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    So me and my wife are in our 40s we have 2 children, we ive in a nice neighbourhood, My wife Sally Is in her 40s, and so am I, my wife is pretty and looks great...even better than in her 30s since she’s done fantastic on her new healthy living lifestyle, she has short dark hair, dark eyes, pretty with a perky small body.

    i often realise ho lucky I am to have her, but on the other hand also think about other men, of differing ages flirting or fucking her.

    Our Neighbrs Son is 18

    i love watching the two of them talk, and a thousand things run through my mind each time I see it, love the way she’s over friendly with him, talks to him for a little longer than she should, gives big smiles which are reciprocated by ***** he seems to enjoy talking to my wife and the body language mirrors that of my wife, there’s over 20 years between the them I sometimes wonder if they are mutually attracted to each other,

    the other day after talking to him at the bottom of our garden I watched and enjoyed she came back and sat next to me leaned back in her chair and gave a little exhilarated sigh...I asked how he was and she said fine and I sat there in silence looking at her I couldn’t help thinking about how intense it would be if things were to escalate into something else, either with or without my knowledge, anybody else have these fantasies, thoughts.
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    I can relate very very well, about a year ago a the son of a good friend of ours started to flirt with my wife

    I was both very turned on by the idea of it as well as admiring his bravery for doing so
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    Tell her that you love her and that if she would like, she could have him. It's that simple. Let her talk about it if she wants to, but don't press her.
  4. Worth It

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    Did you encourage her?
  5. AngiesHusband

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    yes, I did
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