Not huge but tasty

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  1. This is what I have to offer, do you like?

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  2. Pathedick

    Pathedick Well-Known Member Founding Member

    Definitely Tasty, I'm sure
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  3. HerSubmissiveHubby

    HerSubmissiveHubby Well-Known Member

    Very nice, I am sure my wife would have lots to do with that.
  4. All4HerPleasure

    All4HerPleasure Well-Known Member

    I have always loved seeing a man's cock spurt his load. Very erotic.

    I think it goes back to my high school days, I went out with this older guy who had his own place and he came up with an excuse of leaving something at home that he had to go back and get. He invited me to come inside and offered me a beer so I accepted. I was sitting on his couch when he came into the room completely naked. It was my first time seeing a naked man. He tried his best to get me undressed but I declined and outside of touching his cock did not go any further despite his pleas and his begging.

    He finally stood and jacked himself off a few feet from me as I watched intently but trying to act disinterested. I probably would have gone for it if not for the deep fear of becoming pregnant. He ejaculated and I was fascinated watching as he spurted shot after shot of his load.

    He ended up taking me home and I was so turned on thinking about seeing him cum I spent the night masturbating and dreaming of it.

    I love your pic, would love to see more like this.
  5. Czechers

    Czechers New Member

    My wife would milk that cock for all it’s got
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  6. Pathedick

    Pathedick Well-Known Member Founding Member

    I've always been the Exact same way. I especially Adore the Hands Free Compilations videos of Spurting Cocks
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  7. Donald_Cuck

    Donald_Cuck Active Member

    Looks good from here.
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  8. thanks, love your profile pic x
  9. Very kind of you, I will see what I can do
  10. Pathedick

    Pathedick Well-Known Member Founding Member

  11. A nice cock but you would be better off posting an individually rather than using my post.
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  12. Pathedick

    Pathedick Well-Known Member Founding Member

    Sorry, I should have realized that he was post jumping all over the place.
  13. Not a problem, you were too interested in his lovely cock :)

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