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    46 year old healthy and fit male with almost 6" hard wanting to engage a MFM threesome with my wife (45 yo, not fit). She pumps the brakes when the topic comes up and won't engage me in much dirty talk during sex...minimal at best. She does like MFM and gangbang porn. I think lower confidence might be at least part of her resistance. What can I do to persuade her? She's failey uptight about this. I introduced my desire for this about a year ago. Thanks for the help folks.
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    1) Keep watching the porn, it'll normalize it for her.
    2) Get her a membership or multiple visits to a spa/fitness facility, NOT a regular gym. It has to be a pampering place where fitness is a side benefit.

    Make sure you pay the extra so she gets regular massages from a guy and another guy who is a personal trainer. Tip these guys on the side, discreetly and individually, to take good care of your wife. Make sure they understand that they are not to come on to your wife, but if she comes on to him, he shouldn't reject her. If he follows the plan, there's something in it for him both sexually and financially.

    If she is initially reluctant to go, you may have to pay for a girlfriend of hers to go along with her.

    Once she is feeling better about herself she will start talking about guys, maybe one of those two or someone else. Encourage her if she wants extra sessions or to go to lunch with one of them or another guy. Women are strange, so she may want you to meet him, gain your approval in a way. Regardless, make it clear once she's hot for someone that it's ok, absolutely no criticism of her for what she wants to do or who she wants to do it with; and that this isn't for you to fuck around. The first dozen times or so may be just them without you, but that's what it will take so go with it.

    Eventually, maybe a year or so and an MFM will seem like a good idea to both of you. Good luck and keep us updated.
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    Every woman wants to be loved, have a safe and secure home. Once your wife has that then she will feel comfortable exploring and enjoying the sexual freedom and variety every woman wants. Be certain she has the secure feeling first so she can move on to enjoy the second.

    3) Take small steps and take your time. Start non-sexually by talking about her past, places she went, things she did before you. Eventually, she will mention who she was with, guys, boyfriends, lovers. You won't know which, who she may have been intimate with, but this is your chance to show you won't criticize her, aren't jealous, can be happy for the good times she had with someone else. Let her talk, pay attention, and reward her for opening up by taking her out, buying her gifts whenever she does talk about her past. Never, ever criticize her for anything she has done or who she did it with. As she gives you more details about other guys continue to share her past joys, and reward her for telling you: nights out, gifts, vacations. Never be negative, even if it is something that you don't like.

    4) Bring up famous people (men and women) who you think she finds attractive and let her talk about them. It may take time, but let her fantasize about what it would be like to be with him or her. Carefully introduce the idea while you're having sex and be sensitive to what is turning her on. Praise her and reward her, never criticize, you are venturing into sensitive territory. Eventually, turn the subject to people who she knows, the guy at the gym, the neighbor. It may take a year or so, but when it gets to that point it will be something you two are in together and can work to make happen.

    You have to learn to savor every detail and enjoy the journey.
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    Lots of cuckold, 3some porns. Make sure you find porns that are believable with face blur out etc. Get a nice dildo with suction cup (preferably black), give it a name like Tyrone (that's what hubby called mine), and start referring it with it's name. put Tyrone on the wall and have your wife fuck it while giving you BJ, Or 69 with your wife and use Tyrone to fuck her. Basically simulate 3some all the time. Constantly ask her how she feel about Tyrone... etc. It may takes a year or two, once you feel like she is ready, take pic of your wife with Tyrone and post it on various forums, show her how people response to her beautiful body... etc... If you don't see a lot of response, you can always create some fake account and give compliments to her pic. If she starts to enjoy it, bring in online cam sex. you can broadcast it on AFF. It took hubby over 4 yrs to get me comfortable with this lifestyle. Good luck!

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