Not all women can be open about it

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    thanks for the link. I think my wife may fall into this category. If we wouldn't have agreed on me giving consent on her fornicating with other men, I can imagine that she would be cheating on me or have left me. We never had a sexless marriage, but I guess what I can offer to her is not good enough. She would never admit this to me, though. She claims to be content with me sexually, but i don't believe her. I have a problem getting and maintaining erection without viagra. With viagra, she has to wait until it kicks in. Either way, I hardly ever ejaculate due to intercourse. We don't even bother with condoms for that reason.

    I am happy that my wife is open about it. She has asked me for an open relationship maybe 3 years into our marriage and it is certainly better that we made that arrangement.

    Thus, I agree with the sentiment of the article. If the woman is not free to fornicate, a long term relationship is much more likely to break apart because both partners are not able to fulfil the unrealistic expectations of monogamous life.
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    My wife has left several men and turned down two marriage proposals because the guys expected monogamy. No single person, guy or woman, is sexually sufficient for her. It doesn't bother me, she has as much sex with me as I want, and she is Worth It. And Audrey has never cheated, she is totally honest with her lovers.

    Monogamy hurts a relationship more than it helps.
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    Alot of women out there aren't satisfied. Almost every woman i fuck has a husband/bf that isn't fucking them right. It works out for everyone, I fuck their brains out and they go home in a good mood to their SO.
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    Agreed. Do you have a wife or girlfriend? Does she play around, as far as you know? In my wife's case, she has a husband and several lovers who are "fucking her right," but no one alone is totally satisfying. No one person can give variety.
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    I'm single. Being single makes it easier to make time for them ;)

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