"Not Only Butt Also"---my buddy impregnates my wife

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    At last. Lisa's young bull let me take him by the balls this morning in the middle of their dawn breaker beside me in our bed. Denton was rooting Lisa very slowly and smoothly but very powerfully in the missionary position, waist-wrapped by her lovely lovely thighs----like he was trying to fuck her in half.

    He had turned to me, showing me his lustful smile, before cocking his bum back provocatively, inviting my intrusion into his beautiful young procreating body.

    It was just so easy. I lubed the index and middle fingers of my right hand, then cupped his slowly swinging balls in my right palm. With a feather touch I coaxingly caressed the puckered anus. Then lovingly and slowly I slid my two fingers into his delicious bum. Instinctively he cocked it further back at me, soon enough beginning to circle with to resume his supple and sensationally effective fucking of my wife.

    His prostate felt HUGE and incredibly tense and hard as I ever-so-smoothly stroked the deep groove up the middle of the backside of it and sensed the mass of arteries pulsing like mad there all along the lad’s internal pathway of ejaculation.

    Denton groaned at the deliciousness of my bold intrusions in his bum, and stopped thrusting into Lisa.

    Man !! His arse looked fucking beautiful like that--- so up-cocked and offering itself so blatantly to me. I wanted so badly to fuck him there and then.

    After a few more of my caresses of his bulging prostate his arsehole muscle relaxed completely. I slid my two fingers deeper and then even deeper into him, searching for his twin seminal vesicles, one on either side high up above his prostate and alongside his bladder.

    Too easily I found them, softer and more yielding than their companion prostate, but still firm, palpably muscular, and so menacing. Their bulbous hinder ends quickly rising and falling in their intense excitement at the teasing by my curious fingertips. The two Twin Super-Glands---felt like supercharged mini-missiles a-quiver with their spunky fullness, bulging with their pay-load generated by this baby-making fuck--- challenging me to thrust against them finally and firmly to trigger Denton's imminent ejaculation.

    Which I didwith one quick index finger stab against the bobbing back-bulge of the burgeoning left vesicle.

    Denton responded instantly with a violent bracing of his entire body. Then threw back his head and roared fit to bring the ceiling down. His beautiful butt muscles clenched to purposeful rock-hardness and he made a pile-driver of a custard-stroke in Lisa. His lower belly and hips and bum went steely rigid and his balls lifted from my palm and pulled up fast into his groins. At last his wildly thrusting pelvis suddenly rammed hard into the moist fuck valley formed by lovely Lisa’s open thighs.

    Holding himself super-rigidly in her cunt, Denton grunted explosively----one----two----three—tour----five---six huge orgasmic vocal outbursts in time to the fertilizing contractions of his chestnutty prostate and the rhythmical recoilings of his over-full hard-pumping vesicles against my fingertips.

    In time to his orgasmic grunts Denton’s arsehole clenched and clenched and clenched again, hard hard hard and fast, like a broad spring-steel band around the bases of my inthrust fingers as I held my thumb-pad lightly counter-pressed against the pumpbulge of the fiercely jerking cock. With shocking certainty the powerful forward pulsings of the semen throbbed reboundingly against my touch as I struggled with an almost overwhelming impulse to call the whole thing off.

    But Lisa was completely gone, shrieking at the impact of the thick white spurts of warm flooding semen propulsing from the gaping cumslit of Denton’s frantically jerking cock now thrust hard up against her wombmouth somewhere deeply underneath her navel as he gasped and groaned and grunted and grunted, triumphantly pumping home more than a billion of his beautifully superior vigorous sperm.

    At last, almost mercifully, the throbs of Denton’s spunk glands against my inthrust fingers and the clenching’s of his areshole on my knuckles slowed and slowed, gradually weakening to be replaced by gentle post-fuck shiverings before dying right away.

    Denton’s deliciously drained body was breathlessly collapsed on Lisa’s as with my middle fingertip I continued to caress the deep groove on the backside of his at-last-softening prostate.

    In the bottom of the groove I easily felt a long lone artery still pulsing pulsing pulsing in time to the beating of young Denton’s heart. The heart I am too afraid to think he may now have given wholly to my wife, and to the child he has made with her.

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