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need help with my fantasy

Discussion in 'Fantasies and Roleplaying' started by trb13053, Sep 7, 2012.

  1. trb13053

    trb13053 New Member

    Looking for bull or cuckold couple that will let me send you directions, like she is my wife and video or take pictures and send them to me. In return, I will get my wife to live out your fantasies. email me at kinkyytina@gmail if this sounds like something you want to try.
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  2. fkmywfxn

    fkmywfxn Well-Known Member

    Did you hear about the guy that advertised on , I think it was Craigslist, maybe not, looking for someone to rape his wife? I saw it on CNN.
    Last edited: Sep 15, 2012
  3. christinebitg

    christinebitg Well-Known Member

    fk, I would have to say that the guy that did that was not too bright. It's a good way to get arrested.
  4. cockednready

    cockednready New Member

    suck-it-baby_23464667661_o.jpg Outgoing, 43, Fun, Bisexual, I like to be on Top, and Bottom, I LOVE oral sex, Love the Outdoors, Love to be nude, Clean shaven cock n balls, 7inches, Tight Asshole, Wanna watch my wife suck another mans cock, Have her jack him off into my mouth. I SWALLOW!! I love it when I pull out their cock and it is still soft. I take it in my lips and start to suck and lick it. Love the feel as I suck and it starts getting hard in my mouth. I suck it tight, up and down like jacking him off with my lips, tip to balls and back again him slowly fucking my mouth pussy. Love that swell and then the pulsing as he starts to shoot his cum and I maintain the cunt like suction while he empties his balls on my tongue. Holding it tight in my lips and savoring the taste before swallowing as his cock softens. You would love for me to suck your cock! I can have you squirting all over yourself & me! Email me if you like what you see & want the best blowjob youv'e ever had!! hayeschristopher73@yahoo.com
  5. vicky2

    vicky2 New Member

    hi bull here from india

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