My wifes objection becomes her obsession

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    My name is Shona i am 30 years old male living in India, currently living in Dubai alone. Last year i got married to a beautiful girl named Zaar, she is only 19 years old, good looking, charming, and most of all very shy and honest girl. I was proud and lucky to have in my life. The only minus point she has that she gets angry like a fire very fast, and do and say whatever in anger only to me.

    Offlate, i left to Dubai again leaving her all alone, that's made her more upset and loneliness was killing her day by day, she gets frustrate and irritate on me more often whenever i call her.

    I had a strange type of fantasy of getting jealous and i often asked my wife to make me jealous by making stories, at first she hesitate to do it, but keeping my happiness in her mind she started to wrote few stories to me on my request, which was damn hot, and i liked it so much. It may be weird for many people but it is true that i like to be get jealous by my wife, and i also like her to dress sexy in public.

    The thing is i love to get jealous by her,,she does a pretty fair job in writing fake stories..but i really desired her to make me jealous in real but not fake. so i gathered my courage and called her on mobile and request her to make me jealous in real. She got really angry on me, and kept the phone, and hadn't spoke with me few days. I keep trying her to convince her but she keep refusing. finally i too stopped calling her for few days, so one day she finally gave a miss call to me, i called back her. And this time she was in good mood, now she said me that y i always make her angry etc etc...then i said her that i asked the thing which u'r husband like and u keep refusing, i also said her if u'r husband himself allowing you so y u worried. She then said me that she is a honourable wife and doesn't like such things, so i again explained her in sweet tone that if my happiness lies in it what u do...So i know u r not like this but do it for your husband sake. Then finally she said me she will think about it, but said me to send 1 personal mobile for her and i said fine.

    So after few days i sent one personal mobile to her, then we started chatting from it daily. Now, it become much easier to convince her to make me jealous in real, so i remind her to take the step and she said fine, but she said she will do it by her way only, and she is doing just for the sake of me so don't get her wrong otherwise she will stop this and also she said if i don't like anything she use to try making me jealous,that will b not her fault so i should bear all and never question her what she does to make me jealous and how she make me jealous, and she said she will stop doing this when i said her to stop. Eventually i agreed of all terms and conditions of her.

    STEP 1ST

    On the first step of making me jealous she does a smart move, and opened her account in twitter and as well as facebook, she also posted her pics in it where she was in tight jeans and top, and she sent a request to accept her invitation to my mail via twitter and facebook, when i accepted it i found her sexy tight jeans and top pics in it, and few guys already commented sexy on those pics to her. Then i called her to india and asked y she opened her account, she then asked me am i get jealous? if u get jealous i will remove those pics, and i said no i m not jealous keep those pics its sexy. She then said me she is busy chatting with other boys so i should chat with her later. Later i chatted with her, and she asked me again that does she stop this if i m jealous. then i replied her that it is just beginning i m not jealous of just like it. She then again asked me that what actually i wanted from her to make me jealous. Then i said her frankly that there is no such rules in it, just do it as bold as u can, u can go into any limit u want and i will never question u.

    Then she question me, R u sure?. Yes i replied. Fine.I think i m getting like this making u jealous. She said.

    STEP 2ND

    On 2nd step, she went to stay with her parents in other town. Then i made a call to speak with her, she picked up the phone and talking with me. Meanwhile in talk, i asked her there is too much disturbance of noices coming behind the phone of vehicles and motor cycles. She said, that she was talking with me from open balcony of her parents house. I asked her y she stay there talking from open balcony and what she wear. She then said me she was in a tight white leggings and a very small top on it and actually she was looking down from her balcony to one young boy.

    Do u know him? i asked her.
    Yes, she is my friend's brother, he is only 18 years old, and his name is Shezan. He actually proposed me for wedding b4 i get married to u, but i married to you now. So he still has feelings for me, and i too has feelings for him.
    Really? i asked her.
    Why, do u get jealous now.? u don't like it. She asked me.
    Well, i think u r making me fool, and creating a story to make me jealous. Do u have any proof? i asked her.
    What proof u want? she asked me.
    Anything, which really makes me jealous. i replied.
    Ok, so call me tomorrow. i will let u know. she said me.
    Then next day i again called her, then she said me to check my mail inbox. I opened my mail and found few pics when i downloaded pics. what i see in pics was few pics of my wife sitting on lap of that young lad, my wife hands were over the shoulder of that boy, and he was holding my wife's waist.
    Who took those pics, and how u meet that guy outside? i asked her
    That guy sent one neighbour girl who is also my friend to call me out, then i left with her and we went outside and meet each other. she said
    So do u jealous now, watching those pics? she asked me again.
    Not at all, i replied. Just sitting on lap pics, i don't get jealous.
    Well, i did many things with that guy, i just sent u those lapsitting pic only. she stated me as bold voice.
    Many things like..? i asked my wife.
    Such as...why don't u help me in it and watch from your own eyes..she asked me.
    How should i help u? i asked her.
    You r coming on vacation in few days. We both go to our town, u help me going out alone with u then i introduced you to my boy, then urself watch how our affair is. she said me.
    Done, i replied.

    STEP 3

    After few days i came to india for vacation...after staying a month in my home, we finally left to her town. Meanwhile i remind her of introducing his boy friend to me.

    Then finally that day came, and after taking permission from her parents we both alone went outside for rounding. My wife wear a very tight jeans and a very sexy top, where cleavage was shown and wear burqa outside it. We sat in Autorickshaw, and she mention some name to the driver and he left us both there. There was a water lake there, and there is no body looking there, all empty body looking from so so far also, except one boy waiting on bench. After watching her, he waved her, and she waved her back too. Then he came near to us, and she hugged him so tight in front of me, and introduced him to me, we both shook hands. We then went near to the grass was on ground and sat on it. she then removed her burqa, displaying her sexy figure in jeans and low cut top. She then totally ignored me and busy chatting with him only. He then laid himself down, she then to make me jealous sat on his penis, and shaking herself in fun. She then remain sitting on him like it chatting with him, Then she gaze me in devilish smile and moved her mouth to his lips and start kissing him passionately. Instead of getting jealous, i was really turned on like it. Then they continue their normal romance with kissing and finally we left. She then said me that she wish i will never become jealous so that she can enjoy romance with other guys.. TO BE CONTINUEDDD
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    hot, bring her down to dubai

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