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Newly married wife imagining another guy.

Discussion in 'Hotwifing, Swinging and Swapping' started by Elancha, Mar 26, 2016.

  1. Elancha

    Elancha New Member

    Hi guys!
    I am new here, just went through lots of posts and this forum genuinely belongs to my kind. We are newly married ( have been in relation for the past 6 years, since college). Now, during my college days, we have done some role plays where my gf( now wife) imagined her crush while I fucked her. It was just a fantasy back then. Now we have moved to Australia and just got new jobs( in different firms). She has recently started the topic of imagination again saying it was fun in college days, it was and have always been a huge turn on for me. Now, her at her work place, she is working with a team of 6 including 4 guys and 2 girls. Do to their work load, they hang out a lot, usually after work too and her colleague drops her to the nearest bus stop or till home since she doesn't drive. This has been regular for the past few days and I can see that she spends a lot of time doing her make up and giving more importance to her outfits these day and wearing what she hardly use to wear before back hometown. May be she is exposed to people wearing similar outfits and for the first time hanging around with foreigners. So she kinda wears short skirt and very tight. I can predict but I can sense that she is definitely enjoying the guys company and indeed trying to be hot wearing those cox she know one of the guy usually drops her home after work. I haven't talked to her about it but yes these days whenever I am inside her, she closes her eyes and gives better response ( I guess she is imagining). Well that's all , I ll update you guys. New place new people and new experience!! Loving it but thrilling me at the same time!
  2. Justmarried

    Justmarried New Member

    Just imagine what the coworker is thinking! Maybe they'll have a couple extra drinks one night and that ride home will a lot longer than usual!
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  3. Elancha

    Elancha New Member

    That is what I am waiting for. I am just waiting for her to initiate, I don't wanna force her. Today afternoon, I ll post her after work wet panty's pic. Most of the time her work worn panties are wet.
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  4. nylonjacker

    nylonjacker Member

    Next time she closes her eyes, ask her who she's imagining.
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  5. Elancha

    Elancha New Member

    Soon after she came back from work, she was in the bath room for about 30 mins saying she has cramp and I could here the typing clicks from her phone while through out. I ll check her phone when I get a good chance but I did click some pics of her yesterday's work worn panty after I picked it up from m the laundry bag, it was still wet!! Check out the pics
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  6. Elancha

    Elancha New Member

    How to upload pics here?
  7. Elancha

    Elancha New Member

    please update on how to upload pics, thanks
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  8. saturn

    saturn Super Moderator Staff Member


    To clarify in the pic, you CAN use IMG tags, but NOT with URL tags.

    Hope that helps!
  9. Elancha

    Elancha New Member

    Finally uploading. Check it out

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  10. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    After someone else was unloading.
  11. Elancha

    Elancha New Member

    Guys, I saw her text yesterday. Indeed she is taking few steps. See the shot..

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  12. themk

    themk New Member

    So so hot!!! Keep us updated :D
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  13. vicino

    vicino New Member

    Why don't you point her to this thread at this forum and see where it leads?
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  14. Elancha

    Elancha New Member

    Thanks for the responses!
    I could t read the following texts after the last update that I showed coz it was deleted. This pics are just now( just before her work) she had left her phone in the bathroom so I did a quick scan. She did look excited and wore the dress that I bought, I intentionally bought that dress for her work. It's a blue velvety skirt which will definitely comes up while sitting in the car and it's already very short. And best thing is she wore a g string inside. I just dropped her to the station now can't wait for the evening.
    About few asking me to introduce her to this forum, I could but she is reluctant even when I start this kinda topic so she is not yet ready. I ll surely include her once she is ready. It won't take long for sure by the way she is responding to that guy.
    If you guys got any tips on this situation please let me know. Will update

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  15. murph's

    murph's Member

    very hot....keep checking out her phone or bug it so you can hear what she is doing in the car....so hot. Keep us informed!
  16. Mrrhythm

    Mrrhythm New Member

    Could you have a look on the pen drive as well?
  17. Elancha

    Elancha New Member

    I don't know where she kept the pen drive.:( , I checked her phone while she was changing after work, there was nothing, all deleted. So, just giving her a chance, I said I am going for an auto car wash and did ask her if she wanna come( just to see her response). Ofcourse she said no, she hasn't changed her panty as well as yet. Let's see if anything interesting that I can find when I get back. Cheers
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  18. Silverback

    Silverback Active Member

    Does your wife have a hall pass, or is she about to cheat? If so, don't you think you'd better have a heart-to heart honest conversation with your soon to be hotwife, before she does anything she can't fess up to? If this behavior turns you on and you let her know that, she's more likely to keep you in the loop and it could be something that you share. If you don't communicate with her, she is going to get further and further away from you. Thanks for sharing, and good luck.
  19. Elancha

    Elancha New Member

    Hi guys,
    Nothing so far. I know I should start the topic to her so that she can include me in the loop but I am enjoying this thrill for the moment that she is getting high and horny with another guy. I ll give some more time before I finally let her know that I m enjoying this. Now this guy comes to pick her up from home, she said she has to walk a lot from the station so she is good going with this guy and I did ask I could drop her just to see but you should have seen her response!! She was like "no I m fine" then she came back to normal and tried to explain that why to take unnecessary trip since it's easier to go with her colleague. I asked if it's just one guy dropping and picking her up and she said mostly yes but don't worry she is married like me:). I know she has seen her dick from the messages that I saw and m pretty sure something happened yesterday. Today she ll be coming late since she has to go to the gym directly from her work. I m sure she ll go with that guy. Things are interesting now, I have uploaded her before work pics.

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  20. Clucky hubby

    Clucky hubby Well-Known Member

    Wow those messages are hot. How far are you hoping they go?
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