on the bed with a nervous excitement as his erection throbbed with anticipation (sorry, that line sounded a little too romance novel. It's true though!). He brought me wine as I ordered so I could calm my own nerves.

    We hadn't had any sex that week so I had a raging lady boner when Eric arrived. My husband answered the door and made drinks. Eric and I talked, touched, and kissed while hubby sat silently and watched. I thought the tip of his dick was going to explode from the extra blood pulsating through his hard on.

    Eric suggested we punish him for speaking out of turn. So, I patiently waited for him to speak which he finally did. I cut him off and told him he is to insert a small plug into his ass until Eric allows him to remove it.

    While Eric and I were still somewhat covered, I told my husband to masturbate to completion so we could watch him for a change (my hubs later told me that specific act gave him more butterflies than anything else). With his stomach covered in his own cum, he watched his wife give head to a bigger man.

    The rest of the sex pretty much went as usual with the exception of Eric talking more. He more vocal than ever about doing whatever he wanted to me. Then had him bring us a drink.

    The grand finale that I was extremely nervous about was having Eric cum on my boobs, then having my husband titty fuck me immediately after. Using Eric's semen as lube, it didn't take him long to finish. He was more excited than I expected so I improvised and pulled the ole motorboat move. I pressed his face between my cum waxed tits. He's eaten my out after cumming inside me so eating his own was nothing new. Adding Eric's was a whole new dimension we all enjoyed.

    We all had a lot of fun that night which proves that once again I over analyzed and worried unnecessarily about trying something new. I'm slowly extinguishing the prudish fires that burn deep in my loins by allowing the soothing waters of progressive sexually submerge and drown my inhibitions. In other less nerdy words, I likes being a dirty girl for the first time in my life.

    Thank you all for the awesome insight and advice!
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  2. obedientcuck

    obedientcuck Well-Known Member

    That's awesome. So happy to hear you're dominating him and starting to really enjoy it. Some guys just need to feel dominated in the bedroom, and the other side of the coin is some gals and guys enjoy doing the dominating.

    If he's really into humiliation, you may want to surprise him with the present of a chastity cage. You don't have to worry about being self-conscious or hard core, just instruct him to unwrap his present and when unwrapped instruct him to put it on. If he's never worn one before chances are he'll be curious enough to try it and excited enough not to "fit" for a while. After he calms down and tries it on, if he really likes humiliation he'll probably like it.

    It's not necessary to be a long-term thing; you can simply instruct him to put it on while you're with your lover and then keep him locked or unlock him at your pleasure. If he likes humiliation, he'll probably like it. If not, he can tell you so.
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  3. small9

    small9 Active Member

    I agree. Introducing a chastity cage would really ramp up the humiliation. My wife and her bull have me in a chastity cage and I love the humiliation of it.
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  4. DeannaHouston

    DeannaHouston Well-Known Member

    Oh Wow!!! Wow, Wow....that is so hot. You saying nothing extreme really downplayed things. That sounds like a really perfect evening to me. Everyone had fun and enjoyed themselves. I would love an evening just like that.
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  5. christinebitg

    christinebitg Well-Known Member

    I disagree with the suggestion of putting him in a cage. I think that's going too far for both of you at the moment.


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  6. DeannaHouston

    DeannaHouston Well-Known Member

    I agree, it sounds like they are a couple who enjoy sex together. Not every cuck needs to give up sex, and not every cuckoldress wants that. I want more dick, not less, taking away the use of my main cock with be terrible for me.
  7. obedientcuck

    obedientcuck Well-Known Member

    Yes, but i don't think anyone is suggesting that.

    The irony of a "chastity" cage is that more often than not it's used as a sex toy to increase the desire for and thus frequency of sex.

    For a cuck who likes humiliation, wearing one for a short duration - especially while his wife is in the act - can be very exciting.

    Also, despite some cucks' wishful thinking, caging is 100% consensual. There's simply no such thing as "enforced chastity" with these things. Any man can slip one off any time he likes with or without a key. A cuck will wear or not wear it when and how he likes, though many like to pretend they're being forced into it.
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  8. DeannaHouston

    DeannaHouston Well-Known Member

    I agree. For some being caged is so exciting. It is just not one of my kinks. I prefer the cuck to have full access to his big hard cock, I can fuck whomever I desire, and the cuck will just wait there suffering. It is so exciting for me to have my cuck able to self satisfy but he wants me so much he just waits.
  9. Krosk

    Krosk Member

    I have to say that wearing my cage has been so exciting for me. It is especially great while I know my wife is with her Lover/Bull. I enjoy/hate wondering if when he is thru with her for the weekend or night, he will allow me to get out of it when she returns to me. Most of the time he won't let me out, but it is just so exciting wondering while they are together.
    It seems that if he keeps me in it, I am more apt to encourage her to go back to him even sooner than if I am allowed to cum. The more I am denied orgasm, the more I want her to go out and enjoy more orgasms of her own, with him. I don't know if this makes sense to anyone else......but the tension and enjoyment I get from this is what keeps me longing.......
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  10. surry

    surry Guest

    Your husband wants you to take control of his sex life. You decide when he cums & gets to fuck. This will keep him on the edge for you. His blue balls are under your control. As long as you tease your husband about you taking ownership if him, he will do & say anything you want. So enjoy you new power & he will enjoy his submission to you. It was a sexy night you had. Please post more.
  11. Well I'm thinking my stud wasn't super into the humiliation side of things. He told us he got a dumbass girlfriend (my description not his) and can't see us anymore! Fuck! Last night my hubby and I ate buckets of ice cream wondering where we went wrong. What a strange feeling to share with a spouse. We both got dumped by the same guy. Oh well.
  12. wjimmy

    wjimmy New Member

    Bad luck! What a shame! But you both seem to be handling it.
  13. obedientcuck

    obedientcuck Well-Known Member

    i can tell you what worked for us, but of course can't tell if it's right for you or your situation. When we went searching for a Bull, we looked into the local BDSM scene. Even for a man who's not experienced in the cuckold scene, a Dom man in the BDSM scene is probably more likely to be open minded toward the needs of you and your hubbie. We are not the first cuckold couple for our Bull. He told us that he first time he was propositioned for such an arrangement he didn't know how he'd react to dominating and humiliating the husband. Turns out he liked it, which is good because we're two sides of the same coin.
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  14. DeannaHouston

    DeannaHouston Well-Known Member

    Dang, I hate it when that happens. And it happens....I still miss a guy that developed a guilty conscience over fucking a married woman...he was young and religious. I also think some of the sweet Studs want to be friends with more than humiliate the husbands. Where as some crave to dominate the husbands. Hopefully you can re-engage the stud after some time passes. I still think you are awesome for doing what you did, It sounded so exciting to me.
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  15. Thank you my dear! I miss the excitement already so I'm hopeful we'll find another guy quickly. We met a single guy at a New Years party and my husband invited him home with us but it was the same type of deal you had. He didn't feel right about it. Maybe he wasn't into me I don't know. Anyway, I guess guys will turn down free sex sometimes!
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  16. JeffHouston

    JeffHouston Well-Known Member

    Guys will definitely turn down free sex sometimes. It can take a little while to get the mind wrapped around the MFM/cuckold lifestyle, roles, boundaries and expectations.
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  17. Kenhall2222

    Kenhall2222 Guest

    KEEP us updated next time hopefully Eric and you Can Get him to eat Cum Out Of Your Pretty Pussy or suck Erick or get fucked by Eric wish there was pictures so I could Show My Wife ! That Would Make Her Wet

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