New Registration Rule in Effect - Do Not Ninja Register or Post

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    Lately, I've noticed a somewhat annoying trend. I'll call it "ninja registrations" and "ninja posting"- the odd occurrence of users who repeatedly register and de-register for the site, or create posts they want deleted a day later by mods and admins.

    Frankly, this behavior is getting pretty aggravating, so I'm enforcing some rules.

    1) If you register and de-register three times in a period of 90 days, you will not be able to register for the forum again. You will be banned.

    2) Ninja posters will receive a temporary revocation of their posting privileges. A ninja poster is someone who makes a post and wants it deleted the next day or over the next couple of days and do this repeatedly over a series of weeks. While we will attempt to be flexible when determining who is ninja posting, a good number to keep in mind is 3 posts. If you do 3 ninja posts in a week, you will be eligible for a temporary ban.

    There are 3 moderators on the whole site, 2 of which are very active (NECuck and myself) and we don't need to chase people around cleaning up after them like babysitters.

    Bottom line, do not register and de-register repeatedly on this site. This is ninja registering. You'll be banned if you do so.

    Do not post and request the post be deleted more than 3 times in a week. This is ninja posting and carries with it a revocation of posting privileges.

    Thankfully, this occurrence is limited to only a handful of users, but even so, it is pretty annoying for the admin and mods here.

    Make sure you want to post, and do not register multiple times for the site!


    P.S. - the ninja posts usually have to do with someone posting a picture of themselves. Get familiar with the forum rules before posting a pictures. You must be photo verified to do so. Read this thread for more info:
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