Not the most enjoyable swap we have done

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  1. Billt

    Billt New Member

    This weekends wife swap was different from any we have done in the past 4 months. The husband wanted me to watch and take pictures of him undressing and fucking Lynn from start to finish.He would then do the same when I fucked his wife.While they kissed he squeezed her tits and pulled her nipples harder than I have ever done .She said it actually hurt while he was doing this but didn't want to spoil the night and just let him have his way.I watched him put 1,2,3 and then all four fingers in and out of her pussy and then put them in her mouth to lick clean.She asked if he would like her to suck his cock but he just stuck it in her pussy and started fucking her, all the while sucking on her nipples. He took his cock out after about 5 minutes and knelled above her and said "now suck your taste off my cock".he fucked her and had her suck on him at least 2 more times until he started fingering her ass. He pulled his cock out and stuck his finger in her pussy, then in her ass to get it wet.He started fucking her ass and did the same thing he did when he fucked her pussy...made her suck his cock clean.the last time he did it he said to her that he wanted to cum in her mouth and wanted her to swallow. She swallows with me , but doesn't always like to, but his load was so big she started gagging, but was able to swallow it.Lynn was just laying there when I went in the other room to be with his wife. He would cream pie Lynn later that evening . I wasn't as rough with his wife and she actually told me it was nice to be made love to rather than treated like a slut. I usually make love to Lynn after a swap but she was too sore ,tired and upset. This was the first time we really didn't enjoy a swap.

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  2. topman55

    topman55 New Member

    He sounds a real ass ,more concerned with his own sexual fulfillment than that of your wife. Hope you think twice about seeing him again.
  3. here4fun71

    here4fun71 Member

    Just an arshole
  4. kznmarty

    kznmarty New Member

    assholes are everywhere

    Yea he sounds like a real self centred asshole. Reminds me of a time when i did swinging with this guy who got so jealous his wife was so turned on and about to have sex with me when he grabbed her and took her away. They eventually got divorced due to his jealousy.He always wanted to have it all his way but once his winkie didnt want to stand he hated everyone else having fun!

    Those kinda guys dont change. Any man that cannot treat your wife right is not worthy of a second chance!
  5. DeaconBlues

    DeaconBlues New Member

    I agree with the previous posts - HE'S A JERK!

    The sad truth is, there are LOT of people out there, men and women, who do not have a clue about how to make love, or fuck worth a damn. It amazes me how totally ignorant some people are about some pretty obvious things, men who do not care enough or know how to orally pleasure a woman, women who are too lazy or too stupid to do anything but lay on their back and play dead. What is really frustrating is when it is all one sided, one lover who does care and knows how to give pleasure, and one who is too apathetic or selfish and just "get's his rocks off" and they are done for the night. The absolute worst are the idiots who don't clean up and shower before sex, nothing turns me off quicker than bad body odor, this would seem "common knowledge," yet I still every once in a while (not too often) meet up with a stinker who doesn't understand simple body hygiene. As soon as I catch that stench, it is GAME OVER, if they are not clean about their body, they quite possibly carry other nasty things (STD's) .

    By the way, I really think you would be doing a great service to warn the rest of the swinger community in your area about what a worthless fuck that asshole is.
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  6. gdj1217

    gdj1217 Guest

    I an a Straight White Bull and I can Understand what has happened to your Bad Encounter. The Person who you had the Bad Encounter with was NOT a Bull, they Are an ASS!

    When I contact a Woman or Couple, I Request that We Meet first to Talk Face to Face. This way Everyone can See Each Other and get a Feel for the Other Person. There were quite a few times that I had turned down Women and Couples because I didn't feel right with them.

    There also have been Women and Couples that have turned Me down as well. I would rather it be there in a Public place where We Meet so We can get up and leave without having to worry about anything.

    When I Meet with Women and Couples, I make sure to discuss what We All are expecting out of the Encounter before We get to the Room or their place. This way We All have a Better Feeling and also are at ease with what's going to be going on rather that just hoping that things go the way that We Hope they do.

    I hope that in the future, the rest of your encounters are ALL BETTER!
  7. MissouriCuck

    MissouriCuck New Member

    Thankfully we've never had an encounter like this. Whether a swap or a MMF, the men have always been respectful and her pleasure was of the utmost importance.
  8. Billt

    Billt New Member

    Thankfully we have had much better partners since this bad one and my wife is once again enjoying swapping. She even had her 1st 3 guy gangbang 2 weeks ago. I really love watching her get fucked more than I do fucking my partner. The most fun is being able to be on the same bed with each other where we can all watch.
  9. wifebangcuck

    wifebangcuck New Member

    Great to have those encounters

    Such encounters are always great. We are also planning to have one like that but don't know why you haven't liked
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  10. ellensburgcuckold

    ellensburgcuckold New Member

    Your comment astounds me ! They didn't like it because it was not the type of thing they like. Maybe they wouldn't know why you would like it ? The key point here is that people like different things, so its really important to discuss and agree what all parties want from the meeting and agree limits in advance. If in doubt do not go further - that can happen the next time after you have talked about it first ?
  11. R156

    R156 Active Member

    Sounds like an awful guy! wonder if his wife was embarrassed by him at all?
  12. justdouss

    justdouss New Member

    Wow! You put your wife's ass out there, some are gonna take it rough. First time it happened to us, the guy was hung and treated her like a complete little whore. He was rough on her. But, she kinda liked it. Two weeks later, the guy is back and pounding my little wife in the ass so hard. She's smiling at me. She liked it a lot.
  13. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    When my wife finally decides to offer her ass up to a guy, he's the one who better be willing to take it rough. Sex between Audrey and I has always been "neutral." So I was surprised when first watching her with lovers, couples who she had since before we met. She dominates and is rough with men, if they want her ass, pussy or any other part of her body, they better be willing to take it. With their wives OTOH, Audrey is extremely submissive. She loves the married couple FFM dynamic, which makes for an interesting situation when her single girlfriend joins us.

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